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From: The Great Game of Thrones Rewatch of 2017






  • DINKlage, Peter Dinklage, Peter Dinklage, Peter Dinklage.... :laugh:
  • Oooh, Dragonstone in the opening credits map

  • The Hound is wearing his helmet! *thumbs up*
  • Whooooops, that's gonna leave a mark. I mean... it's no moon door, but that fall had to hurt.
  • "Well struck!" You smarmy jerk. SMACK HIM IN THE FACE, CLEGANE.
  • Sansa :wub:
  • Ser Dontos arrives, drunk... missed opportunity for random unappealing male nudity - in the books he arrived missing his pants. :tongue:
  • Yeah, you people need to learn that when Joffrey uses that tone of voice, he's not intending to do something nice for you.
  • I love Sandor backing up Sansa there. He's a pretty good guy underneath.
  • BELOVED NEPHEW. That's sarcasm, in case you missed it.
  • "What a fine job you've done." That is also sarcasm. Tyrion is just the best.
  • "Death is so boring." heh
  • Tyrion being very kind to Sansa.... There's still a piece of me that wishes for her to end up with him. Silly, I know.
  • "I am loyal to my beloved Joffrey." "Of course are." (not)

  • Summer is over! (And that white raven is pretty cool looking!)
  • Cersei's got that RBF down pat.
  • "Shut your gates to the peasants. They belong in the field, not our capital." >.>
  • I love Tyrion's entry here... he's just having so much fun tweaking Cersei's nose with his announcement that he's been appointed as interim Hand of the King.
  • "If I were capable of tricking our father, I would be emperor of the world by now." :laugh:
  • Cersei hates Tyrion sooooo much... but he's so good at this stuff. See: offering the hope of Jaime's release if Cersei convinces Joffrey to comply with Tyrion's advice. Pretty much the best thing he could have done to get cooperation from that quarter.
  • "You love your children - it's your one redeeming quality. That and your cheekbones." *snerk*
  • LOL that look on Tyrion's face when Cersei admits that they lost track of Arya.

  • Lordly business at Winterfell... Bran's kind of bored, but he is learning, and I think that's cool.
  • "We didn't want him here all day, did we?" :laugh:

  • A wolf's eye view of.... A RED COMET!
  • Hey, Bran was dreaming!
  • It annoys me a good bit that they chose to only have Bran be a warg in the show. George has clearly stated that all the Stark kids can warg, and we've seen it in Arya and Jon POV chapters, as well as having plenty of suggestion that Robb was able to warg into Grey Wind. Yes, yes, simplifying the plot for the show.... I just really liked how it played into Arya and Jon's storylines as well, in a less overt way than Bran's. :tongue:
  • Everyone's got a different explanation for the significance of the comet....
  • "The comet means one thing, boy. Dragons." Wellllllll....

  • SEGUE ALERT! Comet in the sky over..... Daenerys and BABY DROGON! :wub:
  • Doreah is clearly smitten.
  • DOH! Dany's horse :sad:
  • She has lost so much. *sigh*
  • "I promised them their enemies would die screaming. How do you make starvation scream?"
  • Yes, Dany. Everyone wants to kill us and take your dragons.
  • "You must be their strength." "As you are mine." Jorah's all "THERE'S HOPE!"
  • I'm sending out these other two guys... but you are my last hope, Rakharo. >.> (YEAH WE'RE SAYING GOODBYE TO YOU)
  • Look at that comet....

  • Aaaaaaand look at it in the sky over the snowy woods north of the Wall!
  • Sam appears to be having a little bit of fun, even. "Nothing's killed me yet!"
  • Dolorous Edd! :wub:
  • "Are those girls?" :blink: Nooooooooo.
  • Craster and his daughter-wives. Yeah, the ick.
  • Kit Harington just ALMOST has Sean Bean's accent down when he says the word "boys". :laugh:
  • Benjen Stark always treated you like scum... FOR A REASON.
  • "You're prettier than half my daughters." Yeah, Kit Harington's a lovely man. :laugh:
  • No one will talk to your daughters... EXCEPT SAM
  • Back story on Mance Rayder dropped...
  • You want information? Give me that axe. :tongue:
  • Craster ain't afraid of no White Walkers
  • Gilly!
  • Mmm, that was a convincing speech you memorized.
  • Jealous? I don't think that enters into how Mormont is feeling.
  • "WHO AM I?" Do you have amnesia? :laugh:
  • "Do you want to lead one day? Well, learn how to follow." Wise Mormont is wise.

