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Game of Thrones, Chapters 2-5

Basel Gill



Chapter 2 (Catelyn 1) I think the concept of a godswood is interesting. Catelyn's faith in the seven faces of god sounds worth exploring a bit as well. I'm hoping to see the religion of Westeros explored a little more in-depth. I don't have much more reflection on the second chapter, other than noting with interest Ned's refusal to believe in the Others. If he sends an army north to "deal with this King-beyond-the-Wall for good and all", then boy is he gonna be in for a nasty surprise! I wonder if the men stationed at the Wall have ever gotten comfortably numb.


Chapter 3 (Danaerys 1): I think Viserys could easily give Waymar Royce a run for his money as "most odious little noble out there." In the end I think Viserys takes the gold there, because Royce had some actual authority, regardless of how little he deserved it. Viserys has no power whatever at the moment, but continues to walk around strutting his stuff as if he is still on the throne. I feel sorry for Dany, the way he treats her. I suppose it's a good thing she isn't going to be wed to him, although Khal Drogo doesn't sound very pleasant to be around either. I haven't actually met Drogo yet, just seen him from a distance across the room. At least Drogo has money and power, so she will have a more comfortable life as Drogo's wife than that of a "beggar king." From what I've heard, the primary parallel for this series is the War of the Roses, but I'm definitely seeing hints of the Jacobite revolts backed by France that came a few centuries later.


Chapter 4 (Ned 1): Ned sure is in a tough spot here! On the one hand, being the Hand of the King means he has a whole lot more to deal with than he does in Winterfell... not hard to see that coming. Getting away from that cold weather to move down south has plenty of appeal, however. Trust me, cold weather sucks. Now I wonder what this does to the prospects of sending a bunch of soldiers over that Wall to deal with the situation up there, if Ned isn't going to be around. I suppose a large part of it will have to do with who is left in charge in Winterfell. It's also not hard to predict that we haven't seen the last of the Others, or the world beyond the Wall.


Chapter 5 (Jon 1): Jon's skepticism, and his freedom to get royally drunk (pun intended) at the banquet welcoming Robert and Cersei were amusing. Something I noticed in this chapter was that the Lannisters are mentioned as "of Casterley Rock." Now that name sounds familiar. Could this be an homage at all to Stephen King's recurring town of Castle Rock, Maine? Props to Ghost for defending his meal so effectively from another pet. That honeyed chicken sounds quite tasty. My last thoughts on this chapter are of the conversation between Jon and Tyrion. Tyrion certainly gives Jon some very good advice. I foresee the two of them becoming friends of some sort based on this scene, regardless of how well their Houses get along. If they become enemies, or at least rivals, they will still have a strong respect for each other.


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You'll learn more of the various faiths and get some exposition on them. You may have to wait a little bit on it, though, but it does come.

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