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Game of Thrones, Chapters 21-24

Basel Gill



Chapter 21 (Tyrion III): I love Tyrion's sense of humor. He cracks me up during the dinner scene in this chapter. Alliser once again shows himself to have absolutely no sense of humor. Then Tyrion goes up to the top of the Wall for one last look He meets Jon, and their friendship deepens with a handshake that really carries some weight. I'm hoping this bit is done just as effectively on screen. He mentions to Jon he will be stopping at Winterfell on his way back south. Since he knows (through Jon) that Bran is alive and awake, this gave me some trepidation. Yet for all the evidence against Tyrion, we don't see anything about the attack in his thoughts. Shouldn't his POV include him thinking about it if he arranged it? A new possibility that hit me this afternoon was, what if Tyrion isn't behind the attack on Bran and the fire in the library at all, but it was one of Tyrion's men traveling with him? Even if Tyrion

, the true orchestrator of the plot on Bran may be returning to the scene to finish the job. Jon indicates a desire to head north of the Wall to search for his uncle. Something tells me that would be a suicidal move on Jon's part. If he ever sees Uncle Ben again, he will find Ben has a strange new appetite for BRAAAAAIIINNNNS!!! Jon would be better off simply taking to heart Uncle Ben's final bit of advice: "With great power comes great responsibility." Oh, wait... wrong Uncle Ben.


4-0 Philadelphia Flyers as I type this. Why am I still watching my hockey team get shellacked?


Chapter 22 (Arya II): I'd been wondering when we'd get back to Arya's POV. Ned seems to be learning to accept his daughter for what she is, rather than trying to force a square peg into a round hole. She doesn't want to be a pretty little princess. If she wants to play at swords, then go with it. As Ned says, if he took the sword away, she'd just get a morningstar under her pillow. Under your pillow doesn't strike me as the best place to keep one of those, for either your pillow or your head. It sure wouldn't be very comfortable. The story of how Arya and Jory got rid of Nymeria to protect her was very touching. I get the feeling we haven't seen the last of Nymeria, somehow. Domesticated animals have a way of returning home.


Chapter 23 (Danaerys III): One of these days, Viserys is going to lose his temper at the worst possible time, and it will cost him much more than the embarrassment of walking behind the riders. I don't see him living until the end of the book. Dany seems to be learning to stand up to him; she may even play a hand in his death. And she is carrying Drogo's baby. Interesting, but I don't know where this is going.


Chapter 24 (Bran IV): Robb's reception of Tyrion is pretty cold. Word can't possibly have reached Winterfell about what Catelyn found out in King's Landing. So this is based solely on Stark/Lannister mistrust. Tyrion redeems that with the saddle blueprnt. Too bad it takes the wolves more time to realize it. No clue what might have set them off. Family hostilities are beyond the understanding of pets, right? Robb still has a bit of growing up to do, both from his treatment of Tyrion and his reaction to the news of Ben.



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Well, an ASOIAF readthrough! Didn't expect to find one o' these here. I thought I'd best comment to let you know I'm reading, I wouldn't want you to stop making these for want of more viewers.


How are you liking Dany's chapters so far? I didn't really enjoy them on my first readthrough.


Anyway,I'm looking foreward to your reactionto some of the events in this book.

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Dany's chapters are interesting on their own; I'm liking the way her character is developing so far from meekly staying under her brother's thumb towards finding her own path in life. All the same, I'll be happy when it ties into the rest of the story (and I'm logically assuming that it will, otherwise it wouldn't be included).

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