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What is the preferred format for your reading experience?




What is everyone's preferred format to read the Wheel of Time? I have a trade paperback version of Great Hunt that I am using. I dig that format the best. There is nothing like a hardcover, but I think that the big paperback is easier to transport without damage. I am afraid to read my paperback of Fires of Heaven or Lord of Chaos and have them split.


I have a few things on Kindle. That has never been something that has knocked my socks off. What is yours?



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Hardcover, although I use paperback mostly. I've never tried Kindle, and I'm not really that interested either, holding a book and flipping the pages is part of the experience for me.


I should probably try and then judge though.

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I prefer mass market paperbacks. I dont know why, but I was really never into hardcovers, like not even when I was a little kid. I guess they are just harder to read in your hands for me? or that they usually come with annoying dust jackets that look cool but that I have to take off if I want to read them without getting annoyed? 


I just like the feeling of paper in my hands as opposed to cardboard or leather, and they cost less which is a plus. With the mass market paperbacks, it also satisfies my OCD to have rows of bookshelf where every book is the exact same size. Also lets me buy smaller bookshelves (like DVD shelves) and not have to worry about my books fitting. And I can fir more shelves per shelving unit. 


But practical reasons aside I just like paperbacks. I used a kindle for just a little while because I guess I thought it was kinda cool, but that just made me realize how much I loved the feeling of paper under my fingers and the flipping of the pages and the actual feeling of finishing a book (where one hand gains pages and the other loses them, and you can tell just from how you have to hold it how much progress youve made) as opposed to just a bar moving slowly across a screen or a percentage number, or how satisfying it is to close the back cover on a finished book and put it back on the shelf which I had subconsciously known, but never realized until then. 


So yeah, there's my overly long answer.

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I have a few things on my Kindle like the YA version of Eye of the World From the Two Rivers.  I had to have it for the new introduction.  Very cool if anyone hasn't read it. 

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