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From: The Great Game of Thrones Rewatch of 2017






  • "The Pointy End", in which everyone loyal to the Starks in Kings Landing is slaughtered, Arya racks up her first kill, Robb goes to war, Tyrion makes some new friends, and Drogo gets a little cut that ruins his day.
  • Oh yeah, and George R.R. Martin wrote this episode. Chyeahhhhhh.

  • SYRIO! :wub:
  • Hey man, the dude was just trying to pack... SPEARS IN THE GUTS!

  • Sansa clearly hasn't the first clue that Arya's "dancing lessons" aren't actually dancing. :laugh:
  • Septa Mordane probably saving Sansa's life there... I don't know if the guards would have stopped to take her captive or left her unharmed regardless of whatever orders they may have. Especially if she tried to escape.
  • Septa walking calmly forward into the tips of the bloody spears... Gonna call that fortitude.

  • Love this little teaching moment with Syrio about not relying on what someone says to see the truth... which comes in handy momentarily when Meryn Trant and the Lannister guards burst in. She just ALMOST went with them.
  • "I am Syrio Forel. And you will be speaking to me with more respect." Awwwwww yeahhhhhhh. :cool:
  • Arya just can't bring herself to leave him there... :sad:
  • Syrio standing there with a wooden sword chopped to a nub, facing an armored Kingsguard... all calm and Zen. "What do we say to the god of Death?"
  • Run Arya run!

  • Sandor coming for Sansa... she's just so freaked out by him. And so naive... "I'll tell the queen!" "Who do you think sent me?"

  • Smart Arya is smart. Go find Needle, it's the one thing you can't afford to leave behind.
  • Yeahhh, ya don't grab a girl with a pointy object. *STAB*urghhhhhhhh

  • Varys turns up in the black cells... I find him so fascinating here, the way he tries to help Ned without sticking his neck out too far.
  • "The madness of mercy." *nod* Won't make that mistake again, eh?
  • Varys telling hard truths, here.
  • "Your wife has let the imp slip through her fingers." I don't know why, but seriously. This just sounds ... :blink:
  • "If that's true, just slit my throat and be done with it." "Not today, my lord." (What do we say to the god of Death? Hmm?)
  • "Tell me something, Varys. Who do you truly serve?" "The realm, my Lord. Someone must." *mic drop*

  • Dead guys being dragged through the wall...
  • I love how Sam catches the fact that they look like they've been dead for a good while, but there's no odor of rot.
  • HEY THERE'S SOMETHING NOT RIGHT WITH THESE GUYS. WE SHOULD BURN THE BODIES. Nahhhhhh, leave 'em lying around a bit longer, what could possibly go wrong?
  • When your boss tells you to sit down at his desk and pour yourself a drink, you know it's not good news.
  • "I hope you're not thinking of doing anything stupid." Uh... yeah. That's exactly what he's thinking.
  • Jon makes mention of his sisters.... HEY LOOK, IT'S A SEGUE.

  • Sansa being ganged up on :unsure:
  • "Your father has proved to be an awful traitor, dear." Yes, he was terrible at it.
  • Pycelle telling bald faced lies.
  • "You're the daughter of a traitor. How can I allow you to marry my son?" WHELP, GUESS THE MARRIAGE IS OFF, I'LL BE ON MY WAY BACK TO WINTERFELL, DON'T MIND ME...
  • It cracks me up that Sansa says "I'll be a good wife to him, I'll be a queen just like you!" Oh really? You'll cheat on him with your brother and arrange for him to be murdered? Sounds great!
  • "I won't hatch anything!" Are you a duck?
  • Littlefinger being good cop to Pycelle's bad cop...
  • At heart, Sansa just doesn't believe the lies they're telling her, but she wants to be a good girl (and she especially doesn't want to have Joffrey taken away from her - they really know what buttons to push to manipulate her here)... here's where I start feeling less irritated with her and more sympathetic about the horrible position she's been put in.

  • Maester Luwin giving good advice. And you can see that look of "yeah, that was pretty smart" when Robb instructs him to call the banners.
  • "You afraid? Good. It means you're not stupid." This might be the smartest thing Theon has ever said.
  • There go the ravens!

  • And Catelyn has had ENOUGH of her sister.
  • "Does family mean nothing to you?" "Family means everything to me." Echoes of Viserys and Jorah.
  • Robin Arryn throwing a tantrum about wanting to be breastfed... GEEZ WOMAN. :rolleyes:
  • Lysa's a pretty good actor, making it look like she really believes the Lannisters had anything to do with her husband's death. Grudging respect.
  • Sisterly love ain't no thing, Cat. You're not getting any help at all from her.

  • Tyrion and Bronn's Buddy Road Comedy! I love these two together... :laugh:
  • I also love the fact that Tyrion had a plan all along to draw the attention of the hill tribes and win them over, instead of trying to sneak their way through unnoticed (which wasn't bloody likely).
  • Shagga, son of Dolf, is awesome. #itisknown

  • Sam, plucking a chicken... Jon, slicing some ribs... Alliser Thorne, just dropping by to stir some $#!%, like you do.
  • Oh yeah, he responded to my taunts, I'm gonna get him hanged! Like THAT's fair.
  • "I told you not to do anything stupid." :laugh:
  • Agitated Ghost is agitated.
  • Oh hey, there's a zombie in the Lord Commander's chambers. THAT's not right.
  • *stab stab stab* Umm, he's already dead, Jon. That didn't hurt.
  • *shanks with a sword* Whew. He's dead for sure now!
  • It's OK, Lord Commander! I killed him! .... uhhhhh wait a sec.

