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Game of Thrones, Chapters 47-49

Basel Gill


All right, so now I start playing catch up. Having completed the first book, I have a good deal of blogging to do.


Chapter 47 (Eddard XIII): Robert is back from his hunt, and things don't look good. He is pretty badly wounded. But he got the board, and orders them to serve it at his funeral feast. Robert knows he won't survive. But in the end, he finally recognizes his mistakes, and admits he has been a bad king. Too little, too late. Robert dictates his will and names Ned as Joffrey's regent. Ned doesn't have the heart to tell Robert the truth. So then we find out that the Lannisters seem to have had a hand in Robert's death: his squire Lancel was the one keeping him supplied with wine during the hunt. No surprise there. Ned already knew that Cersei was plotting Robert's death; he was warned that something would happen during the melee. He doesn't seem to have heeded the warning very much. While I earlier mentioned how letting Cersei know that he knows the truth of Joff's parentage was unwise, it seems Cersei had already launched her plan by that point, since Robert was already off on his hunt. Keeping quiet wouldn't have saved Robert's life. It might have put Ned in a better position after Robert's death, though. Then Ned refuses an offer of troops from Renly, who would seize the children and firmly establish Ned as Protector. Ned turns him down because he feels Renly's proposal is dishonorable and just plain icky, in a moral sense. Never mind that it leaves him on even shakier ground than before. Then he begins making preparations to see that Stannis becomes king, including the letter that he gives to Tomard to deliver. Littlefinger's game is getting twisted, and at this point in the book we still don't have any idea where his loyalties lie. Actually, I thought at this time that he was on his own side, rather than Ned's or Cersei's.


Chapter 48 (Jon VI): In which Jon and the other new recruits take their oaths, and become full members of Night's Watch. Jon is successful in getting Sam assigned as Aemon's personal steward, but winds up assigned as a steward himself. I sure wasn't expecting that. Ser Alliser sure is a smug one when he hears this. I keep seeing Gunny Hartman from Full Metal Jacket playing Alliser, except with genuine malice. Except then it turns out that Ser Alliser had nothing to do with Jon's assignment. I really was surprised by that turn. Mormont personally asked for Jon as his steward, and wants to send him into command! Well, it's like I'd figured all along: in the Watch, it doesn't matter that Jon is a bastard. If he has what it takes, he will be (and has been) given a fair shot. Now we're seeing that come to pass. Jon goes to swear his oath before the old gods, and Sam decides to accompany him. I found the oath scene to be moving, in a sparse and solemn kind of way. It isn't a big huge ceremony, but it works all the same. Ghost decides they could use a hand.


Chapter 49 (Eddard XIV): Now here's where things totally fall apart for the good guys. Ned allows Arya to have one last lesson with Syrio before she goes back to Winterfell. Good thing, too. More on that later. Varys tells Ned that Renly and Loras headed south (which just happens to be toward Tyrell territory, and Renly's home of Storm's End) that morning. Ned thinks to himself how he had counted on Renly's support. Gee, that's funny, I bet Renly had been thinking the same thing. He seemed rather miffed when Ned refused to back his play. Ned thinks So much for Renly and his hundred swords. Renly likely now sees Ned as unreliable when it comes to doing what it takes to get the job done. He doesn't see a need to put his hundred swords behind a man who is bound to lose by fighting clean when everyone else is fighting dirty. The small council attends Joff and Cersei, and Ned learns just how badly he has bungled things. Littlefinger was right about two things: Ned was wrong to trust him, and the gold cloaks will follow whoever pays them. He was probably even telling the truth about how much gold it took. Tomard dies. That's one letter that's not getting delivered.


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Ghost decides they could use a hand.


Cue rimshot...


Ahh, the real excitement in Book 1... I forget, were you going to be reading/blogging the rest of the series? I'm about 1/4 of the way through ASOS in my re-read at the moment (have been alternating between WoT, ASoIaF, and miscellaneous other fiction on my To Be Read pile).


Loving your posts!

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I had been thinking of blogging the rest of the series, I already bough ACOK at a Borders in Baltimore airport while on a layover on Sunday. I'm saving it for my next trip out of town when I have to travel to a cousin's wedding. Right now I'm in the Bean half of the Enderverse.

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Oh god, rereading your summary/comments on the first chapter in this post just makes me rage at Ned all over again. ARGH

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Yeah blogging the rest of the series sounds like a good idea. There's lots of twists and interesting developments to come in the future books.


BTW: HBO seem to think the TV series will do pretty well. They've already green-lit the next season and have a ton of GOT merchandise for sale in their online shop, including T-shirts with the sigils for each of the major houses. I've already bought 2 of them (yes I am that geeky and I'll wear them with pride, while small-minded people mock me :smile: )

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I saw that; they renewed the show after only one episode had aired. I've been wondering how they intend to approach books 4 and 5, given the north/south split in the written narrative that I've heard about. (I tend to avoid spoilers, but I have gathered these two books are split geographically.) If they adapt it straight up, that means making much of the cast take one of those two seasons off, including prominent actors for each of those two books. I'm guessing that if the show lasts that long, they will unify the two books and adapt them chronologically regardless of where stuff happens.


Mort, which two shirts did you buy?

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Well Actually George RR Martin want them to split books 3 and 4 into 2 seasons each to give him time to finish writing the next books. I'll think the makers will have to take that into consideration because I doubt they'd want to end the series because they've run out of material.


If they do split book 3 like this there is a least one major character who we won't see for 2 seasons. There's also some characters from book 1 who only play minor parts in the start of the series but become much more significant in book 3 and I wonder if they'll keep the same actors when showing them again after so long.


As for book 5 it was originally meant to be the second half of book 4 (ie: going on at the same time but with the characters who aren't in book 4) but now some of the characters from book 4 do appear in book 5. Book 5 could also be 2 seasons if they get to it. It's supposed to be at least as long as book 3 possibly longer and there seems to be 18 POVs in it. I think they'll have to go with chronology. They could maybe alternate between books for 4 and 5 to some regards but it would be pretty tricky to invent ways to keep a character around who doesn't appear in that book without jumping ahead in the story. They'll just have to hope the actors are cool with it. I imagine Peter Dinklage would be, this is probably his best ever role.


BTW: The T-Shirts I've bought were the Lannister one and the Targaryen One. I saw they even have one for House Martel (Dorne) even though we don't even see anyone from that House until book 3.

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