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The Eye of the World + The Great Hunt through chapter 8




Hey all. Got shut down on the main board so making my first attempt at a blog. Ever. So still figuring it out a little. Special thanks to Kadere for giving me a push to get it started.


Anyway I figure I'll post a link to the thread I had started, and just copy and paste what I had written to catch people up to where I am at.


You can find the thread here



Quick Recap of The Eye of the World


The eye of the world was a great way to get me semi hooked into the series. I'll start out by saying I loved the Lord of the Rings series and at least in the first book I saw a lot of similarities between the two. Now they are similarities yet at the same time this book just feels so different that I feel bad comparing the two. I think about halfway through the book I mentioned to my buddy that this was like Lord of the Rings, but with attractive females that play major roles. Already I have more female characters that seem to have an impact then the entire LoTR trilogy combined. You then have the DO and Shayol Ghul which to me made me think right of Sauron and Mordor. I’ll leave the references at that since I’ve been told this has been discussed in full in other places. So I’ll save that for after I’ve read some more.


Anyway it’s hard to go back and give a full review of the first book so I’ll just give some thoughts I had and maybe talk about some of the characters.


Moiraine - Seems a little sketchy at some points, yet there’s something about her that I just want to trust. So I really hope she doesn’t turn out to be on the wrong side.


Lan - Do we ever get any POV from him? Yes or No is fine, but I feel like he’s got to turn into something more than just a Warder. His background story I really enjoyed reading about.


Two Rivers Girls - Foolish as it might be, I enjoyed the Rand/Egwene romance in the beginning and hoped it might work out in the end. Min’s viewing doesn’t give me much hope, though, if her viewings are always right. I don’t know what to think on Nynaeve yet. Didn’t mind her at first, she irritated me in the middle, came close to disliking, then it’s back to neutral near the end.


Thom - I feel like Moiraine knows something and that he is not dead. I hope not. Seemed like there was more to him then let on yet. Another one I'm not sure I trust yet, though the way he went out left him in better light.


Perrin - The wolf thing seems pretty nifty and cool. Hope they explain it more as it goes on. I’m not sure why he fights it so much though. I mean obviously Elyas is doing fine and he’s been running with wolves for a while now? Anyway he’s got Moiraine and Lan to back him up, he shouldn’t be going around with his head down. Hopefully he figures it out in the next book.


Matt - Not sure if I like him or not yet. I like his trouble maker attitude he seemed to have, it goes well with the other two boys. Yet he seemed to be "sick" most of the book. Hasn't really showed any cool power like Rand or Perrin aside from maybe the dagger? Since he's infected will he be able to spawn some of those "things" that killed all the Trollocs in Shadar Logoth? I can see him being the one that turns on the other two and joins the dark side.


Rand – Probably my second favorite in this book. I’m guessing he is indeed the Dragon Reborn, otherwise there could be some great twist in the book if he is indeed being used. Now does this mean he is Lewis Therin, as in he will find a way or simply have a revelation and gain access to all his memories? I’m trying to look back and figure out stuff I may have missed but was a little confused on that. Or does Rand simply meet the role as the “Dragon” and unless something goes different then last time, destined to go mad and kill everyone?



The ending seemed a little rush to me. With everything that was building to the "Eye of the World", I figured it would turn out to be this epic battle. There was a battle in the Gap, but we had little of that aside from Rand channeling the heck out of the Trollocs. At the same time, you can't have the best ending in the first book can ya? So I'm sold on starting the next book and already a chapter into it. More on that later though. Why don't they just blow the Horn now and go tearing through the Blight? Or is it a one-shot type deal?


The tinkers were very interesting to read about. While I admire their way of life, there is no way I could live that way. The dancing and nomadic travel is somewhat appealing, but I just could not run away or let someone hit me without at least defending myself. Dogs are one thing, but what happens if bandits attack? They have to know the Tinkers for what they are; I would figure it can't be safe at all for them to go around.


