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From: The Great Game of Thrones Rewatch of 2017






  • "Baelor", the one in which Robb becomes a grownup, Arya becomes a street urchin, Dany loses her baby, Jon gains a kickass weapon, Sansa learns a hard lesson, and nobody at all should have been surprised that Sean Bean dies. Sean Bean always dies.

  • Heavy breathing......
  • Yo, a torch! Extreme eyeball closeup! Varys in disguise!
  • Ned sounds a little bitter. >.>
  • Varys gives a little background about his history as an actor... I do find his character fascinating.
  • "I WANT YOU TO SERVE THE REALM!" You tell 'im, Varys.
  • "You think my life is so precious to me that I would trade my honor for a few more years of... of what?" Ahhh Ned.
  • Varys brings up the one thing that would convince Ned to sacrifice his honor - the threat to his daughter's life. Well there's something to chew on while you're sitting in the dark.
  • Let's just imagine this happy ending, where Ned takes the black, and Robb marches his army home again and takes over as Lord of Winterfell, and Theon never sees the Iron Islands again, and Arya manages to make it as far north as her home with Yoren and his crew, and .... well, I don't know what would happen to Sansa. :unsure:

  • A raven! *sproing!*
  • There we go with Theon's famed archery skills again... shooting down every bird that flies from the tower windows at the Twins
  • Fun little intro to the untrustworthiness of the Freys.
  • "I've known Lord Walder since I was a girl. He'd never harm me." "Unless there was a profit in it." :unsure:
  • Hey, it's Filch! lol
  • All the Freys are just so... droopy faced? I think those weird skullcaps and green burlap outfits are equally unflattering to everyone.
  • Oh, stop being obtuse, Filch.
  • And ewww, smacking the butt of your 15 year old "wife". *vomits heartily*
  • Catelyn is very well suited to negotiating with him, though. I can't imagine Robb himself being able to handle his casual rudeness.
  • "I don't need reasons. I need to get rid of sons and daughters. See how they pile up?" :laugh:

  • Wooooo, Jon gets a present!
  • That wolf's head pommel is pretty cool.
  • The Mormonts have carried this priceless Valyrian steel sword for FIVE CENTURIES. And now it's Jon's. That's... kind of overwhelming.
  • Now, I just gave you my family's most valued treasure. Stop being a twit and letting Alliser Thorne push your buttons, will ya?
  • I'm not sure if they saw the disembodied wight hand move on its own or what... it doesn't really make a lot of sense to me why they would have expected it to impress anyone in King's Landing otherwise. :unsure:
  • EVERYONE knew Jon was getting the sword before he did, apparently. :laugh:
  • Rast is not impressed.
  • Sam's keeping secrets.... but he's soooooo bad at it.
  • Robb's going to war, I NEED TO DESERT AND JOIN HIM!

  • Well, Catelyn made it out alive, and apparently unmolested. Knowing Walder Frey it was probably a close call.
  • Notice Catelyn starts delivering Walder's terms with the least objectionable... She didn't even ask if he wanted to hear the good news or the bad news first.
  • Arya will MOST CERTAINLY not be happy about that marriage pact. Side note - I like how it played out in the books, that her intended future husband was at Harrenhal at the same time as she was, and she even heard the kid crying about how the pact was broken and he wasn't going to get to marry his princess, having no idea that his princess was her. :biggrin:
  • Theon over there snickering at Robb having to marry one of Lord Walder's daughters. :tongue:
  • "Did you get a look at his daughters?" "I did." "And?" "One was...... " *snerk*
  • Wheeeelp.... Robb's engaged. :unsure:

  • I was already subscribed to the R+L=J theory when this first aired. Now that it's confirmed, it's kind of fun to watch this interaction knowing that Maester Aemon is Jon's great-great-something-uncle.
  • Is it the smartest thing to have the blind guy chopping raw meat with a cleaver?
  • "Love is the death of duty." Well, that explains why teenagers learn so very little in high school. :mellow:
  • "If the day should ever come when your lord father was forced to choose between honor on the one hand and those he loves on the other, what would he do?" Well, Jon, he would sacrifice his honor in front of his new wife and the entire kingdom, and tell the world that you're his bastard son in order to save your life and honor his sister's last request. That's pretty much what he would do. He would do whatever was right, no matter what.
  • Lord Stark is a man in ten thousand indeed.
  • "We all do our duty when there's no cost to it. Honor comes easy then." Preach it, Aemon.
  • No one knows how much my life sucks! :rolleyes:
  • Yes yes yes... Aemon's back story... I love the history of this world.
  • "I will not tell you to stay or go. You must make that choice yourself, and live with it for the rest of your days... as I have." *shivers*

  • *falls off his horse* Well that's not good.
  • These guys really can't stand taking orders from a woman. :dry:
  • Have I mentioned how much I enjoy the created language here? If I had a lot of time on my hands and nothing better to do with it (riiiiight), I'd totally want to learn Dothraki just for grins.

