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From: The Great Game of Thrones Rewatch of 2017






  • "The Wolf and the Lion"... also known as the one where Ned should have just left town when the gettin' was good. Aaaaand go.
  • It's fun to watch the animations on the map during the opening credits, especially to see when they add new locations. Heyyy, look, the Eyrie!

  • Ned checking out the post-mortem on Ser Hugh... the Silent Sisters outfits are still just weird to me. Like, what is the point of those boards strapped to their backs?
  • Ser Barristan is a good guy. *nodnod*
  • Suspicious Ned is suspicious. "Who determines the matchups for the tournament?" *coughcoughLITTLEFINGERcoughcough*
  • Again with how the show makes Ned out to be a great warrior... it's really not that big of a part of his character in the book, you know? Obviously he did some fighting, but he's not some kind of legend where Ser Barristan would have been worried about meeting him in the field during the Rebellion.
  • Suspicious Ned continues to be suspicious. "Where did that kid get the money for a new suit of armor anyway?" *coughcoughLITTLEFINGERcoughcough*
  • Robert wants to joust, eh? "If the king got what he wanted all the time, we'd still be fighting a rebellion." *snerk* (Again, the book version makes more sense - instead of just a jousting tournament, there was also an archery tournament and a melee, and King Robert wanted to join the melee... which would be MUCH more like his personality, and MUCH more likely to allow him to be murdered by "accident")
  • Oh, lord, this one. :laugh: Robert just harassing Lancel over and over.... it's amazing!
  • "You're too fat for your armor." "Fat, is it? Is that how you speak to your king?" ..... ..... ..... *busts out laughing* GODS, I LOVE NED AND ROBERT TOGETHER.
  • The breastplate stretcher? How long before he figures it out? :laugh:
  • Robert griping about how Jon Arryn pushed him to marry Cersei... he really does hate his life.

  • Ser Loras and the red rose... Sansa swoons. Did she ever figure out that Loras wasn't into women? :unsure:
  • Littlefinger being used as the Agent of Exposition again, to point out that Loras and Renly are "special friends"... and then to explain the whole "Loras riding a mare in heat" trick. It gets tiresome having it all talked through by the same person. :tongue:
  • Now that's a nasty temper. My stallion failed me, OFF WITH HIS HEAD.
  • Sandor: "OH NO YOU DON'T"
  • Sansa disapproves of this violence.
  • Joffrey, however, is digging it. Someone go slap him. :dry:
  • Love the choreography when Robert yells "STOP THIS MADNESS IN THE NAME OF YOUR KING", and Sandor goes down to one knee while Gregor's sword swings riiiiiight over his head.
  • Let the grumpy giant leave, please, yes.
  • "I'm no Ser." Sandor Clegane does not want to be mistaken for a knight by anyone for any reason.

  • Marillion providing the soundtrack for this sojourn through the Vale of Arryn...
  • I love the fact that Catelyn points out she said she was taking Tyrion to Winterfell "often, and very loudly." Begrudging respect from the smart dwarf.
  • Tyrion tries to subtly bribe one of the guards with his father's handsome reward... Yeah, I saw that look, Bronn.
  • "When was the last time you saw your sister?" She's changed indeed... Yeah, Cat, your sister's a whack job.
  • Tyrion uses that shield very effectively. *thumbs up*
  • Ser Rodrik of the Prodigious Muttonchops does not look well.
  • "I'm willing if she is." I SNERKED SO HARD.

  • Bran reciting his geography and civics lessons...
  • The Greyjoys... Theon: "Famed for their skills at archery, navigation and lovemaking." Maester Luwin, deadpan as hell: "And failed rebellions." *rofl*
  • Bran's defacing the table pretty badly with that little trout pin. I guess they call this "acting out." :tongue:
  • How can she protect the family if she's not with her family? Umm... I get that you miss your mom, Bran, but not everything that protects someone has to be done in the same room with them. >.>
  • "I still can't tell you why she left, but she'll be home soon." Ehhhhhhhh, not so much.
  • I like the fact that Maester Luwin uses the Dothraki as an example of Bran being able to learn to shoot a bow from horseback.

