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From: The Great Game of Thrones Rewatch of 2017






  • It's gonna be a loooooooooong day... will I get tired of hearing this theme song?

  • Craster is maaaaaaaaaad
  • And Mormont is particularly unhappy with Jon >.>
  • Mmmhmm, Mormont knows, and it's still not your business. What are you thinking he should do about it, Jon? Execute him under the laws of a kingdom he doesn't belong to?
  • Yeah, Jon... you'll see it again. *shudder*

  • Sam gives Gilly a thimble. This is sweet and weird, and it's also weird that his mother gave the thimble to him when he left for the wall.

  • HODOR!
  • I love the Summer's eye view here. It's even more fun when Summer jumps on his chest.
  • Maester Luwin doesn't believe in warging when it's happening right in front of him. :tongue:
  • I like imagining Maester Luwin trying out magic, though.
  • If they can't get magic to work, how do Maesters actually earn the Valyrian steel link? *ponders*

  • Margaery, that dress practically shows your belly button. I think it was designed to wear with something under it >.>
  • Hey, Loras.... you're getting trounced. Yielding is a good plan.
  • BRIENNE! :biggrin:
  • Loras is kinda grumpy about being whooped by a girl. And not a fan of her getting appointed to the Kingsguard, apparently.
  • Your... "wife". Mmhmm.
  • That crown is distracting me. The antlers sticking up are silly.
  • "My son is fighting a war, not playing at one." She's got a point, Loras.
  • I like how courteous Renly is with Catelyn here.

  • Renly really does inspire love and loyalty. *sigh*
  • "They are the knights of summer... and winter is coming." Catelyn STARK, at your service.
  • Renly apparently wasn't a fan of that comment though.... "Lady Catelyn is tired from her journey, get her out of my face"
  • "If it please you, Brienne is enough. I'm no lady." You can see Catelyn thinking "Dang, that's so Arya."

  • Theon... sigh.
  • You totally deserved that, Theon. And she's right - she did get to see what kind of a person you've become.
  • Balon announces his plan to attack the North, and Theon's all "wait, that wasn't what I wanted to happen!"
  • Yet he's offended that he doesn't have a larger part in the attack. Stupid, conflicted Theon.
  • "I'm to fight fishermen?!" "Be careful of their nets." :laugh:
  • Balon doesn't want allies, Theon. And he doesn't want to be given Casterly Rock.
  • And there's the heart of it.. "YOU GAVE ME AWAY."
  • "I have no other family." Well, you did call Robb your brother when you swore your sword to him. So I guess you're lying to someone. :dry:

  • Bored Shae is bored.
  • "Every man who's tasted my cooking has told me what a good whore I am." Apparently you can't be good at both?
  • Tyrion knows his family, and especially what his sister is capable of. You should probably let him protect you. :tongue:
  • "How is being a weakness a compliment?" "Language can be a bit tricky..." "I'm too stupid to understand... the stupid foreign girl!" Well, you don't seem to be getting his point, so... your words, not his. :dry:
  • Yeah, she annoys me.

  • Myrcella is so anxious for Joffrey and Sansa to be married...
  • Well, Sansa is learning to lie, at least.
  • Tommen is such a sweet kid, concerned about whether Joffrey is going to kill Robb. :wub:
  • Cersei rubbing it in that Sansa has no choice, no matter what happens. :mad:
  • Sad Sansa is sad.
  • Oh yay, Shae gets to do something else that she's completely unsuited for, instead of cooking or being a kitchen wench.
  • OK, if she was noble born, how does she not have a single clue about what a lady's handmaiden does? Has she never seen one? This is just silly.
  • Sansa here reminds me of when I was a secretary for the City in my early 20's, and they assigned me a high schooler for the Summer Youth Worker program as a volunteer for 2 weeks. I spent more time trying to find things for that kid to do and show them how to do it than actually working. :dry:
  • Apparently Sansa is terribly lonely, though... if she's willing to suffer the annoyance of training an obviously clueless lady's maid.

  • It amuses me greatly that Tyrion goes to Pycelle for a laxative to use against Cersei.
  • Aaaaand this scene in the books, where Tyrion tests who he can trust among Pycelle, Littlefinger and Varys... Brilliant. They do it well in the show also.
  • The plot he suggests to Varys, though, is different in the books (in which he plans to send Tommen to Dorne as a ward), and this one makes less sense. Varys even calls him out on the stupidity of the plan, trying to marry Myrcella off to Theon Greyjoy in order to turn his loyalty and destroy the Northern army from within. >.>
  • "Lysa is not fond of me." YA THINK.
  • Yeah, Baelish, that offer is too good to be true. So it's most likely not. Good job not ratting Tyrion out to Cersei, though - I guess the offer was tempting enough to make you keep silent.

