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Demos on The Shadow Rising, chapters 1-4




Book 4, here we go again..


Chapter 1


No prologue, though it seems like the first chapter is somewhat of a prologue type. We get multiple POVs and sounds like we are catching up with some other characters that weren’t mentioned much in the last book. Such as Min and the White Tower, as well as a Whitecloak update. Min finally made it to the White Tower and has some pretty bad viewings of all the Aes Sedai and Warders. Seems like a lot of them will die or captured, which could mean anything. Especially with all the war that is going on, could mean nothing special. Still, Min wouldn't have made such a big deal over it, or seen so many, if for nothing. She manages to meet with the Amyrlin without really anyone noticing her, and as she reports to Siuan, the timeframe sounds before Rand gets to Tear. At least they have no word of it yet. Gawyn still seems to be frustrated at Elayne’s departure, and is trying to figure out where she went with no luck.


Elaida seems to have recognized Min, and thinks she knows what is best for some reason. She trails off seemingly coming up with some plan to figure out what’s going on, and how she can control things. I really don’t like this woman.


Seems the whitecloaks have taken more action against Perrin, primarily Bornhald’s son, Dain. Him and Byar have arrived in Taren Ferry and seem to be all secretive about what they are up too. Ordeith is also with them. Sounds like they are trying to capture Perrin, mostly by setting a trap and hoping he returns to the Two Rivers. Either way, not a good combination for the Two Rivers people. You have a crazed killer in Ordeith, Byar who is the craziest of all whitecloaks, and Dain who assumes Perrin is responsible for his father's death. Things could get ugly here.


Finally we see the Seanchan licking their wounds on this sea folk island of some sort. Suroth has taken over command and attempting to make a new plan. She also is dealing with the new discovery that sul’dam can channel also, could get interesting there if more find out. She also questions the former Aes Sedai about the White Tower. Possible finding more about the Aes Sedai. I wonder if there is a way they could use the three oaths against the Aes Sedai to completely take them out of the fight.


Chapter 2


This next chapter was an interesting one. Perrin, Mat, and Rand all get attacked by some type of evil. Perrin’s axe seems to come alive and attack him. He finally manages to get it stuck in the door where it loses its power. Faile is angry for some unknown reason, and they seem to be in another fight. Mat is playing cards with some Tairen lords, when his hand suddenly comes to life, and attacks him. He manages to pin them all down with knives. Afterword the rest of the lords act like they never saw anything, and run to get out of his company.


Finally, Rand seems to get it worst of all, though he does seem to have attracted the attention of Berelain. Must be nice to have beautiful women throw themselves at him, though I have no idea what his deal is turning her away. He must have extremely strong will power, I most certainly would not have said no, regardless of where I was brought up. Anyway he seems to be learning more of the power on the fly, and traps her behind air as his reflection steps out of the mirror and attacks him. Rand barely escapes with his life, and thinks the Forsaken are responsible, though we find out next chapter that it was just a bubble of evil. I would hate to be there when it starts happening more often. I feel bad for Berelain, I can only imagine what is going through her head, though I doubt she’ll even think of trying to seduce Rand again haha.


Chapter 3


Perrin and Faile finally reach Rand’s room, though not before Faile starts acting odd again. Getting jealous at Perrin looking at Berelain but doesn’t yet realize he was only staring after her because of her terrified smell. At least that’s what it sounds like from his POV, though if he didn’t recognize how attractive she was, something’s wrong with him. Anyway she leaves and Perrin sends for Moiraine once seeing the inside of Rand’s room. Probably not a great sight to see. I’m starting to like Rhuarc a lot by this point, he reminds me of a lot of the reasons in why I like Lan. A fight between those two would probably be pretty sweet, though I hope it doesn't come to that. If Rand starts getting some training from Rhuarc as well as Lan, it'll just make him all the more sweeter.


Chapter 4


Finally, we get a little more insight to what Thom is thinking nowadays, and what he’s up too. It appears he is once again caught up with the group, though working from afar. He seems to be forging a note for some reason, though we don’t really figure out what for. Maybe he caught the Lords wife cheating on him, or he is simply trying to start something. Thom thinks about helping Rand out, but Mat comes in before we really find out too much. Mat is feeling the ta’veren pull and letting it affect him into staying, when he wants nothing else but to get away from it all.


Not a whole lot seems to happen in the first couple chapters, though it seems to be setting up a lot for the chapters to come. The many different POV’s seem to all be telling the same time frame, just the different versions. As much as I’m enjoying it, I’m curious if this is a reason as to why the series is so long? We constantly go back and forth in the timeline, going back to see the three boys versions of what goes on, as well as various other characters who play an important part? Definitely would makes it a lot harder to keep track of the time frame, and which events happen when. Especially if they ever split up again like they did in the first book.



Recommended Comments

The many PoV's in the same time frame is a good part of the reason why the series is so long. But as you go along you find out that to tell the story properly this is a very necessary thing. Enjoy TSR, it is really, really good.


For keeping track of the timelines, someone by the name of Stephen Cooper made a very accurate timeline online of events in the WoT universe for the first eleven books, which is made possible by RJ's attention to detail (that many complain about, but his descriptiveness was usually not superfluous as they suggest). The twelfth and thirteenth books were not written entirely by RJ, so the detailed time markers are not there, unfortunately. Should you go to his site, be warned that there will be spoilers aplenty.


I'm enjoying your blog so far. Keep it up! :smile:

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Jordan starts opening up a number of different major subplots in a few books that compete with each other for time. I would say this is why the series is so long. When he was still writing some fans thought he had lost control of his story, but it does come back together nicely, even if the plots progress more slowly for a few books.

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TSR starts off a bit slowly but picks up quickly.



Faile is Saldean and the men and women there have a different view on relationships than what the Two Rivers do. It'll become more clear later. You may even realize what she wants before Perrin does.



The Bubble of Evil is one of the coolest events in the books. Especially the cards and Rand's reflections. I've always loved that part.

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great post. This book does start out slowly, i think RJ finally had an idea of how long this story was going to take once he reached this point. So the opening of the book takes for ever, because he is seting up not only this book but most of the series as well. Somethings get resolved in this book, some not for a few books, and a few other have not seen a conclusion, yet. The first three books mainly are concerned with the Two rivers folk, but the Wheel of Time is about an entire world of people, I have never found another series quite this big, some others are close, but WOT is just HUGE.

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All of the point of views Add to the theme of a lace being woven by the wheel. The different story arcs run from one joining point to another sometimes becoming completely wrapped up for a time with master threads (tavern) and then back off to fill the rest of the pattern. At this point in the stor development Jordan really started writing with confidence in the product that he was crafting.

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