  • Aaaaaaaaaaand it's HBO. Nudity! Grunting! Slapping noises! (Seriously, are Dany and Drogo the ONLY couple we've seen not doing it doggy style?)
  • WHOA THAT'S SOMETHING NEW. Little Theon wanted to say hello >.>
  • Oh, Theon and his complex jealousy... both insufferably arrogant and obviously having an inferiority complex. I dislike Theon, and I almost feel sorry for him for a while, and then I REALLY dislike him AND feel sorry for him.
  • Naked Exposition By Roz, giving us more Greyjoy history.

  • KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! =^.^=
  • Kitty does NOT want to be caught. >.>
  • Varys closing the window screens in Ned's office, like that's gonna stop anyone's spies from finding out anything. :tongue:
  • "You are the king's hand, and the king is a fool. Your friend, I know, but a fool, and doomed unless you save him."
  • I do appreciate Varys. I mean, he's not necessarily a good guy, but I believe that in the show at least, he is trying to work for the stability of the realm. Robert is not particularly good for stability :tongue:
  • Varys dropping info about Jon Arryn's death - yeah, Ser Hugh probably did poison him. And Ser Hugh's death was obviously suspicious.
  • Do you think Varys even knows that Jon Arryn wasn't killed because "he started asking questions"? I mean.. really, he was killed because Bat$#it Crazy Lysa didn't want her baby boy to be sent away to be fostered, and Littlefinger wanted chaos.

  • KITTY!!!!!
  • Oooooh, dragon skulls. BIIIIG dragon skulls
  • This scene is so much more mysterious in the books, when you don't know why Varys and Illyrio are because Arya doesn't know, and it's much less clear who they're talking about :tongue:
  • Illyrio suggests having Ned killed... That's gonna freak Arya out.

  • And Varys is in 3 scenes in a row. He does get around.
  • Littlefinger assumes Varys is a pedophile, lovely. I like how Varys corrects him that his little birds are business, not pleasure.
  • I love every scene these two have together. They're just all about the game, trying to one-up each other with secrets and sly hints. And Varys is understatedly hilarious.
  • "Tell me, does someone somewhere keep your balls in a little box?" "Do you know, I have no idea where they are. And we had been so close." :laugh:
  • Gettin' tense up in here... blackmail material...........
  • Aaaand it's Renly. "What are you two conspiring about?" Ha.

  • Arya got super filthy, and she's wearing very plain clothing, but she really doesn't look like a boy. :unsure:
  • Sassy Arya is sassy!! You tell those guards, girly!
  • Ned's always got half his guard out searching for Arya, lol
  • I wish Ned could have made use of this information. *sigh*
  • Oh hey, Yoren!
  • She still doesn't look like a boy. :dry:
  • Really, do you think the captain of Ned's guard and his daughter are a security risk, that you can't tell Ned that Catelyn captured Tyrion in front of them?
  • "She's taken the imp." Oh dear.... that sounds... questionable.

  • Ser Vardis Egan, being obstructionist for apparently no reason. I mean, if you believe that's Catelyn Stark and you're going to let her come up to the Eyrie to see her sister that easily, does it matter why Tyrion isn't tied up? :tongue:
  • "The Eyrie. They say it's impregnable." "Give me ten good men and some climbing spikes, I'll impregnate the b!%@#." :laugh: The Tyrion and Bronn Buddy Road Comedy begins.

