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From: The Great Game of Thrones Rewatch of 2017






  • Episode title: Lord Snow. Ahh yes... the one in which Jon begins to hate his life, and Tyrion helps him make the best of it.
  • DUN dun, dun dun DUN dun.... *sways along to the music*

  • Starks riding into King's Landing.... Ned looks about done with this already. :dry:
  • Oh this guy... officious little functionary.
  • No, Lord Eddard would not like to "change into something more appropriate."
  • Oh, Jaime... you are so sarcastic and irreverent. I love to hate you. And later, I hate to love you. Damn you, George.
  • "You just stood there and watched." "Five hundred men just stood there and watched." Yeah, Ned... you can judge Jaime for what he did and didn't do, but... you don't really know. I wonder what Ned would think if he understood why Jaime did what he did.
  • Varys sounds so oily.
  • Renly... again, not book Renly. But he does look like he could be a young Mark Addy!Robert? Maybe?
  • Littlefinger. The man who brought you here, in truth.
  • I kinda like the "Hand of the King" pin the show chose to use instead of the chain of office. It's cool.
  • This scene with the small council talking about the proposed tournament and the funding for it, followed by the crown's debt.... so much rapid-fire exposition. It feels rushed. Necessary, but.... a lot of info packed into a very short scene.
  • "No tournament in my honor, we can't afford it." "Yeah, no... you can say that all you want, but the king is gonna insist we do it anyway." "I'm gonna talk to him. Tournament is off." Every face around the table says... yeahhhhhhhh, good luck with that. Tournament is on, boys.

  • Cersei teaching Joffrey the concept of revisionist history, including multiple references to "your father"
  • "Do I have to marry her?" PLEASE NO. PLEASE.
  • Cersei's theory of parenting is OBVIOUSLY WORKING WELL GUISE
  • Joffrey already making plans to destroy the North. This bodes well :mellow:
  • "Everyone who isn't us is an enemy." *sigh* Have I mentioned how much I hate Cersei?

  • Segue into Arya fiercely stabbing the table over and over, practicing to stab Joffrey in his stupid face. ILY ARYA, YOU ARE MY SPIRIT ANIMAL.
  • "You're an idiot." No, Sansa, I'm pretty sure that's your role right now. :rolleyes:
  • Ned, giving Sansa a doll.... he's so out of touch with Sansa.
  • "War was easier than daughters." :laugh:
  • Contrasted with his complete helplessness with Sansa, Ned relates so well to Arya. I love this scene between them.
  • "Do you know the first thing about swordfighting?" "Stick them with the pointy end." :wub:
  • Ahhhhh, so much love for Arya.
  • I love how Ned tries to make Arya understand why Sansa didn't take her side in the dispute with Joffrey.
  • "How can you let her marry someone like that?" ..... Ned really has no good answer for this.
  • "We've come to a dangerous place." You think? YOU THINK?
  • "I can keep it?" "Try not to stab your sister with it." Words to live by, Ned.

  • OLD NAN! :wub:
  • "I know a story about a crow." "I hate your stories." "I know a story about a boy who hated stories." *rofl*
  • Yes, talk to us about Ser Duncan the Tall!!
  • "Oh my sweet summer child, what do you know about fear?" *book reader hi5*
  • Bran just lying there listening, eyes growing wider and wider, then Rob scares the crap out of him by opening the door. :laugh:
  • Is the sky really blue because we live inside the eye of a blue eyed giant named Macumber?
  • Sigh... depressed Bran is depressed. I just want to hug him :sad:

  • Ooooh, here comes Catelyn and Ser Rodrik of the Prodigious Muttonchops!
  • "Nobody knows I'm here, it's cool." "Lady Stark, come with us." Wrong!!
  • LOL, Catelyn going off on Littlefinger for having her brought under guard to a brothel... Littlefinger snapping his fingers and shooing topless women away like disobedient dogs... *snerk*
  • Varys showing off his spy network.... daaaamn
  • Oh here we go. The "mystery" of the catspaw's dagger. Littlefinger just tossing out blatant lies to cause chaos.

  • Ya know, Jon, Alliser Thorne's not going to like you no matter how many of these recruits you beat to a pulp.
  • I love Tyrion and Mormont watching and commentating.
  • Oh hey, a raven for Jon. "Good news and bad" - guessing it's about the attempt on Bran's life and his subsequent waking up? Why give it to Tyrion? *puzzled*

  • How long did Pycelle have that message for Ned? :unsure:
  • Littlefinger being all smug like "ha ha, I know something you don't know about YOUR WIFE, dude." Oh yeah, and she kissed me first. Just so you know.
  • Ned trying to choke Littlefinger in the alley outside the brothel is just LOL. :wub:
  • "Psst, Ned, up here!" "Oh."

  • Yes, Jon. Your life sucks.
  • Tyrion's arrival is fortuitous. Threatening to have their heads on spikes in King's Landing for assaulting Jon is a bit over the top, though.
  • Yes, Jon. Your life sucks worse than anyone else, because you had a choice to join the Watch. :dry:

  • Slimy little Petyr. "Oh, don't try to accuse Tyrion of attempted murder publicly, that's treason." "We have proof! You gave it to us!" >.> Yeahhhhh, not so much.
  • Petyr's going to help us find the truth. He would never betray my trust! *shakes head* nope nope nope

  • I love how Jaime's all "whatever, no big deal, we'll get through this", and Cersei is freaking out hardcore
  • "I'll kill everyone so we can be together." SO ROMANTIC, JAIME.

