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From: WT/BT - Aes Sedai Elimination Game




Welcome to a White and Black Tower game. It´s time for an elimination game, and to honour our guests our theme will be Best Aes Sedai. If you haven´t played this game before it´s basically about trying to kill everyone except for your favourite Aes Sedai.


You decide what "best" means to you. Maybe it´s the most interesting Aes Sedai, the coolest Aes Sedai or the strongest Aes Sedai. I have picked the characters that are most mentioned in the books. (I might have forgot one or two, who knows?) I´ve only picked characters that were Aes Sedai at the start of the books. (So no Nynaeve, Teodrin etc.)


This is how to play. When it´s your turn you can "heal" an Aes Sedai and "hurt" another one. Like this:


Heal Moiraine, hurt Siuan


Moiraine 6 +
Siuan 4 -





1. Every Aes Sedai starts with 5 HP (healing points).
2. You can only vote once every 5 attack posts (4 between your first and last) OR once every hour.
3. A character can get a maximum of 25 HP.
4. When there are only five characters left you can choose to only hurt and not heal. (Maybe we have to start with this earlier, if so I will let you know.)
5. If you spot any errors during the game, please correct them and include where you saw the error happen.
6. The game starts with 125 HP total and should stay that way until the last 5 characters.
7. Declare which Aes Sedai you are hurting and which you are healing.
8. When an Aes Sedai reaches 0 HP then she is dead and can be taken from the list.


If you are voting using a mobile where it´s difficult to copy and paste and change numbers, you may post your votes and not add the score. Others will help out with the list.

You can join the game or stop playing whenever you want! Everyone is welcome, escpecially our guest from the WT!


Let the best Aes Sedai win!


1 .Alanna 5
2. Alviarin 5
3. Annoura 5
4. Cadsuane 5
5. Elaida 5
6. Galina 5
7. Joline 5
8. Leane 5
9. Lelaine 5
10. Merana 5
11. Merillille 5
12. Moiraine 5
13. Myrelle 5
14. Pevara 5
15. Romanda 5
16. Saerin 5
17. Samitsu 5
18. Seaine 5
19. Sheriam 5
20. Silviana 5
21. Siuan 5
22. Teslyn 5
23. Vandene 5
24. Verin 5
25. Yukiri 5


Source: WT/BT - Aes Sedai Elimination Game


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