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From: The Great Game of Thrones Rewatch of 2017






  • Episode title: Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things... in which Tyrion endures undeserved hate by nearly every Stark he encounters after leaving the Wall. :tongue:
  • *hums along to the theme*

  • There's always that moment of "Bran is walking whaaat!" before you remember that this is just a dream. Or a creepy vision.
  • Theon is so disrespectful of Old Nan. BAD THEON.
  • HODOR!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :wub:
  • Rob being so very cold to Tyrion... I like the fact that Tyrion stuck with his plan to help Bran regardless of the pointedly obvious lack of welcome he received.
  • "I'm not a cripple." "Then I'm not a dwarf. My father will rejoice to hear it!" *snerk*
  • Tyrion really is a pretty good guy at heart. It irks me that it seems Jon is the only one of the Starks that really saw it. Well, and Bran. "Cripples, bastards and broken things" indeed.
  • Oh here we go with this Theon scene. My brain is too tired to remember what it is about this scene, I've heard one of the YouTubers I follow point it out as a glaring inconsistency with later scenes in the show. All I remember is it's not the bit about Roz. :tongue:

  • "What in seven hells is that?" Dude. It's a fat kid, not a mythological beast. No need to be obnoxious.
  • Wow, Sam really is completely unsuited for this.
  • I love the fact that Jon immediately takes the role of protector instead of going along with the sanctioned bullying... and that he tries to understand Sam and help him instead of coddling him.
  • "People saw us talking to him! Now they'll think we're cowards too!" Ummm :unsure: Logic?

  • Dothraki music! Horse statues! Cool looking bluffs! Woo!
  • "These are my people now, you shouldn't call them savages." "I'll call them what I like, because they're my people!" Such a contrast between Daenerys and Viserys in their attitudes here. Daenerys calls the Dothraki her people because she has integrated into their society. Viserys calls them his because he thinks he owns them.
  • EXPOSITION ALERT... More of Jorah's backstory.
  • SEXPOSITION ALERT... Viserys is a big wuss about hot wax being dripped on him... and Doreah gets farrrrrr too excited talking about dragons.
  • Random mention of "a man who could change his face like other men change their clothes". Heyyyyy this might be important later.
  • Oh see there you go, you've ruined the mood. "It's very sad." "Yes it is. What did I buy you for?"

  • Septa Mordane teaching Sansa all about her glorious expected future as Joffrey's queen-to-be and brood mare, apparently. Sansa's a bit of a snotty teenager here.
  • "Nobody could ever hate you." "Joffrey does." Well, yeah, he does. But it's Joffrey. He's an insufferable twit.
  • I'm not entirely sure why Sansa is so mad at Ned here. If it's for killing Lady, that wasn't his choice. If it's for agreeing to betroth her to Joffrey, well... that's "all she's ever wanted" according to what she said in episode 1. :tongue:

  • Pycelle always sounds like he's out of breath from lugging around that giant chain around his neck.
  • "Lord Jon often came to me for counsel." "Why?" OFFENDED LOOK. lol
  • The infamous Great Big Boring Book of Genetics, also known as Encyclopaedia of Get A Clue, Ned.
  • "The seed is strong." THAT MUST MEAN SOMETHING. (But not what Lysa insists it meant, because Robert/Robin Arryn is NOT EVER GONNA BE A BIG STRONG BOY, crazy lady.)
  • Pycelle trying to cast shade on Varys as Jon Arryn's murderer. :mellow: Poison is a woman's weapon... women, cravens, and eunuchs... OH DID YOU KNOW THAT VARYS IS A EUNUCH? HMMM?
  • Pycelle starts rambling about Varys, Ned has just HAD. ENOUGH. "Yeah, I'll find my own way out."
  • Arya balancing on one foot on the stairs, reciting Syrio's teachings. I love this girl.
  • Catching cats??? TEACH ME SYRIO, I WANT TO LEARN.
  • And we get another lesson about the expected gender roles in Westeros... The life Ned lays out for Arya there is just so very much not her. I like the book line there. "No, that's Sansa."

  • "Hi, I'm Sam, and I'm even more useless than you thought I was! I get to be your watch partner, and I'm blind as a bat and scared of heights!"
  • And we get Sam's story... his father is a REAL PIECE OF WORK. "Hey, I don't want my heir to be a fat girly man, so either you're going to commit yourself to a brutal life of frozen celibacy with a bunch of criminals who'll probably kill you for being useless, or I'll murder you myself. Your choice, dude."

  • Here Littlefinger goes showing off his spy network. And everyone else's. And Ned's complete lack of suitability for intrigue and politics.
  • Littlefinger is laying this suuuuper thick trail of breadcrumbs for Ned here. Suspicious promotion of a squire after Jon Arryn died, followed by his quick suspicious death at the hands of a Lannister bannerman before he could tell what he knows... (Littlefinger SO has to be the one who set up that "accident" with the Mountain during the tournament.) Oh yeah... and check out this armorer's shop. See if you can spot what Jon Arryn saw.
  • "Distrusting me was the wisest thing you've done since you climbed off your horse." WELL. HE'S NOT LYING THERE.

