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Scar, Scar, Can You Feel My Power?



The Reflecting God: [[Song//Lyrics]]


Morning dearies! My birthday was quite nice; I still have a pile of 'thank you' to issue on Facebook. And I will make sure to do it as best as I can, 'cause that's only polite. And politeness, etiquette... these are things that help keep life running smoothly - they're lube (but not discreetly delivered to your door, alas).


There is one thing I can confirm today that I couldn't fully confirm this time yesterday - I'm deeefinitely sick. My throat is still itchy, I'm running a mild fever, but on the other hand? My sinuses are draining for the first time since 2009, so that's a wonderful relief. It might make up for not having been able to write last night, though that could also be blamed on etiquette. *giggles* I'm debating whether or not to go into work, insomuch that I'm not really sure I'm up to it, and my in-laws are going to be out most of the afternoon. This means no child care assist, so I'm not sure how up to balancing accounts I'll be with Leah deciding she wants to open the door that lets in the draft and turns me into an icicle. On the other hand, would I be more stressed with sitting here trying to expand out my story with her demanding attentions?


Hrm, guess I'm probably going to work. ;)



As for today's song, that's just the song that comes to mind in the debate about who is supposedly guilty for the shooting that occurred in Arizona last week. And the answer is, obviously - everyone. The country has been fed on a diet of exceptionalism, xenophobia, and hatred since 9/11. It absolutely does not surprise me to see kids like this Loughner character pop up, and I think will continue to pop up as long as people refuse to scale back the hateful attitudes. There is a fine line between spirited and hateful, and I'm sorry - spirited was left in the dirt a long time ago.


Nor am I absolving Loughner of being a nutcase, because he is obviously unstable. I tried to watch his intro video on YouTube, and it made me wince. All I'm saying is that we made this happen, and that it needs to be fixed. Declaring that you're an American and above being accountable for your national behavior is repugnant and unhelpful; I'm an American, and I continue to ask why it's so difficult to be kindly to each other, to have compassion for those having a hard time. But then, I'm also a practicer of damnatio memoriae, so I realize I run a lot harder game than most people. It's the best I can do without deciding that society as a whole is fucked - blanking out those who are beyond help or understanding. I don't mean those who are truly sick, but those who are just so megalomaniac and self-centered that there is absolutely no chance of bringing them back around to reason, so why waste my time with them?


Erm.. where did my train of thought go... bah. Sorry, looks like it's going to be a disjointed one. *laughs* Having to tend to these draining sinuses is making my nose raw and thoughts wander. Plus, realizing that where the train of thought might've been going is just pointless wishing - people don't want to take responsibility for their actions. As I've seen in my own life, doing it is like inviting abuse and extra being tacked on for your trouble. Sigh..


Anyhoose, lovely day to those of you around!




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