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From: Feast of Fools: A Most Excellent Story



Hello all! Let's start off this event with what it says on the tin. This is the place where we, the good folk at Dragonmount, will create with our twisted brains a marvelous adventure (or more, if we want!) over the course of this week. Each person can contribute as much or as little as they want, but we must all add to the hilarity. Naturally with such a prospect, I can already hear some of the questions that will be asked...


"Should we have wacky adventures?"
Absolutely! This is the Feast of Fools, after all!


"What about goofy characters?"
Bring them on!


"Can we add in other WT/DM members into the story?"
Sure thing! Just don't be surprised if there's retribution afterward; I take no responsibility for any of that ;)


"Does the story have to have continuity?"
Are the jellybeans ruling the world yet? Sorry, what was the question?


ANYway! I'll start us off with a seed of inspiration...


Once upon a time there was a brave young man named Terry. He was a farmer who worked the nobles' fields, making sure to water them and give them all the good nutrients until the lords and ladies were ready to be plucked right out of the ground. It was a good life, all in all. He could work all day and sleep all night, until it was time to get up and eat his breakfast. One morning, however...


Source: Feast of Fools: A Most Excellent Story


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