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Further recovery and good books

Visar Falmaien



Returned from my parents and am currently at girlfriend's place. What a lovely day outside with beautiful trees, birds, and cats playing!


I am somewhat bummed at not being able to practice with bow or sword for another week and two days. However, there are many things that can occupy my mind, body, and spirit that will hopefully keep me sane until then :D


I have a wonderful girlfriend who has been with me the whole time and has a talent for keeping my spirits high about the future. We are looking at leaving Florida and possibly moving to the Baltimore area to look for more opportunities there. University of Maryland which is close to the city (and also has a city campus extension), is among the higher list for grad schools in the U.S. that I'm considering. Anybody live around Baltimore that can tell me something?


I've also been reading some fantastic books the last few weeks. I will need to quickly return a couple library books, namely Inheritance of Rome and The Waning of the Renaissance. But my current read, while I did put a small dent in the massive Inheritance of Rome, is a fascinating but brief account about Genghis Khan. It's called Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World by Jack Weatherford. Fascinating read, and I believe that it provides a balanced perspective that shows Temudjin/Genghis as a human being and a leader with great ambitions. Yes, the Mongol armies decimated the populations of China, central asia, and much of the middle east and russia. But within the Mongol government structure, which took many things of advantage from various civilizations on a scale and speed that certainly rivals and surpasses the Romans (though perhaps does not last quite so long as the Romans as a political entity and influence in Western nations in the relative Asian and European administrations I'll have to look at that), they offered many progressive policies that changed the world.


So I've read about Temudjin's childhood and his rise in leadership in uniting the warring factions of the Mongols and neighboring tribes, and now I'm getting to the good stuff: his conquest of the ruling dynasties in what is now northern China.


I highly recommend this book for an exciting, informative, and enlightening read and look forward to looking through the other history books on my list.


Fantasy-wise, I may re-read either the Wheel of Time over a long stretch or the Song of Ice and Fire series in anticipation or further enjoyment when I'm able to see the HBO show that I've seen and heard so much about. Looks great and it starts this weekend whoohoo! I may not be able to read any fantasy for a while, however, so history may take priority for a while.


I look forward to a lot of rps, however. Hopefully I can get my Murandy rp which centers on my Tairen character going again. I'm participating in the Training Day rp with the Tower guard/warders and Aes Sedai. I'm also probably going to be in a few rps here and there when I can.


I wish I had a bit more time to expand on some of my characters in other fields than the Warder's yard, like my White Tower character who is sadly still a novice and perhaps my freelander character. I'm also considering possibly having a character in the Black Tower. I have an vision of a middle-aged artisan, perhaps a carpenter or fletcher, something less cliche' than a blacksmith :P Anybody have a good suggestion for a name and country of origin? I've never had an Altaran or Murandian character before...



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