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Game of Thrones, Chapters 39-42

Basel Gill



Once more into the breach...

Chapter 39 (Eddard X): So now Ned wakes up. I found his dream worth noting. Not because I expect it to fill in the puzzle, or foreshadow stuff in the future, but just because it gave some useful backstory and fleshed things out a bit. Seven against three, but when the three were defeated, five of the seven were dead. Jaime has fled the city... no surprise there, if the story of the attack on Ned's men turns against him, he would be wise to be far off. But Ned has been out cold for six days, giving the Lannister's plenty of time to put their own spin on things. Since Robert has pretty much fallen under the sway of all things Lannister, he buys their tale hook, line, and sinker. And when Robert walks into the scene, he is already drunk. No surprises there either. Littlefinger says he left the scene before the fight began but admits Ned was returning from a whorehouse...more spin control. And another sign that Littlefinger isn't worth trusting. Ned seems yet to figure this out. Granted, he has no knowledge of what Petyr had boasted about concerning Catelyn; that came out after Tyrion and Catelyn met up and Ned was still in King's Landing. But since coming to King's Landing, Ned has shown that he is too much of an honorable man to be prepared for other people not playing fairly. The Lannisters, by being underhanded, seem to be one move ahead of Ned much of the time. Varys is plotting with foreign powers against the realm, and I have no idea whose side Petyr is on, other than his own. Ned has been a little wary with Varys, but is still too trusting in general. And it's going to wind up biting him in the ass sooner or later.


Chapter 40 (Catelyn VII): Here comes the fight at Tyrion's trial. Brynden seems to be motivated to help defend Riverrun but also because he has come to realize that Lysa is a total nutjob. That statue that gets toppled onto Vardis won't be the same, I bet. So Bronn wins, and Tyrion lives. But Lysa manages to put them both into lethal danger anyway, by sending them off on the road to face a certain attack by bandits. I'll enjoy seeing how Tyrion deals with that when he has only one person on his side. Tyrion's a crafty one, he'll need to figure out how to avoid a battle.


Chapter 41 (Jon V): So Jon is getting out of training. I figured he would, but I don't think he is done having to deal with Alliser. Sam is in trouble if all his allies get promoted, though. Jon, like his friend Tyrion, is smart enough to figure a way out of this problem. Put Sam in a spot where his strengths can be used. I get the feeling Sam will become an important behind the scenes person in the Watch. Jon will become a person to be reckoned with in the organization, too.


Chapter 42 (Tyrion VI): So Tyrion isn't even looking to avoid clansmen, he wants to lure them in! That's a different approach. I don't know if the story of Tysha will ever turn out to be of any significance or not. So now Tyrion talks - talks! - the bandits out of robbing and killing the two of them, and then promises to give them the Vale of Arryn. This one threw me for a loop. First, I don't know if Jaime or Tywin is going to want to send Lannister forces upon the Vale. They're already messing about with the Tully lands (more on that in the next installment, as I would get too lengthy doing so many chapters in one entry), look to be facing opposition from Winterfell, and might wind up marching on King's Landing. And Tyrion promises that House Lannister will give these bandits the Vale? (And he is likely being honest, since he feels Lannisters should always pay their debts.) The kicker here is that Tyrion knows from personal experience that the Eyrie, seat of government for the Vale, is impregnable.



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