  • Ser Hugh is SUCH a twit. "You're not a knight, so I don't have to talk to you." :rolleyes:
  • Ohhhh heyyyyyyy, Gendry. I'd like to see the boy too. *waggles eyebrows*
  • "This is a nice helmet." "You can't have it." "GIVE HIM THE HELMET, BOY." "But I don't want the helmet!" :unsure:
  • "If the day ever comes when that boy would rather wield a sword than forge one, you send him to me." *nod*

  • Mehhhh.... I mean, I hate Cersei with a passion, and she's carrying on with the twincest behind his back and all... and Jaime is arrogant and dismissive and about as unlikeable as any character ever until you get into his head later on... but the way Robert just doesn't even try to pretend he's faithful to his wife or have any semblance of decorum kinda makes you want to take their side.
  • I really love/hate the fact that Jory reminds Jaime of the battle they fought together against the Greyjoys, and how one of them nearly took his eye out... and then a few episodes later, Jaime goes ahead and takes that eye out after all. >.<
  • Seeing Theon at Winterfell... "it was like seeing a shark on a mountaintop." That's an interesting and strange simile.
  • "Theon? He's a good lad." "I doubt it." HE'S NOT WRONG, JORY. *sigh*
  • And then Jaime's just a jerk.

  • "Where's Sam?" "He wasn't hungry." "Impossible!" >.>
  • OK boys, here's how it is. You're gonna accept Sam and be nice to him, or else.
  • Rast and Jon are now mortal enemies. Yehhhhh.
  • I kinda dislike that they changed the fact that Ghost is mute in the books. But I suppose it's not an important change either way. :tongue:

  • The contrast between Dany and Viserys emphasized again - Dany is comfortable and assimilated with the Dothraki, wearing their clothing and absorbing their customs... Viserys doesn't want to be accepted or honored by them, he doesn't want to understand them and treat them as equals, he wants them to obey him... and they never will.
  • I adore the fact that Daenerys finally fights back against Viserys personally. Rawr. #fierce

  • Sam obsessing about the vow of celibacy.... it amuses me that he keeps coming back to this, later on trying to find a loophole in the vows as long as you don't get married or father children.
  • "I know where to put it." :mellow:
  • Oh, Roz. She just has to be everywhere, doesn't she?
  • Jon being raised as Ned's bastard has just completely messed with his outlook on life, hasn't it? "I can't have sex ever, I might get someone pregnant!"

  • "Your brother Rhaegar was the last dragon. Viserys is less than the shadow of a snake." MMMM, TESTIFY, JORAH.
  • I wouldn't want to see Viserys on the Iron Throne either, Dany.
  • Ser Jorah prays for home.... and he'd do anything to get there. Remember that, girly.
  • And Daenerys gives up on believing in her brother's right to the throne of Westeros.

  • Oh hey, Littlefinger creepin' up on Sansa. How you doin'?
  • Arya has no filter. I love this child.
  • Speaking of no filter, DrunkRobert is impatient.
  • Cersei is not amused. That's some classic RBF, right there.
  • Tourney Exposition, courtesy of Lord Petyr Baelish. I suppose someone's gotta explain what we viewers are seeing. :tongue:
  • That's a big bloody splinter in Ser Hugh's neck. >.>
  • Ehhhh, not sure if I like the fact that they gave Littlefinger the chance to tell the Hound's story. It means more in the books that she hears it from Sandor himself IMO. But I guess Littlefinger was already in the position to infodump, and it makes the younger Clegane more interesting when he faces off against his brother shortly.

  • Cersei laying out the hard truths about the futility of Ned's position. "You can't change him, you can't help him... He'll do what he wants, and that's all he's ever done."
  • Ned's just not playing on the same level as Cersei at all.
  • "I was trained to kill my enemies, Your Grace." "As was I." Yeahhhh... you should know, Ned, she considers you an enemy. Also, your buddy Robert, who is currently in her crosshairs.


  • LOL, Ser Rodrik is not a fan of Marillion. I mean, the guy just plopped down at his table all casual-like and presumptuous, so I guess I can see why, but... "A song while we wait?" "I'd rather throw myself down a well." :laugh:
  • Heyyy, it's Tyrion Lannister! Throwing gold around and making friends with Bronn already, I see.
  • Marillion's still trying to get someone to let him sing... "Might I entertain you while you eat? I can sing about your father's victory at King's Landing." "Nothing would more likely ruin my supper." :laugh:
  • Well, there goes any chance of anonymity, Cat. :tongue:
  • If it wasn't for the fact that Catelyn has been manipulated by REALLY BAD INFORMATION from someone she thought she could trust, I'd think this was a good plan having the Tully bannermen in the inn help her capture Tyrion. I vaguely remember reading the books for the first time, and getting to this scene and thinking HOLY COW, THIS IS EXCITING. But dang. Seeing it on the show for the first time and knowing where it was all heading, it was more like OH CRAP. WE ARE NOW AT THE POINT OF NO RETURN. YOUR FAMILY IS DOOMED.


It's tense! It's so tense! Heck, it's PAST TENSE.


Tomorrow, Ned quits his job and plays with sharp objects, while we meet the World's Oldest Breastfed Boy. Also, CROWN FOR KING. Aww yeah.


Source: The Great Game of Thrones Rewatch of 2017



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