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Game of Thrones, Chapters 9-12

Basel Gill



Chapter 9 (Tyrion I): BRAN IS ALIVE!! I thought sure that fall would kill him. Joff here shows that he isn't ready for the world of political intrigue quite yet when he can't be bothered to go to Ned and Catelyn and express his sorrow over Bran.Not only is he a jerk, but he is a dope (granted, he's only twelve). Sure, Bran doesn't matter to him, but the forms must be followed. Tyrion so far seems like the only likable Lannister there is. But I'm assuming he will still work toward the Lannister cause, no matter how much of a bunch of jerks the rest of his family is. Tyrion's choice of breakfast order sounds quite tasty. But does anyone think that his bacon, which he ordered burnt till it turns black, arrives rather quickly? The ensuing conversation after he orders doesn't seem to have nearly enough time to cook bacon that much.


Chapter 10 (Jon II): I'm sorry, but I just really didn't care for Catelyn's behavior in this chapter. She is a nice person, except whenever Jon enters the picture. Then she becomes a real bitch. I had expected her attitude toward him to thaw out some, now that he would be having no kids of his own who might challenge for head of the House. Guess not. I enjoyed his farewell to Arya. I wonder if she will eventually have a need for that sword. A girl going for the tomboy approach in medieval times must have sucked.


Chapter 11 (Danaerys II): Okay, so Drogo isn't such a bad person after all. Those handmaidens Dany got as a wedding present will come in handy. Illyrio and her brother knew exactly what she needed to learn. Once she and Drogo have more than one word in common, I think they will get along splendidly.


Chapter 12: (Eddard II): Ned found King Robert to be physically unrecognizable earlier in the book. Maybe that was a foreshadowing, as here he seemed to be wondering what happened to his old friend on the inside. For two men who used to be very close, they have some pretty fundamental disagreements in this chapter. Robert is way too trusting of the Lannisters. Nothing good can come of this; I'm just sure it will come back to bite him. Jaime and Robert are right on one thing: that throne, if GRRM conceived it anything like HBO has shown it, does seem to be really uncomfortable. That seems to be a common stereotype of thrones, although I think this one would take the cake.



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I meant to make a comment on the previous blog, but I think it's possible to be a bit more understanding of Catelyn's position. That's not to say that it's fair to Jon, but she's a constant reminder of her husband's infidelity, and Ned not only took care of Jon (no big deal) but took him into their home and to be a constant presence around her. More than that, while Catelyn is a woman who tries to be everything that's expected of a woman, keep in mind how few rights women have. They're sold as property for political bargains, their husbands have legal rights to rape them, they're expected to be chaste and pure and if they lose their virginity their worth is greatly diminished, and if their husbands run around fathering bastards and being completely unfaithful everyone just turns their heads. Ned's a generally good guy, but there's a lot of resentment and frustration for the women, even if, as in Cat's case, she tries her best to follow the status quo. It get's targeted at Jon. She can forget Ned's infidelity, tuck it away into the back of her mind and try to be a good wife. But when the result of that stands right in front of her, there is no forgetting.


Again, it's not fair to Jon, and my wording isn't exactly eloquent, but I do think it's possible to be a little more empathetic of Cat's reactions, even if one's to recognize that it isn't fair on her part.


Keep it up!

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Point well made, and thanks for the input. All I know for sure is that if someone told me I should be in a coma fighting for my life rather than her son, I would consider it to be seriously over the line. Ned does care for her, and wanted to do what he felt was the honorable thing. The bits where we see things from her view come out better on how she looks as a person. The rights of women are always a thorny issue to deal with in fantasy/medieval tales, and GRRM seems well aware he is potentially walking through a minefield there. Do you treat things with some historical accuracy and have some folk label you a chauvinist, or do you paint a rosier picture with greater equality and have other people call it ridiculous and implausible? I like the way he seems to be handling both sides of it. Some of the women are definitely capable of holding their own. I wouldn't include Sansa in that based on what I've seen.

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I also thought Cat was a bit nasty at that point but I let her off a little because she is very upset about Bran. He is at death's door right now and I imagine it must be swful as a parent to have to watch your kids die.

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