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From: The Great Game of Thrones Rewatch of 2017






  • That is a loud, loud gate. Anyone have some WD-40?
  • Aside from the whole "no women" thing, I really wouldn't do well at the Wall. Way too much snow for summer.
  • Will's just wandering off, doing his thing...I hadn't really realized how long the episode goes without any talking. It ramps up the tension, I guess.
  • EEEEEEEEEEWW dismembered performance art
  • That dead girl staked to the tree is just creepy as hell.
  • Waymar Royce really comes across as a douche here. Excellent job.
  • "They even killed the children!" "It's a good thing we're not children." .... way to miss the point there, Waymar.
  • Dude. It's not just dead men who "moved camp". They were hacked into pieces and had heads staked in a gruesome display.... they didn't just get up and walk away. (This is one point where the dialogue from the book makes less sense in the show - in the books the dead wildlings could have conceivably been mistaken for asleep)
  • Creepy creepy creepy creepy ack that little girl with the glowing blue eyes
  • Whoops, bye bye Gared
  • I've never understood how Will managed to get away when the last we see in the first scene he's face to face with a White Walker, 50 feet away and closing in, sunk to his knees and scared stiff. >.>

  • Ooooooooooh there's that music. Ramin Djawadi is amaaaaaaaazing....
  • I love the concept of this opening. It's like "It's a fantasy story. All fantasy novels have to have a map in the front. Let's animate it and make it the intro to the show!"

  • Men on horses with banners, chasing down the ragged kid...
  • OMG. The Stark kids. Everyone at Winterfell is happy. Ned being a great dad... *eyes tearing up* How innocent we all were...
  • Arya :wub: I love this kid. The casting director did some awesome things in this show, and I think the Stark kids were some of the best.
  • First solemn reminder that Winter is Coming.
  • Oooh, that look of death from Catelyn to Jon. *shivers*
  • The Execution scene... Ned is so solemn and official. I love the interaction with Jon and Bran here.
  • And then Ned and Bran. Ned *sniffles again* :wub:
  • The dead stag.... mmmm, maggoty
  • Rodrik Cassell's mutton chops are pretty amazing.
  • The direwolf pups .... squeeeeeeee :wub:
  • Theon is just too anxious to kill the direwolves. He's such an ass.

  • King's Landing looks warm, at least.
  • That funeral tradition of putting painted stones over the dead person's eyes is just freaky.
  • Speaking of freaky, the outfits the Silent Sisters are wearing.
  • Speaking of freaky, Jaime and Cersei, yoooooo..... I love this intro scene to them, you have no idea what secret they're trying to hide from the king but you just know they're up to no good.

  • The scene in the Winterfell godswood is a nice introduction to the two most common religions in Westeros - Catelyn feeling like an outsider, Ned commenting that it's her gods with all the rules... Ned looks so at home here. Is this the only time we get to see him in the godswood?
  • Sean Bean's accent is just so distinctive. "Your sister, the booooie?"
  • Aaaand the king is coming to Winterfell. Nothing will ever, ever be the same again. *sigh*

  • Fun little intro to Tyrion's character... he reads all night, and drinks all night.
  • Ahh, the famous shave and a haircut scene... Kit Harington's hair became a thing right there.

  • Bran scampering around climbing the walls... *tears up again* And eeeeeee, baby Summer... with those EARS! :wub:
  • Now see, Catelyn, you just gave away one of Bran's tells. He's going to work on overcoming that so he can lie to you better next time he's mafia.... er, wait. Wrong game.
  • The royal procession approacheth!
  • Arya with that helmet! :wub: God, I love that family interaction... Jon smirking at Arya having to be herded in at the last minute...
  • Sandor Clegane doesn't wear that helm often enough.
  • Ooh look, there's Joffrey. Someone hit him.
  • Everyone goes down on one knee, very proper like... Robert waggles his fingers impatiently...
  • I adore this interaction with Ned and Robert. "Your Grace..." Robert looks at Ned and says "You've got fat." Ned just gives Robert the once-over and looks at him like :huh:... and then Robert busts out laughing.
  • Cersei's all "look at this wretched hovel. Do we really have to stay here?" :dry:
  • Arya serves the purpose of info dump as well as irritating Sansa :laugh:

  • The mystery of Jon Arryn's death is such a piece of misdirection... the first discussion of the cause of death makes it even seem a little unimportant, because Robert is more concerned with trying to convince Ned to fill his position.
  • "I'm not trying to honor you, I'm trying to get you to run my kingdom while I eat, drink and whore my way into an early grave." :laugh:
  • "Let's have our kids get married! We'll be in-laws! It'll be awesome!" :unsure: Yeahhhhhh, not so much.

  • Oh yeah. HBO. Questionably lewd sound effects, followed by casual female nudity.
  • As much as it's critically important to the plot for all three of the Lannister siblings to be very, very blonde... I am so glad they stopped dying Peter Dinklage's hair. That just looks terrible on him.
  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau doesn't look as awkward blonde. He doesn't look much like Jaime ought to all in all, but he definitely embodies the character. I'm going to vote yea for good casting there.
  • Aside from being a good excuse for HBO to show naked women, this little scene with Jaime and Tyrion does serve as a good shorthand intro to their relationship - especially when contrasted with Cersei's obvious contempt when sending Jaime to go look for him.