  • Red tents! Red banners! Red armor! Must be the Lannisters.
  • Tywin's already learning a little bit of respect for Robb... "The boy may lack experience and sense, but he does have a certain... mindless... provincial courage."
  • Shagga likes axes! (There's a great band name waiting to happen.)
  • Tywin doesn't want to hear about your difficulties "commanding" your "soldiers"... Dude, I'd like to see you try to "discipline" these "soldiers". Shagga would totally cut off your manhood and feed it to the goats.
  • "Surely there are ways to have me killed that would be less detrimental to the war effort." Just tell it how it is, Tyrion. Mmmmmhmmmm.
  • Oh hey, it's Shae. And that dress looks like it's missing some fabric :unsure:
  • Bronn cracks me up with his sheer insouciance. "Ser... what's his name."
  • And I love the look on Bronn's face as he processes the news that they will be in the vanguard for the next day's battle. You can just see him thinking "Dang. I gave the dwarf the only good-looking camp follower I could find. Regrets."
  • Sibel Kekilli's a lovely lady, but her accent and her attitude are just are so different from book Shae. They totally changed the character and her motivations, and it changed her storyline with Tyrion in some significant ways. It is what it is, to be sure, and I can't say that it would have been better to follow the book portrayal more... but her accent in this scene specifically just feels so weird. It throws off the rhythm of the dialog in some strange way.
  • "What sort of accent is that?" "Foreign." :dry:
  • "Do you accept my proposal?" *strips off her dress and climbs onto his lap* .... Is that a yes? :unsure:

  • Dude, Drogo, you do not look well.
  • "No one understands how strong he is." Aaaaaaand this strength is probably the only reason he's not already dead.
  • Jorah trying to get Dany to run off with him... and she's not having any of it, regardless of the harsh realities of the Dothraki process of leadership succession.
  • Qotho is not a fan of Mirri Maz Duur... or Daenerys, apparently.
  • "The dragons are all dead, Khaleesi." ....... FOR NOW.
  • Yeahhh, you should have just let her ease his passing. But no. You just HAD to ask her to do magic. She even tried to tell you it was gonna be ugly.
  • "Only death pays for life." "My death?" "No, not your death, Khaleesi." .... *eyes shift to her pregnant belly* :mellow:
  • Horse don't wanna go in the tent!
  • Well, now that tent is ruined. :tongue:
  • And now it's just getting creepy. Get out while you can, and don't come back in. Really, don't do it.
  • "No one will enter." NOPE!
  • Splattered with blood, hearing the weird singing, everyone just staring at her in horror... "What have you done" indeed.
  • Well THAT noise does not bode well. :blink:
  • Throwing the pregnant lady down on her belly is a jerk move. :tongue:
  • And now you've paid the ultimate price for it, Qotho!
  • Weird timing. She hasn't been having contractions for long enough for you to know that the midwives won't come, unless they were standing RIGHT THERE and ran off when she started having pains.
  • Hey did you not hear the bit about "DON'T GO INTO THE TENT"?

  • "Are you in agony, my lion?" Again with the weirdness.
  • Although I do enjoy the Tyrion/Bronn/Shae drinking game... mostly because of Tyrion and Bronn
  • This sounds like a boring game. *snerk*
  • I do like the little character tidbits we learn here, though.
  • Bronn's had an iiiiiiiiinnnnnnteresting life.
  • "It's fun! Look at the fun we're having!"
  • What do we learn about Shae here? She is foreign, of noble birth, apparently has a decent relationship with both of her parents, and has no remotely logical reason to be serving as a camp follower in the Riverlands of Westeros when we meet her. The thing that annoys me is that it serves no narrative purpose to give her such a mysterious backstory, it seems the only reason they did it is because Sibel Kekilli's accent was too distinctive not to have her be from somewhere exotic. *sigh*
  • And now we get the story of Tyrion and Tysha... which really doesn't make as much of an impact in the show, and the actual story doesn't ever get told, and that also disappoints me. There are layers to Tyrion and Jaime's relationship that have been peeled off and thrown in the garbage disposal for the sake of simplified storylines. *sigh*
  • Three chickens? Hungry girl.
  • "I would have killed the man who did that to me." We'll get there. Patience, Bronn,
  • "You should have known she was a whore. A girl who is almost raped doesn't invite another man into her bed two hours later." And again, *sigh*.
  • "You're still young and stupid." But apparently she likes you that way?

