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From: Now accepting applications for Head of the Blue Ajah - open to all AS pathed members





As Izabella has stepped down, we're in need of a new First Selecter. I am opening this to ALL Aes Sedai pathed members, but obviously I will give preference to current members of the Blue Ajah if possible.


Below is a list of some of the duties expected of the Ajah Head:


I. Management
a. Maintain your Ajah board.
b. Stimulate participation from your members by being active yourself, posting new
topics, etc.
c. Compile monthly reports to be submitted to the Group Leader.


II. Promotion
a. Coordinate projects with other Ajahs and the Warder's Guild.
b. Interact with initiates in the WT/W & DM World class and encourage visits to your
Ajah by initiates.
c. Ensure your Ajah’s “About Us” sticky on your Ajah board is up to date and relevant.


III. Supervision
a. Select and manage any Ajah staff or officers (i.e., Sitters, Aspie liaisons).
b. Delegate tasks to ensure equal workload and participation (e.g., recruit Sitter(s)
to assist with Monthly Reports, though Ajah Heads should review and post them in
the Cookie Mines unless on LoA in which case Sitters would post the report.
c. Objectively moderate members and effectively handle any disputes or concerns within
the Ajah.
d. Set an example of leadership and adherence to all WT/W SG and DM policies and
codes of conduct.
e. Be able to remain emotionally distant from tough decisions and able to carry out
necessary actions in an unbiased and fair manner.
f. Keep staff matters private and do not share private boards and/or topics of discussion
with non-staff members. Some topics may be delicate and/or personal in nature for
one or more members and their right to privacy MUST be respected. Sharing such
information outside of those staff members who have immediate access to those
boards is grounds for disciplinary action.


IV. Innovation
a. Come up with ideas for your Ajah/the SG, discuss ideas with others, and take
responsibility in finding people to make the ideas a reality (see delegation in III.b).
b. Have a forward-thinking focus on what can be done to improve the SG as a whole as
well as your Ajah.


If you are interested in applying, please send this application in to dmwtorg@gmail.com with the following information and "Blue Ajah Head Application" in the subject line:


Your handle:
Your public email:
Best instant messenger service/address to reach you at:
Have you read the duties of Ajah Head, and do you feel you are capable of carrying them out if chosen?
Can you dedicate 5-10 hours a week to your duties if chosen?
Please explain why you are interested in the position, why you think you would be a good fit, and any ideas you have for the future of your Ajah and the WT Org.
Any other comments?


I will be accepting Applications until May 7.


Each applicant will be contacted for an interview as well. If you know of someone who plans on applying but is currently on LOA, please have them contact me at the above email address so that we can make arrangements for their interview.


If anybody has questions regarding the application process, I will be more than happy to answer them here, on Skype (or other IMs) or in PM. Good luck to all who apply!




Source: Now accepting applications for Head of the Blue Ajah - open to all AS pathed members



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