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Gerda Lerner's Questions To Bring Women Into View

Moon Sedai



A list of questions posed by Gerda Lerner to aid in the study of Women's History/


  • Where and who are the missing women?

  • What did they contribute to American history? To community work and reform movements?

  • What did women do while the men were doing what the textbook tells us was important?

  • How did women live?

  • How did women define the issue?

  • What was the female experience?

  • How was it different for women?

  • How is gender defined in a given period?

  • Who defined women’s sexual lives? Who controlled them and how?

  • How do the relations between the sexes affect social and economic relations in society?

  • What kind of work did women do in society and what were their working conditions?

  • What effect did the cultural indoctrination of women to seeing their primary function as that of homemaker and mother have on their labor force participation?

  • How did women see their world? How did they relate to other women?

  • How did women respond to their subordinate status and what were the consequences of these responses?

  • How did individual feminist consciousness develop into collective consciousness, and how was it manifested?

  • What has been the experience of women of different classes, races, and religions and ethnic groups in terms of the above questions, and how can the differences and similarities be explained?

  • What would history by like if seen through the eyes of women and ordered by values they define?

To be published in pamphlet, Gerda Lerner, “Teaching Women’s History,” AHA, Fall, 1980.



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