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Dreams, Wishes and Goals

charis sedai



So similar, and yet, so different.


Interesting to examine the similarities and the differences.



All of a sudden, I have so many goals. So many things I am working toward accomplishing. A new laptop. A cross-country move. Graduation from college.


And with those GOALS, you get wishes: a new car before the big move. More hours at work. Less school work left.


And with those WISHES come dreams: a great job after the move, an easy ascent on my career, losing those last few pounds...



But what is it that takes the latter two categories and makes them into the first? What is it that turns wishes and moonbeam-dreams into something tangible, attainable, achievable?



How do I put my money where my mouth is?



The short answer is, I don't know. Keep wishing, dreaming, and the odd prayer doesn't hurt.


The long answer, the better answer, is always harder. But it always means more too.


When we want our dreams to become a reality, we have to embrace a few key qualities.


1. We have to believe in it. The human mind is an amazing vehicle for change. Just give it a whirl sometime. Think to yourself: "today is going to be a GREAT day." Continue to focus on that, and smile as much as you can in your morning routine. See? Happier already! But here's the thing about your own mind: it is VERY difficult to trick. YOU have to believe that today is going to be a great day... because YOU want it to be. It won't just happen.


2. Take responsibility for yourself and EVERYTHING that happens to you. A very smart man once said that "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". Not only is this true in physics, it is true in life. Everything that happens in life is a direct reaction to something else that has happened to you, or, said better, that YOU have made happen. You CAN choose how things go for you. For example: Last week, I had an audition. The politics for me being cast were quite poor. Even though it is a great show for me, the odds were not very good. And I knew it. So (1) I didn't believe in it, and so, I sub-consciously CHOSE (2) to not prepare for it as well as I could have, to not do the best that I could have. And so, consequently, I did not get cast in the show.


3. The last step is that you have to PREPARE for those dreams and wishes. If I want to get a new car this time next year- and we're talking some kind of hybrid, 50 mpg car, not the cheapest car at the used lot, then I have to prepare for it. I have to start putting the money aside. I have to set up a strict budget. I have to start building my credit rating so that I have a low interest loan. And I ALSO have to be prepared for what that means in my life: maybe it means no more morning coffee breaks, or afternoon smoothie stops, or Thursday dinner nights with my best friend.


After following those three steps, it gets easier. You have to set a reasonable time length: I want to move from Ohio to California in 13 months. You have to have a definable "success" moment. And it has to be sustainable: moving to California and then having to move home 3 months later doesn't count.



That's what turns a moon-beam dream into a goal. Define it. Nurture it. Plan for it. And it WILL come true.



Now, if you'll excuse me, it is time and past for this dreamer to get to her job and soak up some more moonlight.


Good night world, and happy dreaming!


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I love you Charis... And you can make those dreams come true... I know you can. And one day, when i am your PR manager, and we sunbathe at a beach in Boro Boro, I will remember how we got there... Because it will be hard work... But we can do it! i have so many wishes, plans... dreams... And some of them coming true are not so far away.... <3

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