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Demos on The Fires of Heaven, chapters 47 - 52





Shortish blog, but I simply don't have the energy to do any more tonight.



Chapter 47: The Price of a Ship


So now some of your comments from two blogs ago make a little more sense. Nynaeve and company are still waiting at the circus for news of the boat. Better come quick before her and Elayne kill each other. Apparently Egwene is able to talk to both in their dreams now, giving them the info on Rand’s recent victory in Cairhien. Pretty cool being able to do that, Egwene must be getting a lot stronger. At last Uno brings word of a ship being held for them. Unfortunately the Whitecloaks hold the boat, which has set off the riots. Apparently two different sides searching for the same thing can turn out ugly. Luca gives it one more attempt to woo Nynaeve, with no luck, and the gang packs up to leave the circus. Elayne meanwhile gives an attempt at bringing the Seanchan woman with them. Also with no luck as the seanchan has finally grown her backbone and tosses Elayne around.



Chapter 48: Leavetakings


Finally, the group finishes their goodbyes with the rest of the performers and meets up with the Shienarans. The city is in chaos, but they manage to go along for a little without much trouble. They finally run into a mob that attacks them, but the mob really didn’t stand a chance against all the experienced soldiers, and they are neatly disposed of. Not to mention Galad, who carves his own way through them. I feel like I’m not supposed to like Galad, but for some reason I do. From the last I remember, he beats down Gawyn with the sword, who in turn took out some of the best warders during the Siuan breakout attempt. Aka Galad must be one bad dude. Maybe he’ll bring some good out of the Whitecloaks. Anyway they finally make it to the boat where Nynaeve’s soft side comes out, and she demands the captain to let all the refuges come on also.



Chapter 49: To Boannda


Nynaeve does some more bullying while on the boat. Forcing the captain to give them his room, as well as get rid of a good amount of his goods (most of them smuggled) to make room for the refuges. Elayne channels to speed up their trip, isn’t this what they were trying to avoid? I feel like the amount of channeling needed to control the winds would be bigger than using it to defend themselves. Anyway during the night both girls are able to enter TAR, but Egwene doesn’t show up. So they travel around and see some of the changes in the White Tower, and especially in Edmond’s Field.


Back on the boat, Nynaeve and Elayne get pretty close with some of the refuges as they heal all their wounds and play with the kids. They grow especially close to three of the females who end up staying with the group after they leave the boat. There’s also another quick trip into TAR where they meet with Egwene and exchange some news. I liked hearing about Rand starting up the schools and inviting scholars and craftsmen to come in. More importantly, though, the girls finally reach the banks near Salidar!



Chapter 50: To Teach, and Learn


Once again, not quite the reunion I was expecting for the two girls. Then again, I should have realized this based on the reaction from the return of the three girls to the Tower after Falme. At least Min was happy to see them. Sheriam and Anaiya and that whole group questions them pretty intensely on everything they have been up too. The news Nynaeve and Elayne brings does seem to help out the cause of the Salidar group a lot, though. Not only do they bring money and a small amount of experienced soldiers, but also means of a way to communicate with Egwene and Moiraine. I’m guessing this is the group we want to associate with Rand, versus the Tower group with Elaida. Still, they keep talking of using Rand and forcing him this way or that. Maybe Moiraine can talk some sense into them, she has the right way about it now, and I hope Rand at least trusts her.


After they are done being questioned, they meet up with Min and the others they came with and contemplate leaving. Don’t blame them, probably will be hard adjusting back to not being in control of what they do. Still, probably wouldn’t be best in the long run for them to run out. It’s interesting to see Bryne’s reaction to Elayne. I’m sure he has some bad feelings towards Morgase, yet Elayne was away throughout their whole fling, and really has no idea what really went on. Anyway he recruits the Shienarans to be in the army and help train. Lastly, we see Elayne and Min have their awkward conversation, revealing both love Rand and won’t give him up. I’d bet my house that the third one ends up being Aviendha. I'm still not sure how that’ll work out, and if they all simply accept the fact they need to share him? It’s all fine and dandy saying that’s how it’ll be, but how do you share a bed with three women? All I know is I’d be willing to test it out.






Ok I lied, I can't stop now. Should have submitted the blog when I had the chance instead of leaving it up to review one more time. End up reading some more. Why Moiraine? Why why why. Not fair




Chapter 51: News Comes to Cairhien


Oh snap, here I am trying to figure out what the heck could happen to end this book with a bang. Just about to accept that maybe it ends simply tying up loose ends and getting ready for the next book when bam, Rand finds out about Caemlyn. Ok, back up a bit. We begin with yet another beautiful woman trying to seduce Rand. I'm just not going to comment on that anymore. It seems like he has found a new way to chase them off, by freaking them out. We also hear that the other Clan chiefs did indeed accept Rand as the Car’a’carn which is good news.