  • And Robert gets maudlin over Lyanna's statue in the crypt.... "she belonged with me." Yeahhhh.... you didn't really know her all that well, did you?
  • "The Targaryens are gone, Your Grace." "Not all of them." SEGUE ALERT!!!

  • Oh, Viserys. Such ick, fondling your sister, then threatening her if she's not perfect.
  • "When they write the history of my reign, sweet sister, they will say it began today." Ha. That's what you think.
  • Daenerys and the hot, hot bath... she looks like a zombie walking into it.
  • Jason Momoa, shirtless and wearing eyeliner. *waggles eyebrows*
  • Viserys is like comic relief here... "Where's he going? Did he like her?"
  • I am so fascinated with the created languages in this show. I think it would be so fun to learn to speak Dothraki or High Valyrian.
  • Dang, Viserys is such a creep.

  • Yes, Catelyn. Joffrey IS the stupidest prince who ever lived.
  • Sansa is such a foolish child at the beginning of this show. I pretty much hated her in the first book, too.

  • Oh heyyyyy, angry Jon, beating up the training dummy
  • BENJEN! The book readers miss you *sniffles*
  • Jon begging to join the Night's Watch... sweet summer child.
  • Drunk Tyrion having an exchange of statements of the obvious with Jon. *snerk*
  • I love this line, though. "Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you."
  • Sulky Jon sulks about being reminded that he's a bastard. Well... laugh:

  • Episode 1 has such weird continuity stuff. I remember following the info on the show while it was in development, and I know they tried very hard to reuse as much of the original pilot footage as they could despite having to recast some significant parts... But some things are really obvious. Sean Bean looked so much better with his natural hair in the scenes at the feast instead of that damnable wig. :tongue:
  • Catelyn is trying so hard here to be polite to Cersei, and she is just so condescending. Ngh.
  • Oh, there's Joffrey. Someone punch him in the face for me.
  • "I don't fight in tournaments, because when I fight a man for real, I don't want him to know what I can do." This is probably my least favorite part of the feast scene. That's just not Ned.

  • Awwww, Ned and Cat snuggling in bed and laughing about Robert. :wub:
  • The infamous message from Lysa blaming the Lannisters for Jon Arryn's death...
  • Cat argues that Lysa has to be telling the truth because she's risking her life sending that message. WHELP. Guess that logic didn't hold up.
  • Cat and Maester Luwin are like the angel and the devil on Ned's shoulders, arguing the decision whether to go to King's Landing. Heh.

  • Daenerys is getting married! Yay!
  • Exotic dancing! Snakes! Disgusting food! Naked boobs! Public sex! Fighting with scythes! Disembowelments! Get me the heeeeeeeeeck out of here!
  • Ser Jorah brings a gift of books! Good man :wink:
  • Oooooooh, dragon's eggs.... Magister Illyrio's speech is awkward ("but they will always be beautiful") but I suppose kinda necessary for exposition.
  • Oh hey, where's my new husband going now? I guess I'm supposed to follow him?
  • And she has her silver-white mare... A bright spot in a horrible, horrible day.
  • "There is no word for thank you in Dothraki"... That fact... it's just... :mellow:
  • Viserys' last instructions... "Make him happy." ... followed by the most brutally unpleasant wedding night scene known to man. I really hated this change from the books. I mean, I understand that it simplifies the weird trajectory of Dany and Drogo's relationship and is easier to translate it to the brand new viewers who are just being introduced to this world and are going to get confused by "why was he nice to her on their wedding night and then treated her like a beast for weeks afterward?" But their wedding night in the books was... sweet, in an awkward and wholly "DAMN IT WHY DO I THINK THIS IS ROMANTIC" way.

  • Immediately we cut to hung over Tyrion and Sandor Clegane commenting "Rough night, eh?" LOL SEGUE.
  • "It's not hunting if you pay for it" Oh burn, Clegane. BURN.
  • Ned with the Original Pilot Hairstyle again... why IS Tyrion going on this hunting trip anyway? :tongue:
  • Summer with THOSE EARS OMG *squee*
  • Bran's climbing music... so carefree at first, then the cello kicks in as we hear grunting and panting and OH MY LORD WHAT ARE THEY DOING COVER YOUR EYES BRAN GET OUT OF THERE eeeeeeeep
  • "How old are you boy?" "Ten." "Ten?"... Jaime takes his hand off of Bran, gives Cersei a long look..... that moment. So good.
  • "The things I do for love."
  • Aaaaaaaaaaand cut to black That must have been a REAL SHOCK for people who hadn't read the books. Like, WHOA DID HE JUST NO WAY DID THEY JUST DO THAT HOLY COW


The first season is so closely adapted from the books, it was a treat for book readers. Mark Addy as Robert surprised me a bit, I guess. His looks weren't what I expected - not so much now, as the fact that he really didn't look like he'd ever been the man Robert was described as being during the Rebellion. But his acting, so good, especially in the next few episodes.


Again, Sean Bean wasn't the Ned Stark in my head, but his acting... well, Sean Bean pulled it off. And he pulled in the viewers, some of which apparently didn't even realize what his casting meant for Ned Stark's fate.... :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Episode 2 is cued up... but first... your turn!


Source: The Great Game of Thrones Rewatch of 2017



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