I feel like I need to start writing all the names of people introduced in the books to keep track. I'm only done with one of like what, 14 books? There's no way all 14 deal with just Rand, Mat, Perrin and company. Half of the people introduce will be coming back I'm assuming?


Speaking of names, is there a good place for how to pronounce them all? I know I'm way off on some of the ways I've been saying. Some I think I've just matched in my brain to be a certain character, and just skim over the name. Like Moiraine, I've just been saying "more - rain".


Anyway like I said, without really writing down notes, its hard to go back and write a review on all 800 pages. I'll go into more detail on the next book on a more chapter by chapter basis. If anyone wishes to know what I thought about a certain scene or anything else just ask, I'll gladly go into more detail on that.



The Great Hunt


The prologue was neat, giving us some insight into the Darkfriends and how they seem to work. Interesting to see everyone trying to hide their identity though. Wouldn't you figure it would be easier to help each other out if you knew which other Darkfriends you could work with? Maybe it's for the best if one of them were to get caught; you couldn't bring the whole thing down. Still, I would think it would be good to know at least 3-4 others. As I read it, I get the feeling each one of the characters described is important in some way, but I have no idea what they are supposed to mean. The Shienaran could be something coming up soon? We'll see when we get back to Rand and them. So how is Ba'alzamon not dead, didn't Rand kill him? I wasn't sold on him being the DO, but figured it was just one of the more powerful Forsaken that the DO had some favor in. Maybe he promoted another one in his place. Anyway all the Darkfriends seemed to get some special orders which no one else heard and were sent on their way.


So trying to figure out the order of Darkfriends. You have the DO who is trapped but is starting to break free (what exactly is the DO) and he has some super powerful men and women from the Age of Legends that were trapped with him, but now starting to break free themselves. These are the guys and gals that could pretty much destroy Moiraine and Lan without blinking, and Rand too if it wasn't for his luck. If the rest of them all came at them at once, couldn't they just end it? Or are they not all free yet? Ba'alzamon seems to want to try to turn Rand, but at the same time the Dragon is the only one who has a chance to destroy them all. Guess it's giving Rand the chance to learn what he needs to hold them all off. Pretty lucky there


Anyway so under the Forsaken you then have the Trollocs and Myrddraal on one side, and regular human darkfriends on the other. Pretty nasty stuff. Especially the darkfriends, makes you wonder who you can really trust. I'm going to be suspicious of everyone I meet now. Can't have it too easy on the boys I guess. Especially Rand, I feel bad for him. Just through the first book he finds out Tam may not be his real father, he may not even be from the Two Rivers. He grows up hearing horror stories about the Dragon and men who can channel, then finds out he himself can do it. He's having these dreams saying the Aes Sedai will use him, and then Moiraine goes and says he's the Dragon Reborn, but none of them are able to teach him to channel. I wouldn't know what to think at this point. Hopefully it gets better for him. Meanwhile Perrin is over there being sulky that he is starting to see better and has golden eyes. Oh and he's buddy buddy with some wolves.


Oh and last note, as Bors gets to leave he gets out a Whitecloak uniform? Not sure what his rank is but by his laugh he seems to be pretty high up. Aren't the Whitecloaks supposed to be like all for the light. Now you have a high ranking officer working for the DO, there really is no safe place now is there? I get the feeling the Whitecloaks are like the Gestapo. They run the law the way they think is right, and are brutal in the way they go about it.





Same quote as the first book starts out this one, guessing it’ll be a theme for them all. Back in Fal Dara we find Land and Rand going at it on top of one of the towers. Maybe it’s just the guy in me but, I can only imagine how sweet that would be. On top of this tower overlooking all this land, the Blight like RIGHT there, learning from what seems to be one of the better swordsman we’ve been introduced too. Doesn't get much better then that. Moiraine has been avoiding Rand, and all a sudden the Amyrlin Seat and bunch of other Aes Sedai show up. Looks like he’s SOL at this point.


