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2 Long Years

Sunrise Lord



My, my, how time flies....




It's been 2 years, 1 month, and 17 days since I last uploaded an entry. Goodness. So many hardships and heartaches, joys and achievements. A few life updates for those who follow this. I moved out of my great-grandmother's house last July; I now live in my very own apartment. It was difficult leaving, but I had no other choice if I were to keep my job. The engine went out on my car, and I lived too far away to walk and had no one to ride with, so I moved into town. Now, work is just a 30 second walk away lol. I've been exploring the dating world, and one word pretty much sums that up: ugh. But let me back up a bit. This January, my boyfriend of 14 months and I broke up. I simply couldn't live with the doubt that a long distance relationship brought. That, and he had cheated on Christmas Eve, but didn't tell me until New Years. Water under the bridge now. We don't have any contact now. It's taken me until now to get past most of that depression, and I've begun to test the waters with others. So far, I've been turned down haha. Still a virgin though :P. I do believe I'll die one lol. Finances are tight, but I'm saving up for a car a little at a time (my credit is horrible). Family now.... I don't speak to my family, with the exception of my sister and on occasion my mother. I've been making efforts to make a few friends. I've become close to my co-workers, and talk to them as if they were my family.


These past couple years have had more turmoil and change than any others of my life. It's not done yet either, cause I'm trying to decide what state I should move to; this one is just not for me. I'm also making an effort at being online more often; there for a while, I just had no desire at all to interact. I have to keep at it though, because my natural tendency is to tire of interaction quickly. Love you all!



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I went through a break up myself in new years, fwiw and it's been very hard to bounce back from. Similar circumstances, actually. 


I hope things continue to improve. Just takes time :)

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