  • Lannister riders in a hurry! A bed with nobody on top of it! Naked cuddling on the floor!
  • "You're sleeping through the war." That's just the way I prefer it.
  • Tyrion looks rather dashing in that armor.
  • "Stay low." ROFL.
  • Tyrion is pretty good at battlefield speeches, for all the lack of practice he has.
  • Clever way to avoid the cost of filming battle scenes, though. Season 1 economic woes...
  • "Did we win?" "We wouldn't be having this conversation if we didn't." Yeah, well, Bronn probably would have switched sides post haste. He is a sellsword, after all.
  • "The scouts were wrong. There were two thousand Stark bannermen, not twenty." "Did we get the boy at least?" "He wasn't here." "Where was he?" "With his other eighteen thousand men." Tywin's gotta stop underestimating Robb eventually.
  • Where are they? ...... SEGUE ALERT!

  • Another clever workaround to save the necessity of a battle scene, except that this one was in the books. I adore the scene in the book, from Catelyn's perspective on the ridge above the Whispering Woods, waiting anxiously to see if Robb would survive his first battle. The waiting scene was short - couldn't really build the anticipation for too long - but Michelle Fairley did a good job of portraying Cat's complete relief at seeing Robb ride out of the woods at the head of his soldiers.
  • Oh yeah, and Jaime gets dumped unceremoniously at her feet. *snerk*
  • He's so good at the snark.
  • Well, Jaime, you tried to bait the honorable young man into dueling you to end the war.... but he's not a complete moron.
  • It has to be hard for a young man - what, 17 years old in the show? Not quite 15 in the books - to take the responsibility for ordering men to their deaths. It was a smart tactical move, but not easy on the conscience.
  • "This war is far from over." Indeed, Robb. Indeed.

  • Pigeons are easier to catch than cats!
  • What, you don't want to barter your pastries for a dead pigeon? What kind of a businessman are you?
  • Hey, those bells ringing might be important... you might want to follow the crowd, Arya. Although the pastry guy looks like he just wandered off and left some tarts unattended >.>
  • Sucks to be short in a crowd!!
  • Ahhhh, Ned.... *sniffles*
  • Yup, that's your daughter there on the base of that statue. I love how he's able to get the word to Yoren.
  • Sansa looks soooooo pleased with herself for helping to arrange this TOTALLY NOT AN EXECUTION GUYS.
  • Littlefinger looks inscrutable. If I had to guess, he's the one who convinced Joffrey that it would be a REALLY GREAT MOVE to demonstrate that he's totally tough on crime instead of sticking with the script.
  • OK, Ned, read your lines.... the lies are totally sticking in his throat. You can see the distaste on his face as he makes his speech.
  • Oh, the music. *tears*
  • Sansa's all "why are they being mean to my father and yelling?"
  • Pycelle playing his part as scheduled... good toady.
  • Joffrey and his soft, affectionate look at Sansa as he talks about her asking for mercy for her father.... *gags*
  • ... "But they have the soft hearts of women." Hey wait. That wasn't in the script. Dude, you're flubbing your lines.
  • What's he doing what's he doing wait stop it Joffrey HEY JOFFREY THAT WASN'T WHAT YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO DO
  • Cersei is panicking!
  • Oh, poor Sansa.... every single romantic dream destroyed right there.
  • Arya running for the steps like she's gonna stick someone with the pointy end...
  • Yeah, Ned... Yoren did his job. At least Arya can't see this happen.
  • The back of his neck is so naked... Oh god here it comes... Ice...
  • Everything stops but the sound of his heartbeat and his last breath...
  • Yeahhhhhhhhhhh. i cried again. Every damn time.

There were two scenes that I knew would choke me up so hard if this adaptation was done well. First one nailed.


Source: The Great Game of Thrones Rewatch of 2017



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