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Butterflies and All




I am somewhat pleased to announce the release of my first original fiction in nearly 20 years, The Feast of Belwas. It, and anything else that I manage to do for this prompt-driving thing, will be chilling out at its own wordpress install:




And even if I'm not running around going 'I'M TEH BESTEST!', I am pleased that I managed at least the one story. I hope to make more happen; I'd like to y'know... try to love the whole thing a bit more.




Not sure there's room to say more than that right now. Every time my hand hits the keyboard, the little one decides I'm being mean and starts with the noise. She's good like that; kiddos are manipulative little blighters. ^__^ Plus really, outside of zoning out, I don't have anything in mind for today, nor did I do anything fascinating last night. Well, unless finishing the main storyline of Dragon Age or watching The IT Crowd (season 4) count as massively interesting, hee hee...




[[radio edit]] Ha, crap, I might not've done anything cool, but Leah did loads. She pulled up to her feet for the first time on a non-parent object, climbed the stairs a bit, and she made her Jack-in-the-Box pop out on her own... without just whapping the little release clip. :)



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