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Some reread comments




  • Can Egwene ward her dreams? She never does even as Amyrlin. That certainly helps Anran'gar. Does it interfere with Dreaming and/or dreamwalking?
  • When Egwene first meets Amys in TSR, Ch 11, Amys follows her to Tachico. How did she do it? Could she "smell" her trail much like Perrin and the wolves can? Or is her ability similar to how Birgitte does it by following ripples left by people in TAR (FoH, Ch 14)? This is never made clear.
  • Melaine leaned forward on her hands, until it seemed the sweat dripping from her face must fall on the hot kettle. “You know your fate, Aviendha. You will be a Wise One of great strength and great authority, and more besides.
    -FoH, Ch 5
    What is this "more besides" that Melaine is talking about? This is from the conversation when the Wise Ones order Avi to sleep in Rand's tent. They don't know what will come of it yet. Do they know something about Avi's future, perhaps from their dreams?
    More of that later
    When Avi tells Rand about some Dreams the Wise Ones had about him Rand remarks

    “There is one other I can tell you, though it may not concern you.” Which meant there were some she would not tell, which made him wonder why the Wise Ones had discussed them with her, since she was not a dreamwalker. “All three had this dream, which makes it especially significant. Rain,” that word still came clumsily too, “coming from a bowl. There are snares and pitfalls around the bowl. If the right hands pick it up, they will find a treasure perhaps as great as the bowl. If the wrong hands, the world is doomed. The key to finding the bowl is to find the one who is no longer.”
    -LoC, Ch 19
    Rand is right. This is fairly early in Avi's apprenticeship. Why are the Wise Ones discussing important Dreams with her besides those concerning Rand? I suspect they had some Dreams that concern Avi herself.
  • Egwene peeks into Kadere's and Isendre's dreams (FoH, Ch 7) but does not suspect them of being darkfriends. That's really daft of her. She should have looked into Asmodean's dreams too. And what about the Wise One Dreamwalkers. They never looked into any of those dreams. That's daft of them as well.
  • FoH, Ch 10 Mistress Macura says that she discovered forkroot tea properties with respect to Aes Sedai by accident. This strikes me as implausible. She lives in Aamadicia where Aes Sedai are outlawed so I presume they don't visit that often. and even if she did feed forkroot tea to some Aes Sedai once that woman should now know of forkroot properties too. Yet, none of Aes Sedai were apparently aware of this. How can this be?
  • Egwene walks in on Moiraine eavesdropping on Rand with the power in FoH, Ch 15. That's how Moiraine must have found out about Asmodean=Natael. This was pointed to me on the forums. I can't believe I didn't realize that before.
  • in TFoH, Ch15 Egwene dreams of Perrin and a tinker with a sword (obviously Aram) but does not recognize Aram. Why is that? She certainly knows him.
  • How did Birgitte's arrow make it out of TAR? is this a way to make stuff in TAR and then push it out into the waking world as Moggy did to Birgitte and her arrow? or is the arrow somehow special, like Birgitte herself? Tied to the wheel, perhaps? and Why didn't the girls ever ask Moggy about any of this?
  • Why didn't Moggy ever ask some random maid to help her take off her "necklace"? None of them know what it is and it can be removed without channeling. That's not very clever of her...
  • When Halima frees Moggy at the end of LoC, Moggy's first thought when seeing Halima make a ball of light is that it's impossible for a woman to channel saidin. Why doesn't she think of TP? That would be a far more natural explanation in this situation. Looks like that concept was not created yet at that point.
  • Elayne makes a gateway to a point on a map when traveling from Salidar to Ebu Dar without ever being anywhere near the place. So does Rand when moving Mat and the Band to Salidar. This is really a very silly concept IMO.
  • Egwene's group's use of Traveling in LoC and ACoS is very strange.
    • First, the idea of the Traveling ground. This is supposed to make traveling safer so that gateways are not opened on top of people. But I would think the effect would be the opposite. A lot of gateways are opened constantly in a very confined space with lots of people passing through. The likelihood of one of the many gateways slicing through a person would seem to me to be quite high. How is this safer?
    • In aCoS, Ch 9 Egwene laments that there is no news from Merana on her mission to Caemlyn. and what news they get comes by pigeons that arrive to Salidar. Instead of Traveling back to Salidar every day to check on the pigeons she should send somebody to Caemlyn via gateway.
    • in aCoS ch 11 Romand and Lelaine argue about Romanda's suggestion to root out Balck Ajah and Romanda seems to suggest something close what Egwene does in the end. Romanda even says that she'll be the first to submit to the testing if Lelaine will be second. This looks like a foreshadowing. Egwene is not paying attention to their bickering but perhaps she should have. Romanda had the right idea.

    [*] Avi's thoughts on the way to meet seafolk

    Elayne’s view of honor was as peculiar at times as the notion of a woman being a chief, or her becoming chief just because her mother had been

    Boy, I agree with that. RJ (and BS after him) tried very hard to convince the readers that this is quite all right yet they often failed. I suspect that is why so many readers have such a strong visceral reaction to Elayne's thought in ToM that she should hang Perrin for rebellion in Two Rivers. Who does this chick think she is? Perrin saved the Two Rivers from Trollocs (it likely would have fallen without him). The people there chose him as their leader. What has she done to demand their loyalty apart from being her mommy's daughter? (Her mom has done nothing for the Two River's either btw).

    [*] Moridin ruminates in tPoD prologue over a game of tcheran and mentions that only 9 people living know the game. At the time he already mindtrapped both Moggy and Cyndane (that's mentioned in the scene) so there are 9 live Forsaken:

    Moridin, Demandred, Osan'gar, Aran'gar, Mesaana, Moggy, Cyndane, Graendal and Semirhage.