  • Makeout session!
  • Loras has some srs bruises there. (From being beaten up by a girl.)
  • And yeah, he's grumpy about her appointment to the Kingsguard.
  • "Not tonight, Renly, I have a headache."
  • Renly, dude. At least let your beard hang out in your tent with you at night instead of spending all your time with her brother.
  • "Brides aren't usually virgins two weeks after their wedding night." "And Margaery's a virgin." "Officially." >.<
  • Here comes the bride! And hey, she's halfway undressed already.
  • He's trying to pretend he's attracted to her at least?
  • Progressive Margaery is progressive, suggesting a threesome...
  • "There's no need for us to play games. Save your lies for court, you're going to need a lot of them." Mmmhmm.
  • Dude, my brother is gay, and he has four children with his second wife. I think you can probably pull off one if you try hard enough.
  • Although apparently he didn't, because Margaery was still passed off as a virgin when she married Joffrey. :unsure:

  • The trap is sprung!
  • Tyrion's all you will not let me ship Myrcella off ... to whom? *snerk*
  • What interests me is whether if it hadn't been Pycelle who ratted him out, would Tyrion have actually gone through with sending Myrcella to the Vale, or trying to marry her off to Theon? I mean, Theon would be kind of out of the question momentarily because he's about to betray the Northern cause on his own... but what if?
  • Dorne was the best plan of the three anyway, diplomatically.
  • Cersei, I get that you don't like the idea of sending Myrcella away, but what were you thinking would happen to her? That she'd stay right beside you for the rest of her life? That you'd marry her off to Tommen for some more inbreeding?

  • *heavy sigh* Theon's moment of truth... The letter is written to warn Robb of his father's impending attack..... at least part of him wanted to send it?
  • Nice acting job by Alfie Allen here making his decision
  • Now you get to be baptized in salt water. :tongue:
  • Bless him with salt. Bless him with stone. Bless him with steel.
  • WHAT IS DEAD MY NEVER DIE... BUT RISES AGAIN HARDER AND STRONGER. (That sounds inspirational at least. But creepy when you think about the zombies north of the Wall, so yeahhhhhhhhh let's not)

  • Littlefinger is OFFENDED. *snerk*
  • That's ok, Petyr, you'll find a way to end up with Harrenhal eventually.
  • "How would you like to see your beloved Cat again?" Intrigued Petyr is intrigued.
  • LOL Bronn giving grudging respect to Pycelle being a "filthy old stoat"

  • Pycelle flailing under pressure. I think he's mafia.
  • "Cut off his manhood and feed it to the goats." "There are no goats, halfman." "Well make do!" *ROFL*
  • Pycelle has been loyal to House Lannister since the days of the Mad King... this is a nice little bit of history that I don't think the show points out the significance of. When Aerys was under siege in King's Landing during the Rebellion and Tywin Lannister had not yet declared his allegiance, Aerys was paranoid about him turning on the Targaryen cause and ordered Jaime to bring him his father's head. Pycelle was the one who ordered that they open the gates to Tywin's army, and the Lannisters sacked King's Landing while Jaime assassinated the King's Hand and the king himself.
  • Cutting off Pycelle's beard seemed crueller in the books... It doesn't seem nearly as luxurious in the show. I mean, how long could it possibly have taken him to grow that?
  • Again, Pycelle's loyalty to house Lannister is a point here with Jon Arryn's death. Pycelle was the one who stopped the other Maester from purging the poison from Jon Arryn's system, because he suspected that Cersei wanted Jon Arryn dead for some reason. He may have even known that Arryn was on to something that Cersei wanted hidden.
  • Tyrion's all sympathetic to the poor prostitute who had to suffer through sexytimes with Pycelle. :laugh:

  • "Well played, my Lord Hand." Respect.
  • Varys' riddle about the nature of power is classic. I also like that he gets you thinking about who really was responsible for Ned Stark's beheading - clearly Varys has been thinking about it.
  • "Power resides where men believe it resides. It's a trick, a shadow on the wall. And a very small man can cast a very large shadow." *mic drop*

  • Snoring Night's Watch recruits.... Arya polishing Needle in the middle of the room...
  • "You don't drink it for the flavor, to be honest." Pretty much the case with most alcoholic beverages, at least for the average person. :laugh:
  • Arya learning about how to deal with PTSD.
  • She remembers Sansa standing on the steps with the people who killed Ned, and probably how happy she looked before it all happened... I'm guessing she doesn't remember Sansa's reaction after the fact.
  • Yoren giving Arya the inspiration for her nightly "prayers"
  • Attack!!!!!
  • "Drop your weapons in the name of the king?" "Which king would that be?" *snerk*
  • "I've always hated crossbows. Take too long to load!" Damn, Yoren is a badass.
  • Well, he put up a good fight :unsure:
  • Jaqen! Fire! Halp!
  • "What do we have here? That's a fine little blade. Maybe I'll pick my teeth with it." She is sooooo going to make you regret stealing that sword, dude.
  • Ahhh, Lommy. These aren't the good guys, they have no obligation to help you. But I guess at very least they didn't leave you there to suffer.
  • Quick thinking by Arya telling them Lommy was Gendry, with the bull's head helmet lying there by him. *nodnod*


Source: The Great Game of Thrones Rewatch of 2017



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