  • Ned wants to see King Robert to warn him about Catelyn and Tyrion... and finds out Robert actually went to the small council meeting WHAAAAAAT
  • Umm, Robert... Daenerys is married to the guy who got her pregnant, and is currently not being paid for sexual favors. Incorrect usage of the pejorative terminology.
  • In the grand scheme of things, Daenerys being pregnant really shouldn't be any more of a threat to Robert's rule than Viserys being alive. Robert seems to just be a little reactionary when it comes to the last name "Targaryen"
  • Aaaand if we could see inside Ned's head here, he'd be thinking of "Promise me, Ned..." and remembering why he's been telling everyone Jon is his bastard for 17 years. *sigh*
  • George is really good at setting up this Machiavellian dilemma. We can see the pragmatism in trying to prevent a war with the Targaryen-led Dothraki, but it's still.... very distasteful for an honorable man.
  • "You'll do what I command, or I'll find me a hand who will." "Then good luck to him. I thought you were a better man."
  • Ned looks almost relieved leaving that room.

  • OK, public breastfeeding doesn't bother me. Public breastfeeding of an 8 year old, THAT BOTHERS ME.
  • Catelyn looking at her sister like "oh crap, Tyrion was right. She cray-cray."
  • Yeah, no. "The seed is strong" wasn't about what a good strong boy your little overly-mothered offspring will become. And put that thing away, dayum.
  • Yeah, lady, even Catelyn isn't going to believe Tyrion was responsible for Jon Arryn's death. See who else you can pin it on :rolleyes:
  • Tyrion's sarcasm is not appreciated in this venue. Alas.
  • Robin Arryn throws a temper tantrum. Oh dear.
  • Mord!!!
  • Aaaand the sky cells... I am not so fond of heights, and this TERRIFIES ME.

  • The infamous shaving scene... I get that they felt like they needed to set up Renly declaring himself as king later, and they didn't want Loras and Renly's relationship to be so subtle as to have NEARLY EVERY DANG PERSON MISS IT like in the books. But it seems weird to me that they're even sitting around discussing like it's a possibility at this point that Renly would have the opportunity to declare himself.
  • "Stannis has the personality of a lobster." ROFL.
  • *stab* LOOK AT THE BLOOD. LOOK AT IT. You big wuss. *snerk*
  • People love you! They want to serve you! And sometimes, they want to service you, apparently >.>
  • Aaaaaaaaand it's HBO. Questionably lewd sound effects commence.

  • This Robert and Cersei scene is really brilliant.
  • "That's a neat little trick you do. You move your lips and your father's voice comes out."
  • Yeah, no, I don't see anyone wanting Viserys Targaryen to be the rightful monarch. I mean, have you met that twerp? He's as bad as Joffrey.
  • "What do you want?" To get drunk, apparently. :unsure:
  • "How long can hate hold a thing together?" ... that's just... pathetic, really.
  • And here they talk about Lyanna... "What harm could Lyanna Stark's ghost do to us that we haven't already done to each other a hundred times over?"
  • Such good writing here, where Robert admits he doesn't even remember what she looked like, but he still feels the loss of her.
  • And where Robert admits he never had feelings for Cersei... so... so depressing.

  • And we segue to the red-haired prostitute with his newest bastard daughter who looks just like him. ONE TICKET FOR THE CLUE BUS, PLEASE NED.
  • Yes, Ned, Jon Arryn was checking out all of Robert's bastards. Anything you notice about all these kids who look just like him? Anything that might relate to Jon Arryn's last words?
  • "Brothels make a better investment than ships, I've found. Whores rarely sink." :laugh:
  • Oh dang, you should have just left town.... >.>
  • "Such a small pack of wolves." Ahh, Jaime... you have swagger. How I love to hate you.
  • Speaking of "Small Pack of Wolves", this part of the soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi is fabulous
  • AND OH JAIME! JORY'S EYE.... you jerk
  • Jaime's just having a grand old time fighting Ned... until his jerk of a guardsman spears him in the leg. Then it's all "DANG IT, YOU RUINED EVERYTHING."


Ned lies bleeding in the streets of King's Landing as Jaime trots off to parts unknown.... and onward we go!


Source: The Great Game of Thrones Rewatch of 2017



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