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From: The Great Game of Thrones Rewatch of 2017




Due to the wild popularity *snerk* of my Harry Potter readthrough commentary, I thought that this year as I prepare for the new Game of Thrones season by rewatching the DVDs of seasons 1-6, I would share my thoughts, reactions, and general geeking out with my Blues and Blue-adjacents. *the crowd goes wild*


My plan is to start on Monday, June 26... tomorrow, that is... and watch 2 episodes per night on weeknights, followed by 5 episodes per day on weekends. That would let me finish 2 seasons per week, ending Season 6 on the afternoon of Sunday, July 16 - just in time to catch the Season 7 premiere.


Of course, after having planned this out meticulously, I realized that I'll have to adjust my schedule for seasons 3 and 4, because I'll be going up to visit Kaylee for her eldest's 5th birthday for the weekend and probably won't be able to count on uninterrupted binge watching time with the kiddos about. So that week will be a bit different, but I'll get it sorted as I go. I currently have no plans for the 4th of July, and the full day off work, so that may end up being a very long day of Thrones.


If you love GoT and/or A Song of Ice and Fire, feel free to chime in your thoughts as we go. I lean slightly more toward being a book purist than a show apologist, but I do enjoy the show for what it is, and look forward to sharing my geekdom with you.


Source: The Great Game of Thrones Rewatch of 2017


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