As he’s running through the halls, it’s funny how everyone is addressing him as a Lord now. Funny, but true, how the people you know and maybe a change of clothes can change your appearance in the eyes of others. Anyway the Amyrlin seems to have this presence that just says you’re going to do what I want, whether you want to or not. Rand meanwhile is freaking out trying to get away. Unfortunately someone had Lord Agelmar (I’m guessing Moiraine) give the order for no one to leave. So he eventually runs into Matt and Perrin and gets into a little fight with them, trying to keep them away from him. I understand why he does this, but I don’t get why Matt and Perrin get all upset with him so quick. Obviously it was pretty nasty stuff Rand says, but a good friend would be able to tell he isn’t acting normal and it’s probably pretty clear he’s freaking out about something. He eventually finds Egwene and she takes him right into the Lion’s Den in the women’s apartment.


Now it gets interesting, apparently the Amyrlin and Moiraine are old friends and have been trying to find Rand forever. Not a bad ally to have for Moiraine. So did they have to bring all the Aes Sedai to try and control Rand? Doesn't seem like it, especially the way Siuan and Moiraine go about it. It'll be a hard secret to keep though.


Fain just creeps me out. He’s like gollumn but more dangerous. So it appears he’s about to be freed, maybe the guy from the prologue.







Apparently Fain wasn’t set on simply escaping, but had to make a messy scene out of it too. There’s blood everywhere and everyone else either dead or going insane. Matt and Egwene seem to be alright, though the dagger was taken from Matt. Doesn’t look good for him now, and we also find out the Horn was taken as well. That’s what Rand gets for naming the DO, smooth move.


Luckily they were able to heal Matt somewhat, but still need the dagger to finish it off completely. This sets up what the name of the book seems to be about, The Great Hunt. There was a ton of prophecy written in blood on the wall which some Aes Sadai begin to translate. Is it bad that I have noooo idea what any of it is supposed to mean? Went back a little to see if I missed anything but can’t remember anything about Luc or Isam, though I feel like I heard the names before. Not sure if I should look in the back of the book at all to see if the names are in there. I do recognize Toman Head from Fain. None of it seems to say anything good for the world.


For some reason I loved the scene with Lan prepping Rand to act like a BAMF and tells him what to say and how to act. Hard to explain, maybe you all can understand leaving it at that. It just got me excited. Then Rand manages to keep his cool for the most part and stand up to the Amyrlin. Maybe not completely but he sure did a hell of a lot better than most others I’ve seen so far. Moiraine telling him about the foretelling Siuan and her heard while still in training, and how their search for him began then explains a lot. Although they spend what, 20 something years searching for him, they find him, and now will just let him go? Seems pretty crazy.



Recommended Comments

So about Luc, if you look back in TEotW at the end of Chapter 34 you can find out about him. And if you look back through Chapter 47 you'll see information about Isam.

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At the end of each book there's a glossary of terms, and the glossary usually shows the correct pronounciation (though sometimes even with the phoenetic spelling I'm not sure I'm pronouncing it right)

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Already this running commentary is much much more enjoyable than the last one I read. No beatings of dead horses of perceived injustices, no hypocrisy, thus no flame wars.



Like Delrian said there is a glossary at the back of the book with Jordan's intended pronounciation. However when I read a book, if I see a mispronounce a word while reading and I like my mispronounced version better, it kind of stays with me subconciously while reading. I may use the correct pronounciation when discussing it, but in my mind I'm thinking of my pronounciation.


For instance, for those in the know, I do think "tame" regarless of what RJ said about that particular pronounciation.

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"If youse be makins fun of me pronunskiashun, I'll be demandins an apologiky." --Popeye the Sailor


Even with the glossary and several rereadings, I screw up pronouncing many terms. My first time through I thought Cairhien was "Kai-ruh-hayn" and read Nynaeve as "Nin-uh-vay." And it wasn't until my current (fifth) reading that I gave Tar Valon the proper syllabic emphasis. It isn't worth worrying about.

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