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Demos' take on TGH, chapters 9-12




Alright now we get to the point everyone is getting ready to head out and leave Fal Dara. The fellowship finally seems to be breaking up with Matt, Perrin, and Rand heading with Ingtar to find the horn/dagger, and the girls + Moiraine heading back to the White Tower. Once again Rand’s luck saves his ass as an arrow flies right by him and hits the Siuan in the arm. Now we don’t know who the shot was aimed at but the way Siuan looks at Rand I think she knows. Plus that was a pretty bad shot if you were aiming for the Amyrlin. All that combined with the Shienar dude at the meeting in the prologue makes me think it’s got to be aimed at him. Of course there is no sign of the shooter, but things must go on and after a bunch of ceremonial words, they ride out. As they are about to get out of the gate we meet a guy with a pretty nifty talent. Hurin being able to smell and follow a trail of violence, I wonder what that would smell like. Very useful but I’d hate to have that talent, especially if things like murder smell like crap.


Oh hey, it seems like Bayle Domon lives! Figure out he did end up making it down to Illian, but his troubles don’t seem to get any better. He still thinks the darkfriends are after him personally, and maybe they are after the job offer he gets. Don’t know what to make of this part. On one hand, obviously the people hiring Domon to bring the dude back know he’s a sleaze. You hand him a sealed parchment, he’s going to find out what’s in it. So why make it plain that it’s a death warrant? On the other hand, did they do it on purpose knowing full well he would open it, trying to get Domon to go anywhere but Mayene or stay in Illian. But if it’s a death warrant signed by the King of Cairhien, what sway does it hold all the way down in Illian? So maybe the whole thing was a setup just to get him aware of the warrant. Anyway needless to say Domon heads to Toman Head with what seems to be another seal to the prison? Either that or a Frisbee.


Now we get back to Rand as they head on long hunt after the horn. Mat and Perrin are still salty at Rand for some stupid teenager reason. WHO CARES what he looks like. You guys are rolling out with some of the best men in the borderlands, chasing the fricken Horn, and you’re worried about what your best bud for ages is suddenly wearing. Anyway there’s another reference to Rand being Aiel, I’m pretty sold on him turning out to be one, but we’ll see. We never did hear much about Kari al’Thor did we?


Anyway they follow this trail that seems to zigzag all over the place, finding remains of humans (what a bad way to go there) and empty villages. They never seem to be catching up, which is surprising since they do seem to have darkfriend humans, not just Trollocs. Not to mention maybe some prisoners? In one of the villages, Rand has this crazy memory moment where the same thing happened like 4 times in a row. I figure it was what happened to the people in the house, but why repeat the vision? Kept waiting for something to change but didn’t. Maybe they just wanted to add another couple pages so had it repeat. Kidding, I’m sure it means something but I haven’t figured it out yet. They then find a Fade nailed to the door, wtf? How do you do that? Maybe a new type of shadowspawn, I feel that’s too crude for a Forsaken to do, and no darkfriend/trolloc would have the guts to attempt that.


But no, it turns out to be Fain. This guy is just getting scarier and scarier as time goes on. He’s like an insane psychopath willing to do anything, and enjoys pain. Yet sane enough to make me wonder. He seems to have complete control over the darkfriends now. For some reason he wants Rand to catch them, but not until Toman Head. We sure do have a lot of people all heading in that direction, something sure is about to go down.


As Ingtar and company halt for the night, Rand realizes Moiraine gave him the Dragon Banner, and that he’s second in command. That can’t have gone over well with Uno. It would be interesting to see if Rand would even know where to begin as far as leading the chase. Let’s just hope nothing happens to Ingtar for a while. Aside from what the Dragon means, the banner sounds pretty sweet. Once he finally accepts it, I feel like Rand is going to do some badass stuff. Granted that he can figure out how to control the channeling. At least Loial is staying loyal, how can you not like Loial? Hurin also seems to be a good down to earth guy. Just a guy with a gift, trying to make do with what he’s got.


That’s pretty much caught up to where I am now. Trying to decide if I should keep doing a post every couple chapters, that way I can go more indepth. Or spread it out a little more and try to get more chapters into these blog posts. Anyone have any thoughts?



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One way is to split it up chapter by chapter. So you'd go like "Chapter 13: blah blah blah. Chapter 14: blah blah blah..." and so on. I don' want to speak for everyone, but I think we like the breaking it up as a couple of chapters rather than doing it half a book at a time.

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Oh its definetly a frisbee, a dark and most evil frisbee. The darkone actually owns Whammo.


Thanks for moving this over to the blog, I have to get my vicarious read along jollys somewhere. As for format I always like chapter by chapter sumaries, but mostly you should write your blog whatever way feels natural and easy to you. WOT is a looong, drawn out series so going chapter by chapter could get tedious, especially when you get a few slow chapters back to back. Either way, keep it up, im happy with anything more then a sentence long.

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Chapter by chapter is fun to read, but I imagine it must get tiring to write. Personally, I'm fine with anything, you're the writer and it's up to you to decide how you want to write it, so just do what works best for you! :smile:


Anyway, I'm enjoying this write-up quite a bit and hope you continue it, it's fun for us jaded old WoT veterans to read the opinions of someone new to the series.

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I've never figured out what the fly scenario is either. Maybe it's an hallucination as the result of him channeling, maybe it's a foreshadowing to events with Mat in TGS.

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This might be kind of a spoiler for Demo, but about Rand's time in the house time loop RJ answered what was happening.




From a report done at an RJ signing:


"Some asked about the house and the flys. He said it was a time loop trap set by Fain and if Rand had not left the house it would have repeated indefinitely till Rand died."



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