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From: Would you like to create and Mod our annual Harry Potter Mafia Game?



Hello :)


Every year the Blue Ajah host Harry Potter week. We're also allowed to run the only Mafia game permitted in the White Tower. There's one very strict condition.


No Drama.


Let me stress how important this is before I continue.


And let me remind everyone that I detest Mafia games and the inevitable drama that follows. This HP Mafia Game is the only one I allow at the WT/W, and only on condition that it stays drama free. Don't break Daruya's heart by causing trouble. If you're not someone who can handle the crap, don't sign up.[/size]


Anyone who comes to my attention for breaking the above "no-drama" rule, will find themselves on a time-out. No joke.[/size]


Have fun :smile:[/size]

This year, we'd like to invite ANY member of the White Tower to design and Mod our Harry Potter Mafia game - to start on the last weekend of July. We'd really like to open up this opportunity to all of you :)


We're asking now so that any interested parties have time to develop their ideas, create their set up and build their game. Our Harry Potter Mafia committee will then choose which game we'd like to be run this year.


Interested? PM myself and Sooh with your game idea and general set up.




There are a few things to consider.


1. The game must be based on Harry Potter
2. It must not be too large
3. Day and night periods should not be too long
4. New Mods must have an experienced co-mod.
5. A member of the Blue Ajah must be included in your Modding team. Sooh has very kindly agreed to do this. If you are an experienced Mod, and you're happy to mostly run your game by yourself, then please add Sooh as your co-mod. If you're a new Mod, and you already have an experienced co-mod then please add Sooh as your assistant co-mod.
6. You must be able to commit to regular Modly updates and interactions in the game.
7. No Drama


Here are some of our previous games, to give you an idea of their atmosphere.


Gilderoy Lockhart and the Cult of Personality


Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone


Lego Harry Potter - Years 1 to 4


Wizarding World War 1


Applications must be received by Sooh and myself by no later than 16th June 2017.


We look forward to seeing what our amazing, creative members and Mafia players come up with.


Good luck and thank you. We really appreciate it :)



Source: Would you like to create and Mod our annual Harry Potter Mafia Game?


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