    What about Rand though? It's well known by now that he remembers all kinds of things from LT's life.


    Also, all the chronology websites I checked put Sammael's death after that scene which would make him alive as well. I don't know how they deduce it though. I see no obvious time markers to make that conclusion. Something is wrong here.

    BTW, this scene also proves that there are no other hidden 2nd agers lurking around anywhere. The Forsaken and Rand are it.

    [*] In the same tPoD prologue scene Moridin thinks:

    When masters played, the Fisher changed sides many times before the end.

    That looks like a major piece of foreshadowing to me. Rand will likely be turned again (and again). We see a beginning of this in ToM epilogue. It would also tie in with the Dark prophecy from THG


    Daughter of the Night,1 she walks again.

    The ancient war, she yet fights.

    Her new lover she seeks, who shall serve her and die, yet serve still.

    -TGH, Ch 7

    sounds ominous for Rand...

    [*] Alanna says in WH, CH 25:

    As for Andor, Elayne Trakand might say she will support you once she has the throne, but she has maneuvered your soldiers out of Caemlyn, and I’ll wear bells in the Blight if she lets them remain in Andor when she does succeed.


    This looks like a foreshadowing to me.

    [*] Elayne promised seafolk one square mile of Andoran soil. I wonder what they want it for. They should request one foot wide stretch of land along all the major rivers to monopolize the river trade.


    Min to Rand:


    Climbing onto the bed on her knees, she cupped his face in her hands, “You listen to me, Rand al’Thor. I won’t let you die. And if you manage it just to spite me, I’ll follow you and bring you back.

    -WH, Ch 25

    This looks like a foreshadowing to me. Min might play a bigger role in Rand's resurrection than is commonly believed.

    [*] Mat talking to Tuon in KoD, Ch 8


    "You played very poorly toward the end." Tuon murmured, frowning thoughtfully at the board, now divided evenly between the control of black stones and white. He could all but see her start trying to work out what they had been talking about when his poor play began. Talking with her was like walking a crumbling ledge across the face of a cliff. One misstep, and Mat Cauthon would be as dead as last year's mutton.



    This metaphor is exactly the same as the one in Egwene's dream in CoT Ch 20

    She was struggling up a narrow, rocky path along the face of a towering cliff. Clouds surrounded her, hiding the ground below and the crest above, yet she knew that both were very far away. She had to place her feet very carefully. The path was a cracked ledge barely wide enough for her to stand on with one shoulder pressed against the cliff, a ledge littered with stones as large as her fist that could turn under a misplaced step and send her hurtling over the edge. It almost seemed this was like the dreams of pushing millstones and pulling carts, yet she knew it was a true dream.


    Abruptly, the ledge dropped away from under her with the crack of crumbling stone, and she caught frantically at the cliff, fingers scrabbling to find a hold. Her fingertips slid into a tiny crevice, and her fall stopped with a jolt that wrenched her arms. Feet dangling into the clouds, she listened to the falling stone crash against the cliff until the sound faded to nothing without the stone ever hitting the ground. Dimly, she could see the broken ledge to her left. Ten feet away, it might as well have been a mile off for all the chance she had of reaching it. In the other direction, the mists hid whatever remained of the path, but she thought it had to be farther away still. There was no strength in her arms. She could not pull herself up, only hang there by her fingertips until she fell. The edge of the crevice seemed as sharp as a knife under her fingers.


    Suddenly a woman appeared, clambering down the sheer side of the cliff out of the clouds, making her way as deftly as if she were walking down stairs. There was a sword strapped to her back. Her face wavered, never settling clearly, but the sword seemed as solid as the stone. The woman reached Egwene’s level and held out one hand. “We can reach the top together,” she said in a familiar drawling accent.


    I used to think that the woman in that dream was Egeanin or possibly Tylee. But Terez has almost had me convinced that it's Tuon and the sword is Justice. That remark of Mat might be a subtle hint supporting that idea.

    [*] Semrhage mentioned that the domination band is a Breaking Era creation.


    "Also," the woman said, handing something forward, wrapped in cloth. "I am to give you this." She removed the cloth, revealing a dull-colored metallic collar, and two bracelets. The Domination Band. Crafted during the Breaking, strikingly similar to the a'dam Semirhage had spent so much time working with.

    -tGS, Ch 22


    So it was created after the Forsaken were trapped in the Bore. How does Semirhage know how to use it then? She did have it in her possession before she tried to capture Rand the first time but she sounds like she actually used a domination band before.


    "Yes,' Semirhage said, "you cannot speak without permission either. And I would suggest that you not reach for saidin again. You will find the experience unpleasant. When I tested the Domination Band before, I found it to be a far more elegant tool than those Seanchan a'dam. Their a'dam allow some small measure of freedom, relying on nausea as an inhibitor. The Domination Band demands far more obedience.

    -tGS, Ch 22

    When and on whom? did she kidnap an Asha'man?


    Also, what exactly is this domination band made of? This has been debated on the forum but the situation is confusing. If it's made of cuendillar then even balefire should not be able to destroy it. yet, Rand destroys the collar on him. and he is not using balefire then. he is using "spears of Fire and Air". ok, TP can destroy cuendillar so maybe that's it. but then why do the bracelets survive when he balefires Semirhage and Elza? This is quite confusing. Perhaps parts of the domination band that was used to capture Rand were made of cuendillar and other parts not.

    [*] In WH, Ch 53 Moggy compares the effect over Shadar Logoth to Stygian fire. That's a cultural reference based on Greek mythology. I wonder if it was conscious or not on RJ's part.



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