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After a long delay...The Great Hunt begins again!!!






After a very very long delay, I am back to read the series. Last month, I tried to do a 30 Days of Westeros event on my Facebook. (even though I forgot that February doesn't have 30 days), I made it about 18 days before it got away from me. I don't intend to let that happen with this blog. Life has been quite insane the last month. I started a job that I haven't done in years, my wife and I went on a mini-vacation and I had jury duty. This week should be the first quasi-normal week that I have had in a while.


I have been reading a lot of comic book. They are bite-sized and I can read several in no time at all. I have been longing for Randland and all these characters. I miss being consumed by the Wheel of Time. :wheel:


Through my re-read of this novel, I will try and put my own opinions on the characters, setting, etc. Mostly, I will vent. This blog is currently the only source of writing in my life. I hope to change that in the future. The WoT community has been amazing to me over the years. It is the best fandom community I have ever encountered. So, I am only on the prologue... Onwards!!


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