  • Speaking of fire... SEGUE!
  • The Dothraki are just dismantling this poor village. Do you really want to take these guys to your homeland?
  • Yeahhhh... slavery and sexual violence... we've got it all happening right here and now.
  • "I do not have a gentle heart, Ser." Fierce Dany is fierce.
  • Also, she finally looks a little pregnant. :unsure:
  • Dany trying to change the way the Dothraki do war... revolutionary :wink:
  • This fight choreography with Drogo and Mago is just so. dang. badass.
  • Hey look! I got your tongue!
  • It's just a flesh wound!
  • Since it's a matter of some discussion in the fandom, I'll go on record with my position - I think Mirri Maz Duur was probably honestly performing good medicine on Drogo's wound, and his refusal to comply with her directions was what caused it to fester. I don't think she was actively trying to kill him at this point.

  • Ohai, it's the Greatjon, trying to take over the army...
  • Robb is soooooooo awesome here.
  • "My lord father taught me it was death to bare steel against your liege lord. Doubtless the Greatjon only meant to cut my meat for me."
  • Greatjon starts laughing his butt off about having two fingers chewed off... and Bran's just sitting there looking around like "you've all lost your damn minds."

  • Robb coming to say goodbye to Bran.... i can't, i can't... it's so sad :sad:
  • Bran, you're in charge until Robb returns. Which is never.
  • Rickon's right... nobody ever comes home again
  • Bran praying in the godswood... and Osha comes jingling up.
  • HODOR!
  • NAKED HODOR! :ohmy:
  • The gods are saying ROBB YOU MORON, DON'T GO SOUTH, YOU'RE ALL GONNA DIE. You should listen to the gods.
  • All these swords should be going north... the cold winds are rising...

  • SEGUE ALERT... burning the wights at the Wall
  • "How did you know that, Sam?" "I read it in a book." That's not the last time we'll hear that! :laugh:

  • I'm pretty sure the "summer snows" at Robb's camp at Moat Cailin only happened because of actual weather while they were filming.
  • Cat and Ser Rodrik arrive to the war council... and Robb sounds so young and nervous when he says "Mother!"
  • "Have no fear, my Lady, we'll shove our swords up Tywin Lannister's bunghole, then it's off to the Red Keep to free Ned!" Ahhh, Greatjon... you're such an optimist. :wub:
  • I love this scene in the books from Catelyn's point of view... Michelle Fairley does a good job portraying Catelyn's inner struggle with seeing Robb as her baby boy but trying not to undermine his authority as the leader of the army and future Lord of Winterfell.
  • Our only hope is to win the war. You lose, we all die. Don't suck, Robb!

  • Tyrion and Bronn, approaching the Lannister camp along with the Knights who say Ni, apparently.
  • Shagga has a thing for cutting off manhoods and feeding them to goats.
  • Tyrion going to meet his father like he's marching to his execution.
  • "The rumors of your demise were unfounded." "Sorry to disappoint you." :unsure:
  • "And here we have Bronn, son of..." "You wouldn't know him." *snerk*
  • I love the little detail of how every time Tyrion reaches for the pitcher of wine, Tywin picks it up and moves it out of reach.
  • Tywin griping about Tyrion getting himself captured like he could possibly have done anything to prevent it. >.>
  • "We have our differences, Jaime and I. He's braver, I'm better looking." :laugh:
  • Tyrion getting the low down on the state of the realm...
  • Tywin underestimates Robb entirely. Tyrion knows him a bit better. "The boy does have a certain... belligerence. You'd like him."
  • Shagga demands Tyrion ride into battle with the mountain clans... this actually suits Tywin pretty well, seeing as how he considers all of them including his younger son as wholly disposable.

  • Robb's war council discussing how to get across the river...
  • I just LOVE how Robb handles him... oh, he overestimated how many men we have? Let's send him back to the Lannisters to lie about our numbers!
  • "Tell Lord Tywin winter is coming for him..." *shivers*
  • And it's just fun how Robb doesn't back down to the Greatjon. Robb was a good commander... just made dumb decisons off the field.

  • Sansa fighting her own little war here.... coming before Joffrey to beg for mercy for Ned.
  • Nice little detail that as she is approaching the throne you hear the proclamation being made to grant the lordship of Harrenhal to Janos Slynt in return for his service (his service being betraying Ned Stark).
  • Smarmy Joffrey smirking on the throne... SMACK HIM IN THE FACE.
  • Ser Barristan gets fired. :dry:
  • "I am a knight! I shall die a knight!" "A naked knight, apparently..." >.> I feel bad laughing at this.
  • "Even now I could cut through the five of you like carving a cake!" And he could. Bad move dismissing Barry the Bold, man.
  • Sansa looks so young and innocent here. *sigh*
  • "He said I wasn't the king. Why did he say that?" Well, you see, Joffrey, your uncle Jaime is actually a little bit more closely related to you than you thought........
  • "Treason.... is.... treason!" Oh, shut up, Pycelle.
  • "Your sweet words have moved me." :rolleyes:
  • He has to confess... Yeah..... he will. For all the good it will do him. :sad:


And that's more than enough for tonight! Tomorrow, Jon gets a cool sword, Robb gets a crown, Ned loses his head, and Dany loses pretty much everything that she loves... but gets some dragons, so that's all right.


Source: The Great Game of Thrones Rewatch of 2017



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