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Game of Thrones, Chapters 35-38

Basel Gill



Chapter 35 (Eddard IX): So Eddard finds the brothel he was looking for. He interviews the woman there that had one of Robert's bastard kids, and then leaves. Ned takes note of the baby's dark hair, and reflects that Robert's previous bastard had dark hair too. Interesting, that part. I have a funny feeling it will prove important later on somehow. He comes down to see one of his men playing forfeits, which seems from the description to be the old kid's game of Memory crossed with strip poker. There's talk of Robert's other illicit children, including one conceived at Stannis's wedding. Cersei supposedly had a pair of twins murdered, which I wouldn't put past her. That woman is just pure evil. I'll find Lena Headey's version of her interesting once I get to watch the show, playing a villain is a big departure from her other roles I've seen. And speaking of evil, Jaime rides up with a bunch of Lannister soldiers. Ned breaks his leg and his men die, including Jory. Thus beginning the "anyone can die at any time" thing that I've heard about these books. While Jaime talks about Tyrion's kidnapping by Catelyn, I doubt this is his only reason for his actions in this chapter. There's something about Ned's investigation that makes him uncomfortable. He could have accosted Ned anywhere, but to do it outside the brothel where Ned has been asking questions? Jon Arryn was killed for asking questions, wasn't he? No coincidence there, I bet.


Chapter 36 (Danaerys IV): You know, for all his talk of waking the dragon as a euphemism for someone making him angry, Viserys seems to have no problems with waking other people's dragons. I think it's pretty unwise to anger anyone who is backed by forty thousand warriors when you are all alone with no one to take your side. Sooner or later, he is going to blow his top, and be made to regret it. Although since he is always ready to blame things on others, I doubt he would do any regretting, since that would require him to realize that something is his own fault. Dany is unlikely to put up with him much longer.


Chapter 37 (Bran V): So Bran can ride now. Good to know. Tyrion's special saddle seems to have done what it was meant to for Bran. It's unpleasant to know there are brigands so close to Winterfell. There's a bit of friction between Robb and Theon in this chapter, perhaps it's a sign of things to come. There's a lesson to be learned here: don't mess with direwolves. Here's hoping they learn something important from the prisoner.


Chapter 38 (Tyrion V): Tyrion is certainly cunning and resourceful. He starts out this chapter in a considerable jam, but by the end he has improved his situation quite a bit. He runs a risk still, since if his champion loses, he still gets executed, and I don't see how he could get out of it then. The one thing that stuck out for me in this part was Tyrion's musings on how he got into this mess: at one point, he thinks to himself that someone seems to be setting Starks and Lannisters against each other. Gee, that's strange, I'd been thinking that exact same thing for a while now. I think Bronn will win the combat. Why? Because if Bronn loses, Tyrion's death is assured. Granted, anyone can die at anytime, but to kill Tyrion so early in the series (halfway into the first book) after giving him an important POV role and developing the character so well thus far, would render all the effort put into the character moot. Tyrion has a lot more literary mileage in him, and GRRM knows it would be wasteful to kill him off just yet.


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I have to say I especially enjoyed this entry, as you make a LOT of interesting musings in it. Some are spot on, others are off (but completely understandable at this point). All your blogs have been like this, I suppose, but this one stuck out for me in that way.

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