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Demos on The Shadow Rising, chapters 16-21




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Good news and bad news. Good news is I have another blog for you, been on a roll this week. Bad news is that it will be about a week before I get the next blog up. I’m up to date on how far I am in the book, but I will be away for the next week with not a whole lot of time to read, let alone come up with a blog. So I hope you enjoy, and everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend. See you all next week!


Oh and I was just messing around with all the blog options and saw the poll option. Just wanted to check it out and see how it worked in case I wanted to try one out in the future. Ignore it if it doesn't work perfectly.


Chapter 16


Perrin wakes up to some nightmares, and heads off to Loial’s room. We find out that Loial turned into the hero himself, defending a roomful of children and women through the entire fight. Good for him, I’d hate to be on his bad side during a fight. I feel like he’s a good one to have on your side, as well as any Oiger for that matter. Though it sounds like Loial is the odd one and most of them go out of their way to stay apart from violence. Faile just keeps digging a deeper hole in my eyes, and tricks Loial into making it so if Perrin wants to use Loial to lead him through the ways, Faile has to come. Why’d you have to tell her of your plan Perrin? I can understand a female, or male for that matter, fighting to stay with someone they care about, but Faile is just straight up being irritating about it. She then says Perrin can only come if he asks! As if it’s no big deal that Perrin’s home town could be under the attack or influence of Whitecloaks by now, personally searching for him. If she ends up screwing Perrin over with her BS, she’s officially in the dog house with very little hope of getting out. Anyway Perrin leaves and runs into Gaul who offers his help. Heck yeah, at least Perrin will have some reliable back up now.


We also see Elayne, Egwene, and Nynaeve as they are preparing to leave. Lan storms in and barely is in control of his emotions, almost offering to go with them instead of staying with Moiraine. Oh no Lan, don’t do it. Nynaeve at least realizes how bad that could be, for all 3 of them, and tells him no. Elayne ends with planning another letter to contradict her first one, as if Rand needs anymore things to confuse him.


Chapter 17


Thom returns to his room to find Moiraine waiting. Side note, but he mentions she is beautiful or attractive or "not bad for an Aes Sedai" a lot. Maybe he has the hots for her? Anyway she very neatly lays out everything Thom has been doing. From uncovering plots for Rand, and helping High Lords to turn on each other, she reveals she knows a lot about Thom. He attempts to say how much he knows about her, but doesn’t seem to affect her at all. She then promises the names of the Red sisters who gentled his nephew Owyn in return for going with the girls to Tanchico. Low blow bringing that up, as painful as it clearly is for Thom, but at the same time may give Thom the drive he needs to get back at them. Explains a lot of his mistrust for Aes Sedai, I’m sure to an outsider there is not much difference between the different Ajahs. The girls definitely sound like they would need help in a place like Tanchico anyway.


Min meanwhile is still back at the Tower, undercover. Gawyn still seems to be one of the few who knows who she really is, yet keeps the information from Galad. Galad has been spending a lot of time with the Whitecloaks lately, bad news there. For as “perfect” as Galad seems to be and act, the Whitecloaks could be both a perfect and terrible fit for him. Min then has a viewing of Logain with glory to come, and runs off to tell Siuan. I wonder what type of glory he could have. Regardless, Siuan seems for the most part untroubled by it, but also receives a letter saying Rand has Callandor now. What about her other messages? Either she never got them, or they have not arrived yet, but little good they will do as it appears Taim has already been freed. Not good at all. With the forsaken loose, though, I feel like Taim should be the least of our worries. We end here with Siuan planning to announce Rand to the Hall, and try to do whatever the Aes Sedai do.


Poor Sahra Covenry. She just happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and is sent away for it. Then apparently killed for the little knowledge she had of Min. Which makes me think of the Black Ajah, who else would use the power to kill? Either meaning some came back from Tear, or there are still some left in the Tower. Things don’t seem to be going well for the Tower at this point.


Chapter 18


Perrin and Gaul head out to meet the others in the stables, with Perrin worrying over whether or not Moiraine will try to stop him. With Rand calling everyone to the Heart of Stone for a meeting, Perrin and Gaul see pretty much no one along the way out. In the stables Perrin and Faile have another little go at each other, both being stubborn and refusing to let the other win. Faile happened to have attracted two more Aiel in Bain and Chiad, who find the fight amusing. Gaul seems wary of the two, but as long as they don’t go kill each other like Perrin and Faile seem to want to do, 2 more Aiel can only help their cause in the end. Even the ways seem to have little affect on the Aiel, as Gaul takes it all in stride. I'd really hate to be on the bad side of these people.