  • Speaking of romantic... This goodbye between Ned and Catelyn.... *silent tears*
  • "If I find the proof, I'll bring it to Robert... and hope he's still the man I once knew." (Didn't the book continue that thought "... and not the man I fear he has become.")
  • Ned points out Littlefinger is still in love with Catelyn. "Is he?" :wub: I LOVE THEM
  • GOODBYE FOREVER, MY LOVE..... *tears*

  • This is a great non-book scene, with King Robert and Ser Barristan and later Ser Jaime discussing their first kills. Of course HBO, so they have to start the scene making you think they're talking about their first... something else :mellow:
  • I love how Robert just picks on Lancel constantly. "It's empty, Your Grace." "What?" "There's no more wine." "IS THAT WHAT EMPTY MEANS."
  • Robert just hates his life so much. It's sad, really.
  • Aerys Targaryen's last words.... "He said the same thing he'd been saying for hours... 'Burn them all.'" HEY, MAYBE THERE'S MORE TO THIS STORY GUYS.

  • Dothraki music! Woo!
  • Oh, now we get to talk about slavery... you can see the wheels in Dany's brain turning while she develops her official platform.
  • She's getting pretty good at being regal.
  • And Viserys is getting pretty good at being bats#!t crazy.
  • Oh I love Rakharo with the whip, and Jhiqui translating. "Tell him I don't want my brother harmed." Rakharo's like "huh?" And Jhiqui's all *shrug*
  • The moment when Ser Jorah's allegiance transfers from Viserys to Daenerys. :lan:

  • I pity the guy who has to hand crank that elevator up 700 feet to the top of the wall. Srsly.
  • Oh that's right... Jon up here to meet Uncle Benjen, who basically tells him "Hey, you may be my nephew, but you ain't nobody special now. Sorry, Charlie"
  • Are the disturbing reports that you don't want to believe about White Walkers? I guess so.
  • There goes that "We'll speak when I return" thing again. GUESS WHO YOU'RE NEVER SEEING AGAINNNNNNNNN

  • LOL, Yoren and Tyrion comparing the strangest things they've eaten. "Bear's balls." "Do Dornish girls count?" (If they're anything like Tyene Sand, probably. :dry: )
  • "Aside from Yoren here, none of you are particularly funny." Especially Benjen. He's the Westeros equivalent of Men in Black. "We at the FBI do not have a sense of humor we're aware of."
  • "Do you think I'm plump?" :laugh:
  • "You know what my brother told me? That nothing someone says before the word 'but' counts." Your brother is a smart man.
  • Yep, Tyrion. The wildlings aren't the enemy. Benjen knows, man. He knows. You'll see someday. (Probably Season 7 if the spoilers are accurate.)
  • "He'll be north of the Wall for a month or two." Or... ya know... forever.
  • Tyrion and Yoren's traveling show, yooooo. The precursor to Tyrion and Bronn's Buddy Road Comedy.

  • I love Dany learning Dothraki ... poorly.
  • And Irri grabs her boob. WHOA WHOA LADY. Yes, she's pregnant, no need to grope!

  • Jorah and Rakharo discussing warcraft... this is a fun scene.
  • Rakahro asking Jorah whether his father was a great warrior. Jorah's all wistful, talking about his father being a man of great honor (UNLIKE YOU, RIGHT?)..
  • Irri announces Dany's pregnancy... and Jorah suddenly has to run an errand. NO, THAT'S NOT SUSPICIOUS.

  • Jon with the new attitude... it's much less irritating. He makes a pretty good mentor when he's not being a sulky brooding teenager.
  • "The Starks are always right. Winter is coming." :laugh:
  • I love Maester Aemon. LOVE HIM.
  • If only Tyrion really believed in the White Walkers... if only ANYONE south of the Wall believed.

  • Dany and Drogo's relationship has improved dramatically... and I would love to be able to think it's terribly romantic, but there's still this whole "she was sold to him as basically a sex slave" thing. So she fell in love with him. It's lovely. AND it's creepy.
  • George R.R. Martin likes to write about "the human heart in conflict with itself". Apparently he likes to inspire the same emotion in his audience. :dry:

  • Of course Tyrion had to pee off the top of the wall. OF COURSE HE DID. *snerk*
  • I love the way Tyrion and Jon leave things on a good note, before the rest of his family shoots that warm fuzzy sentiment all to hell.

  • SYRIO! :wub: Just so!
  • I love this guy. I LOVE THIS GUY. I mean, he's over the top, but I just LOVE him.
  • "Boy. Girl. You are a sword, that is all." It's just so cool that Syrio is willing to teach swordfighting to a little girl. And it's even more cool that Ned hired him to do it.
  • This moment, at the end of the scene, with Ned watching them practice, and then he starts hearing the clash of steel and sounds of war over the clacking of the wooden practice swords. OMINOUS SCENE IS OMINOUS.


And there we have it, Episode 3. We've come to a dangerous place... Just so.


*blows up DM*


Source: The Great Game of Thrones Rewatch of 2017



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