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Game of Thrones, Chapters 25-27

Basel Gill



A few things here and there leap out at me, but this latest installment is hit and miss.


Chapter 25 (Eddard V): There's something about this book Jon Arryn was reading.. There has to be. Given the subject matter of the book, it sounds like it will take Ned quite a bit of digging to find whatever it is in there. Iced milk sweetened with honey sounds good on a hot summer day. I'm not sure whether I'd want that much honey in it, or if I'd prefer it more like Ned. I didn't find it all that surprising that Ned is being watched, really. Not much about this chapter say "Boo" to me, it mostly seems to be setting things up to become interesting later on.


Chapter 26 (Jon IV): Jon has done well in building relationships with his fellow trainees, but Alliser is becoming more than just a nuisance to him. Sam comes in, and the boys show some honor in defending the new victim. I took notice that Grenn, Jon's initial nemesis, was one of the first to leap to Jon's aid. Sam's father doesn't strike me as a very likable person. Still no sign of Ben. I'm still not expecting him to be found, except as one of the Others. There just has to be a way for medieval folk to deal with zombie undead, right? Right?


Chapter 27 (Eddard VI): So Jon Arryn's remaining servants haven't been very useful, have they? I suppose it's entirely possible that something one of them said that seems trivial now will jump back into the picture later on, but I doubt it. Stannis and Arryn are visiting brothels. Not for themselves, certainly not Stannis. I wonder if they are checking up on Robert's assorted women. Robert has at least one bastard son, and Gendry is being well taken care of. Is Robert sending his people out based on his conscience saying he should take care of his illegitimate children, or were Stannis and Arryn acting of their own accord? A small continuity goof presents itself: the potboy tells Jory that Arryn went to see the armorer to commission a new set of plate, right? So then when Ned goes to see the armorer himself, he is told that they didn't give him any of their business. Now, not only is this inconsistent, but to not buy a set of plate (or anything else) from this man would be unwise if Arryn wished to keep his visit quiet. He would have been better off buying the armor to create a reason for visiting the shop, lest people think he had some surreptitious reason to go there (which he did). I'm wondering why Stannis and Arryn are interested in Gendry. There's some piece of the puzzle we aren't being given just yet.



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I actually drink iced milk with honey now and then - when I first put it together I wasn't even thinking about it having been in ASoIaF, either. I was going for something cool, sweet and refreshing but relatively healthy (skim milk and light on the honey). 'Tis rather good - the sweetness is easily adjustable if you don't go nuts on the honey right off the bat.


As for Ned and his investigation, I remember being about as clueless as Ned at this point on my first read through. There are definitely more puzzle pieces out there... I expect you'll have more to say on upcoming chapters - these are relatively uneventful... and I'm zipping my mouth shut now and awaiting further blog posts so as not to spoil a single thing. *whistling innocently*

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I picked up on a lot of what was going on during my read of ASoIaF, but confess I didn't correctly guess the investigation either. After I found out, I was a little irritated with myself for not seeing it coming as the clues are there to figure it out.

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