  • Comet in the sky over....... Dragonstone!
  • Maester Cressen running down the beach with a torch
  • Davos!!! :wub:
  • Stannis, looking grim.
  • "Do you want to stop me? Stop me." Well...... he's gonna try.
  • Stannis grabbing Fake Lightbringer with an oven mitt...
  • Davos looks terribly uncomfortable.
  • Guess we're done now. Everyone's going home :unsure:
  • "Loyal service requires telling hard truths." Don't worry, Cressen. Davos will get there.
  • Those burning idols are pretty awesome. I'm not sure if it's 100% clear in the show that they were burning statues of the Seven, but it was quite a nicely done spectacle.

  • And our first real introduction to Stannis, being pedantic about the wording of his proclamation... :laugh:
  • Cressen poisoning the wine surreptitiously... Davos watching...
  • Davos so practical... Melisandre so confident in her zealotry... This is a nice look at Stannis' court.
  • And Maester Cressen on a suicide mission. I love the way they play this out - he's trying so hard not to show the poison's effect on him, she sees it and drinks the wine anyway, and he watches in horror as it does nothing at all to her. They nailed this.

  • Night time in the Stark encampment....
  • Robb showing Jaime why he's winning the war (for now)... "You don't trust the loyalty of the men following you into battle?" "Oh, I trust them with my life. Just not with yours."
  • Jaime trying to get under Robb's skin... aaaaand it's not working.
  • Grey Wind has gotten huuuuuuuge. :wolf:
  • "Three victories don't make you a conqueror." "It's better than three defeats." *mic drop*
  • Grey Wind all up in Jaime's grill. WELL THAT WAS FUN.

  • Ugh, Shae. Yeah, that's my first reaction.
  • You can smell that from the balcony? *snerk*
  • "Me? I'm not from here. I'm a slave to the truth."
  • Contrasted with...

  • LIttlefinger, swaggering along the hallways in the Red Keep, like "I know something you don't know."
  • Who are Cersei's "friends in the North"? :unsure:
  • "I've always had a hard time trusting eunuchs. Who knows what they want?" :tongue:
  • Blackmailing Cersei? Not a smart move, Petyr.
  • "Knowledge is power." .... you would think, wouldn't you?
  • Petyr's all "wellll, that was a bit of a close call. I'd best reconsider my approach to that one."
  • One of Varys' little birds watching that go down? (Does anything ever come of that, or is it just a reminder that Varys and Littlefinger have this rivalry?)

  • Ser Alton Lannister - not to be confused with Alton Brown
  • Robb's terms for peace.... not so much gonna happen.
  • "King Joffrey is a Baratheon, Your Grace..." "Oh, is he." *snerk*
  • Theon has a BRILLIANT IDEA. You'd think he even meant it when he was talking about how loyal he was to Robb, and how Ned raised him to be an honorable man. Poor, deluded, weak Theon.

  • Catelyn's not wrong here about not trusting the Greyjoys. Keep Theon close to you, you'll be better off. *sigh*
  • Poor Cat, she just wants to go home. *sadface*
  • Allying with Renly was not a bad idea. Alas....
  • "We will all be together again soon, I promise." SIGH.
  • There's a king on every corner now...

  • SEGUE ALERT! King Joffrey, asserting his authority.
  • Yeah, Cersei. You've got ZERO control over this kid now.
  • SLAP HIM IN THE FACE! Oh wait.
  • That slap was a bad idea. Bad.
  • Another change from the books that irritates me - it's clear from this scene that they wanted Joffrey to be the driving force behind the slaughter of Robert's bastards, when in the books it was clearly Cersei. The show runners didn't want Cersei to be quite so despicable (yet), and they wanted Joffrey to be THE BIG VILLAIN... sigh. At least they could have left it more ambiguous.

  • Good lord, that's a terrible job of faking it. You sound like a tropical bird.
  • Roz doing her best Littlefinger imitation... she's come a long way from being the one and only prostitute at the winter town outside of Winterfell. >.>
  • "She's a dumb slut, really." Takes one to know one? >.>
  • Yeahhhhh, this scene is just... so disturbing. The baby... :( :( (
  • After that, the slaughter of a bunch of random black haired kids is just "whatever man, another day at the office"
  • As I recall, it was hinted in the books that Varys behind the decision to send Gendry to the Night's Watch and get him out of King's Landing? I can't remember what his purpose was. Dang, guess it's time for a full book reread.

  • And a much more graceful segue to Gendry with his bull's head helm, climbing on the back of a cart on his way north with Arya and the Night's Watch recruits. Looks like a long, long walk.


Source: The Great Game of Thrones Rewatch of 2017



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