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September Prompt




Every Month the Writer's Club releases a series of prompts to use and enjoy at a writers leisure. Any member of Dragonmount is welcome to partake and does not need to be a member of the Club. Completed Prompts gain you points, and those points gain you shiny badges and possibly Club-Only Titles. Full information on the point system is still forthcoming but will be retro-actively rewarded back to this month.


Submitting of writing may be done in the comments or in our Discussion forum. For private-sharing please read our Welcome Post for access to the group Google Folder.



Tell the story of a location. Possibly one that is very close to your heart that you already know well, or a new one that inspires your curiosity. Pay particular attention to your own connection to the location, however small or large that connection may be.



Your character is granted one day in the land of the dead to retrieve their deceased beloved, only to discover that their one true love faked death to escape marriage.



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Weekly Word Prompts

September 1-7: Cauldron {Item}

September 8-14: Quarterstaff {weapon}

September 15-21: Peasant's Rags {Item}

September 22-28: Desert Animal Attributes {modification}

September 29-30: Piercings {modification}



Recommended Comments

Oh! How interesting and fun! ?


A few questions, since I’m new. How does the “weekly word prompt” work exactly..?


What are the deadlines? ie: can you submit for one of them after the week is done, ahead of that week?


Any cut off for the monthly topic?

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Great Questions, that have made me define an answer! ?



How does the “weekly word prompt” work exactly..?

Write something containing the word prompt, be it the object or theme (I use Reckless Deck to pull random cards, some are types of deities, etc). There are no rules on length or anything other than to submit within that week.



What are the deadlines? ie: can you submit for one of them after the week is done, ahead of that week?

Truthfully, I'm not against it? As a writer if you are inspired to toss them all into one document, then knock yourself out! However, I'll only accept 1 submission per for actual points. 



Any cut off for the monthly topic?

Yes and No. You can use and save the prompts for any given time in your life. But if you want points for them, they needed to be completed and submitted within that month.


Sound fair? Or any objections?

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Narg has been making songs up and trying to entertain little trollocs so lets see what he do....


Narg has a cauldron
Its a cookpot too
Sometimes a hot tub
Come join Narg, won't you?


He likes to cook food
He likes to have fun
don't sit in it too long
or you get overdone  *tough meat... narg not like*


So check out Nargs Cauldron
Its one of a kind
Just please don't pee in it
If you don't mind  (bad flavor for nargs food)


The End



Well, what are you waiting for, get in Nargberts "Cauldron"

Edited by Nargbert
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