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Demos on TGH chapters 25-29 Cairhien




Part Two.


Now Rand, Hurin, and Loial arrive at Cairhien. The foregate seems just like one big party. Makes sense for the King to sponsor parties all the time to keep the people their quiet. Would seem like a crappy place to live otherwise. The guards seem to get more suspicious of Rand as he goes along, stupid Daes Dae’mar. They reach an inn, and no sooner then they arrive, Rand receives three invitations to some type of party or get together. Rand being the hardass he is, throws them into the fire, possible making the three Houses a tad bit upset with him. But…


THOM’s BACK! Moiraine must have had some news to know he wasn’t dead, but regardless I’m happy he’s not. Honestly had almost forgotten about him. Thom seems to be doing well, and has some pretty new thang hanging on his hip, learning his skills. Thom assumes that Moiraine must have wanted Mat or Perrin as the ones who could channel, if he only knew. Rand tells him about how they found the Horn and almost convince Thom to come back with them. I wonder if Rand would have simply told him he was the one that could channel, if it would have changed his mind at all. Not sure why Rand didn’t. He seemed to trust Thom before they split up. Often telling him things he told no one aside from the other 2 boys. His lost, but I doubt it will end like this. Otherwise why bring Thom back? This master gleeman isn’t done yet.


As Rand and Loial set to head back, they get attacked by some Trollocs who managed to get into the city. Fain’s Trollocs? Anyway Loial gets his blood going by killing a Trolloc, and they hide out inside an Illuminator’s chapter house. I’m trying to think of who the Illuminators remind me off, but they are super strict, and willing to kill to protect the secrets. Pretty intense there. Oh and what do ya know, Selene is back just in time. How the heck does she end up here? She doesn’t seem to do much besides get in the way as Rand takes care of business, though all the fireworks going off seem to do the most damage. Stinks for that chapter house. As hard core as they are, someone is going to get the boot. They get back to the inn and well, you guessed it. Selene has disappeared again and of course has to leave him a message saying to think of her and glory.


Perrin is still hot on the trail. The timeframe seems to be after Rand recaptured the Horn, but Perrin doesn’t realize it yet. All the wolves told him was someone or something came in the night and kicked butt, naming him “shadowkiller”. Now that’s a wolf-brother name to have. I’d be jealous if I were Perrin aka young bull. We then finally get our first look at an Aiel. Even Uno admits that if it wasn’t for the Aiel wanting to be seen, he probably wouldn’t have found him. We get a little more background of the Aiel and their Three-fold Land.


The more I hear about these guys, the more badass they seem to get. So let’s see if I’m getting this correct. These Aiel seem to have failed the Aes Sedai in some way, but don’t know how or why. They live in this place that sounds the asteroid in the movie Armageddon. As Owen Wilson says, "Okay, so the scariest environment imaginable. Thanks. That's all you gotta say, scariest environment imaginable." Only we also have hundreds of different things that could kill you. How they live is beyond me, and they sound like they fight all the time. If Rand is indeed Aiel, a couple months in this Aiel Waste could do him some good. Now that would be a Dragon Reborn to be afraid of. Trained by one of the best Warders in Lan, as well as the Aiel who everyone else in the world seems to fear. Now if he could just manage to control his channeling. Or even able to grab saidin to begin with.


Lastly, we get a brief POV from our whitecloak pal, Geofram Bornhald. I can’t tell if I dislike this guy or not. Aside from being a crazy Whitecloak, he doesn’t seem too bad. He has his views, but isn’t like over the top. He is out in Almoth Plain, looking for darkfriends. At this village it seems that these new people who landed on Toman Head seem to be taking over. We find out later in the chapter it seems to be the Seanchan. Something about a return and taking oaths? We then find Bayle Domon as he’s running the opposite way he was told too, only to get capture by the Seanchan. Ha, he is like that side character that isn’t important enough to have a lot of mentions, but whenever he is he seems to be in some kind of trouble. Whether it’s the trollocs chasing Rand and Mat, the attack at whitebridge, the order for his death in Illian, and now the Seanchan. He deserves a break.


Now these Seanchan just seem weird. They talk funny, wear weird clothes, and ride these strange creatures. Yet they seem to be kicking butt. Who knows how much of a resistance was given though. They do have these people who can channel or control channelers or something, and would seem to be extremely deadly. That could do some damage to any army without channelers themselves. Whats the point of the bracelets? If it's some type of control device, how do the channelers let themselves be used like that. We meet the leader named Turak, and we find out that Bayle has some cuendillar, which is extremely rare and worth a lot. Chapter ends with Domon desperately trying to lie his way out.


I’m super pumped to see how this goes, everything seems to be pointing towards a show down in Toman Head. Excited to see how it ends up.



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Yep, the Aiel are one of the coolest societies in the series. And yes, the Toman Head showdown is coming up, and it's pretty epic.


Keep it up man, I'm enjoying this quite a bit!

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I always thought Geofram Bornhald represented what the Children are supposed to be. He is a true believer, but I always liked his notions about having zeal but not being a Zealot. Unfortunately most of the Children are unabashed racists and zealots. As for the Aiel, they are just made of awesome. I cant say much else about them right now.


your getting close to some amazing parts, I look forward to your next couple of posts.

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Definitely some great great stuff coming up.


FYI I'm not gone, just been busy with the holidays, haven't had time to read and do some write ups. I'll get back on it tonight/tomorrow and have some good updates for you.


Just finished TGH last night and I'm speechless. Never gotten so pumped up about a chapter in a book like I did in "The Grave is No Bar to My Call". I still get goosebumps just thinking about it. I'll need to collect my thoughts on that but I was not disappointed in the slightest on the ending of this one. More on that to come soon!

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