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Jordancon!!! Spring has arrived!




The image for this entry was painted by the great Don Dos Santos. My favorite favorite WoT artist. This picture of Moiraine is from the trade paperback of Fires of Heaven. I have longed for a print of it, but he only had 100 made recently for $250. Too much for me to spend on one print like that. This is how I see her on my mind. She is one of my favorite characters by far.


Jordancon is this weekend!! I hope nothing but great times for all of you who are attending. I am unable to attend this year. Although I am planning on going next year. Harriet McDougal was clearing out her desk and found some signed bookplates of Robert Jordan for the Charity Auction. Good luck bidding! If you want to float one my way for an early birthday present....just saying.


How have the Jordancons been in years past? I would love to hear stories. There is nothing cooler than meeting people who geek out about the same things. I recently joined a Jordancon costumers group on Facebook. Amazing amazing work that these folks are doing. I could rock a Gleeman or an Andor guard.


Spring is here and winter seems to be kept at bay for now. Spring has come to Fal Dara too in TGH. Also, the Amyrlin Seat has arrived. Geez. I need to really get on with my reading. I have been binge reading X-Men and Legion of Superheroes comics. No longer!


Well, it is Latte Wednesday for my wife and I. I know that it is really Tuesday, but when you work nights this is our Wednesday. More tomorrow. I want to discuss some Aes Sedai...


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I am glad to hear it!!  I have watched a lot of clips from past Jordancons.  I will have to do that this weekend.  My life has been a wreck.  More blogging soon. 

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