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From: Calendar of Events July to Dec 2017





Hey there guys!


So the rest of the Calendar has been hammered out for the rest of year and barring any complications or real life getting in the way this should be the events for the rest of year!


I just want to say if your taking part in an event and you are having problems with your thread and need someone else to post it for you or any questions about the event and you cannot get a hold of your coordinator then please PM me! I'm your back up on all events :happy:


I'll try and keep this updated when I have themes and new events to add to it for the following year. Any questions feel free to post in this thread or PM me.


Thanks guys

July 16 – July 22 Cuen Gameshow Week
July 23 – July 29 NO EVENT
July 30 – Aug 5 Blue Ajah HP Week (Tar Valon)
Aug 6 – Aug 12 NO EVENT
Aug 13 – Aug 19 Brown Ajah History Week
Aug 20 – Aug 26 NO EVENT
Aug 27 – Sep 2 Green Ajah Nature Week
Sep 3 – Sep 9 NO EVENT
Sep 10 – Sep 16 WT/BT Event (Tar Valon)
Sep 17 – Sep 23 NO EVENT
Sep 24 – Sep 30 Yellow Ajah Event
Oct 1 – Oct 7 NO EVENT
Oct 8 – Oct 14 White Ajah Fantasy Event (Tar Valon)
Oct 15 – Oct 21 NO EVENT
Oct 22 – Oct 31 Green Ajah Halloween/Samhain Week (in-Ajah)
Nov 1 – Nov 4 NO EVENT
Nov 5 – Nov 11 Green Ajah Event (Tar Valon)
Nov 12 – Nov 18 NO EVENT
Nov 19 – Nov 25 Gray Thanksgiving Event (Tar Valon)
Nov 26 – Dec 2 NO EVENT
Dec 3 – Dec 9 Aspie Event
Dec 10 – Dec 16 NO EVENT
Dec 17 – Dec 23 Red Chasaline
Dec 24 – Dec 30 NO EVENT
Dec 31 – Jan 6 Green Ajah and Warder Event



Source: Calendar of Events July to Dec 2017



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