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More on the Eye and onwards to The Great Hunt..





The Wheel turns and turns....


I have started the Great Hunt. A long, long time since I have read this. My wife won some money at our work Christmas party. So, she bought a copy of A Memory of Light for me. I have a long way to go. But, these books aren't a chore or anything. I don't think I will throw them across the room like I did the Martin books.


The passages with the Tower resonant with me greatly. The characters of Nynaeve and Egwene really come alive in The Great Hunt. Jordan was the master of characterization. The world building too. But, I think the way that each individual character has a different voice is astounding. Look at any individual innkeeper in the Eye of the world. Each is different. The inns are important also in gauging the change in distance and geography in the books. I mean, the scope changes with the characters travels in that we get this real change in culture. The arrival in Baerlon contrasts the countryside of Two Rivers. It gives Rand and co culture shock. So often in books these kinds of details are glossed over.


The layers in this tale are more profound that I had realized on a first read. All these little plot Easter Eggs I picked up on. The Aiel references sprinkled throughout. A point a friend of mine brought up after I had finished it the first time. That Rand had felt deathly ill after first Channeling. These things are impossible to notice unless you are re-reading the work.


I remember the last third of the book taking place in Fal Dara. I couldn't believe that RJ had the company go from The Queen's Blessing to Fal Dara in like two chapters. Incredible storytelling.


We have four days of work left. These books, this world has become a wonderful escape. I will be thankful when this dreadful year of 2016 is over.


I will try and blog more than once a year. :happy:


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I have also recently started re-reading, for the I lost track of how manyith time, the series. What a great escape from reality. You're analysis is spot on regarding the inn keepers and their importance to the geographic story. 

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