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January 2021 Prompts




Any member of Dragonmount is welcome to partake and does not need to be a member of the Club. Completed Prompts gain you points, and those points gain you shiny badges and possibly Club-Only Titles. Full information on the point system available HERE


Submitting of writing may be done in the comments or in our Discussion forum. For private-sharing please read our Welcome Post for access to the group Google Folder.



Astrological Sign. Whats your sign? Use that prompt from below. (Or pick one you like)


Aries: Does it pay to be stoic or are you limiting yourself?

Taurus: How do you handle lack?

Gemini: When you silence or suppose one part of yourself, how does it feel?

Cancer: What does it mean to feel safe?

Leo: Can there be power in Darkness?

Virgo: In the chaos there is omg, what does it sound like?

Libra: What can you learn about yourself when you feel imbalanced?

Scorpio: Do you stay guarded in the shadows because it is safer than letting in light? why?

Sagittarius: What happens when you stop wearing your mask?

Capricorn: Who are you when you are not in control? 

Aquarius: Can you operate deep underground? in the murky waters of fear and love?

Pisces: What does it look like when you step out of dreamworld?



There is a pandemic and the entire world has been told to shelter in place. A group of people choose to resist (I know this is a bit on the nose, but sometimes I feel like reality makes the best basis for fiction)



Use a phrase you have heard in a recent conversation 


Image Prompt

(Image Credit: Adiago/Unknown)


Weekly Word Prompts

January 1-9: Nuclear {thing}

January 10-16: Naïveté {State of being}

January 17-23: Namesake {idea} 

January 24-31: Narcissism {Characistic}


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