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From: WoT Casting - S..t just got real: The Superboys




Right, according to sources, the WoT TV Series might finally be happening. That means only one thing: sh.t just got real in the "who I want as actor to play [x] character" debate!


To that end, I will be starting a series of threads in which you can post your pictures of actors whom you think will be best able to portray the characters.


There will be rules!


1) Post a picture of your choice, with their name.


2) Pick people who actually are actors (they don't need to be famous) or at a pinch models, who you think could act, and the right age right NOW.


3) Pick people who roughly resemble the description of the characters (I'll post what descriptions there are). Obviously you don't have to be pedantic, but it's got to be realistic. Aiel aren't generally short and dark. Seafolk are generally very dark skinned. Egwene is a teenager, so someone in their 30's or 40's isn't going to work.


4) No biting, kicking or scratching. Channeling and stabbing is allowed, though.


This post will be copied and pasted to each new thread I make, cos I'm lazy.


We will start with the order of appearance (roughly), so first up will be the people we get to know in The Eye of the World (Book 1).
I will make threads for groups of people (ie the Wonder Boys, the Wonder Girls, Emond's Fielders, etc), or we'll have a million threads.


Source: WoT Casting - S..t just got real: The Superboys


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