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Halloween is ending



  As I type this, Halloween is ending.  It is a cold, rainy/snowy evening for the kids to Trick or Treat in.  I am snug and warm in our apartment.   Early in the year, we sold our house.  It was a crazy 9 month selling process.  Halloween (our favorite time of year) was not celebrated.  We didn't do any of our traditions.  This year I made a list.  A list of what orchards to hit, where to get donuts..etc.  I think we managed to get through 60% of the list.  

  My wife and I work at the same place.  Lots of 10 hour days.  It has been a good Halloween season overall.  I just get bummed when it ends.  National Novel Writing Month is November.  I am attempting it for like the 9th time.  A straight up whodunnit murder mystery.  Should be interesting as always.  If anyone wants to try and write a novel (50,000 words) in a month, go to nanowrimo.org  for info.


  I have my own little fantasy story I am writing.  Not telling anyone much about it.  I am nervous about jinxing the whole thing.  My wife doesn't really know too much.  All I can say is it's a YA fantasy series.  Not grim or gritty.  It is probably the one thing I have worked on the longest.  

  All for now.




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