That’s when Moiraine enters with Egwene and Aviendha, and it all begins. She has two letters from the Tower (Elaida and Alviarin). Both basically try to win his support and get him to come to the Tower. We know, or suspect, Alviarin is Black Ajah, so her sending another letter aside from Elaida makes is seem like Elaida may not be? Not sure, could be like a triple mind trick. It is funny how the letter says not to show Moiraine, which he then shows her without hesitation. Next, Mat walks in and relates his news and that of his Band of the Red Hand. Apparently he kept trying to sneak away, unsuccessfully, and just led to him leading the Band to another fight where they miraculously won. Mat really just needs to stop trying and accept it. Mat also brings the terrible news, though, and relates how Morgase is dead and Gaebril is now King. This almost tears Rand up, but Moiraine manages to calm him down into waiting until tomorrow to attack. The girls leave and Rand gives Mat his instructions.


After their meetings, we get a quick POV from the girls and Mat, each in their own rooms. Moiraine warns the other two about the dangers they face tomorrow and leaves. Mat, meanwhile faces a harder challenge when Melindhra attacks him! I’m not sure what set her off but Mat barely survives. So she was a darkfriend the whole time, and must be working for Sammael. She must be the reason behind a lot of the Trolloc attacks. Still a shame, and stinks for Mat.



Chapter 52: Choices


The next day, Rand finishes his preparations for the attack on Rahvin. The gist of the plan seems to be Rand bringing as many Aiel as he can manage through a gateway, and coming up quick on Caemlyn. Asmodean talks his way into going with Rand, which can’t hurt. By now I’m starting to trust Asmodean, at least to the point where he won’t try and hurt Rand. Maybe he can actually do some fighting now and help out the cause. Mat tells Rand about the attack on him, and Aviendha finally notices the lack of Maidens. Moiraine finally shows up and leads them towards the docks…


Terrible timing, yet Moiraine had it set up perfectly. Lanfear busts out of Kadere’s wagon after hearing the news of Rand and Aviendha. Lanfear easily gets the others out of the fight, and begins to cause destruction everywhere. Rand manages to shield everyone else from the fire, but can’t seem to bring himself to talk Lanfear out. Modest, and really says a lot about his character in not hurting a woman. Yet there’s got to be a point where you cross that line. You know, maybe say when she’s trying to kill everyone else you love. Oh yeah, and she’s also doing her best to kill you. Don’t forget that she’s also a forsaken. In the end, you can’t forget about Moiraine who does the unthinkable and tackles Lanfear into the twisted red doorway. Which in turn burns up.


I need a night to let this sink in. What the heck!


Anyway I'm almost done with the book, and should finish it tonight. Maybe Moiraine will come out of another doorway or something.. Please tell me she isn't really for real dead.




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MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Still ain't over! Chapter 52 is one of my top three chapters of the series. The shit's only just beginning to hit the fan though. Surprised you put the book down at all today.

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I had this spoiled for me. I am still angry about it.


I agree with Kadere, you have Iron will power to be able to put the book down after that scene.

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Yes, there are still four chapters left. When I first read 'Choices' I put the book down for a few minutes, and then read the rest of the book without getting out of my chair.


If it weren't for some slow and meandering chapters towards the beginning of TFoH, it would firmly be my second favorite book in the series after TSR. As it stands I have it third after LoC. It really does have a crazy good last 10 chapters or so.


Can't wait to see your last TFOH blog! (and your first LoC blog :happy: )

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To answer your question on what set Mehlindra off, earlier in the book when Lanfear, Rahvin, Sammael, and Graendal were discussing plans to bait Rand against Sammael, they mentioned someone close to Rand dieing. A dagger with Bees == the golden bees of illian, aka, Mehlindra was to kill Mat to bait him against attacking Sammael.

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I'm afraid to ask what I didn't really want to know about Moiraine.


Tempting, I do want to know what happened to her, but I figure I'll find out here soon enough in the next book. I know its hard not to tell me ha.

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To answer your question on what set Mehlindra off, earlier in the book when Lanfear, Rahvin, Sammael, and Graendal were discussing plans to bait Rand against Sammael, they mentioned someone close to Rand dieing. A dagger with Bees == the golden bees of illian, aka, Mehlindra was to kill Mat to bait him against attacking Sammael.


Ok so I remember that plan, and it all fits together in attempting to kill Mat. Was this a planned time to attack him though? Or was it because Mat mentioned going somewhere aside from Illian, so her job was to push him back towards going after Sammael?

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Ok so I remember that plan, and it all fits together in attempting to kill Mat. Was this a planned time to attack him though? Or was it because Mat mentioned going somewhere aside from Illian, so her job was to push him back towards going after Sammael?


Right, because Mat mentioned that they'd be heading to Caemlyn, it became Mehlindra's job to kill Mat with a dagger from Illian which would upset Rand to the point of a full on attack against Sammael, who's sitting there waiting for him now. Rand was supposed to attack Illian next anyway because of what Sammael did to his Maidens. But Mehlindra can't combat Mat's luck, so she dies the Forsaken plan fails, and then Lanfear forces it to fail even MORE by her attack at the docks. I guess the moral is, never allow Lanfear to lead your group.

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