Chapter 19-20


Similar to the last chapter, we see the departure of Elayne and Nynaeve as they attempted to board a Sea Folk ship. Apparently Aes Sedai are normally refused, as we find out later that some Windfinders can channel, but for the Coramoor, they will help the two girls. So Rand already has 3 different names for three different groups of people, all with different prophecies. If we have any more, I’m going to go as crazy as Rand trying to keep track of them all. But, passage is agreed upon, and the girls have found their fast ship to Tanchico. They scramble on deck as everything shakes due to Rand’s activities in the Stone, Elayne assuming he found her second letter. Not a bad assumption there, probably not wise to confuse the man who is already under a lot of pressure, and one that could snap and go crazy at a moment’s notice. Not to mention the fact that he holds Callandor, which I doubt we have seen the full potential of what Rand can do with that.


We end up seeing Thom and Juilin on deck just as the ship starts taking off. The girls find out that each was sent by either Rand/Lan or Moiraine to look after them. They only agree to let them come if they obey their rules and what not. It constantly baffles me how obnoxious Egwene and Nynaeve act sometimes, like they know everything. Of all people, Elayne is the most educated in the World, and she pretty much was willing to accept their help. Yet Nynaeve had to push it to the point where they almost did not come. Tanchico better be as dangerous as it sounds, and hopefully Nynaeve realizes how much she needs Thom and Juilin in the end. I understand she's trying to prove her worth, and that they were sent on this mission by the Siuan to track down the Black Ajah, but don't be stupid about and deny obvious help. Thom at least you can trust. Then if Rand/Lan sent Juilin, i'd be willing to be my house that he's trustworthy as well. Ah well, they are young still.


Chapter 21


Finally, we find out Rand’s plan, and he sure does it in dramatic fashion. I love how he comes out with all the Aiel all geared up for war, and calmly gives out his orders. By the reaction of most of the High Lords and Moiraine, he made some bold and smooth moves in taking care of his opponents. This whole chapter is from Moiraine’s POV, which is nice. I don’t think we have had very many viewing things from her point of view, and if we did they were short paragraphs. We can tell that a lot of Nynaeve and the others frustration over her controlling things are true, as she plainly wants Rand to herself, and to listen to no one but her. Understandable, but she has to realize by now that this probably won’t happen the way she wants it too, especially with how Rand has been towards her lately. Anyway Rand confides in Moiraine, saying he is traveling to Rhuidean as well. Very interesting, it appears Rand will go and try to attach himself to the rest of the Aiel? Smart move there, who needs the rest of the world when you can just have the Aiel? It sounds like everyone had trouble holding them back during the Aiel War. At the least he’ll be able to start taking over countries one at a time with them. Not to mention the Armies of Tear on the side, which sound to be not so bad themselves.




So once again it appears we will be splitting off into 3 different groups. Well 4 if you still count Min and her account in the White Tower. Perrin leads the way back to the Two Rivers, Elayne and Nynaeve traveling to Tanchico, and Rand leading the rest to Rhuidean. We have a lot going on here, and potential for a lot more to go on. Things are starting to get good.


I'm really interested to see what Rand does with this Rhuidean place. We really haven't seen much of the Aiel Ways, or their land which sounds like the most terrifying place to live. I'm also really interested in Perrin, aside from the fact that it also means we have to deal with Faile. I am a big fan of homecomings, and can't wait to see the reactions from everyone when they see Perrin. The other two plot lines are good as well, but these are the two I'm looking forward to the most at this point. Lets be honest, though, everything is awesome to me at this point.


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it will be about a week before I get the next blog up

I think you spoil us with posting as much as you have. :wink:

But it is enjoyable to read so thank you for your efforts


be away for the next week with not a whole lot of time to read, let alone come up with a blog. So I hope you enjoy, and everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend. See you all next week

you be safe and have fun yourself, too :smile:

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A whole week with no vicarious Wheel Of Time jollies, what ever shall I do? Can't wait for your next update, have a good trip.

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Yeah the Aiel stuff in this book is really fascinating. Well, I thought so anyway lol.

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I'm also really interested in Perrin, aside from the fact that it also means we have to deal with Faile.


That's pretty much how I felt for most of the rest of the series to date. (Sorry to discourage you :wink: )


Loving your posts - I'm just slightly ahead of you in my re-read now, and if you take a short break I might be able to stay far enough ahead to remember the chapters you're writing about!

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I'm really interested to see what Rand does with this Rhuidean place.


Yeah... I think you'll think it's pretty cool.


To read TSR for the first time... let' just say I'm envious. :smile:

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