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Hissspitbzzzt, fuzz fuzz whirr. Whiiiiiiiiiirbbzzzzt.




Mmm, brain... fuzzy. I think I broke it last night. But I did it for a good cause - another 900 words to my short story! I'm not quite done yet, but I did get to the arbitrary point I wanted last night - to the point where I could include the prompt. I've sent Matalina what I have thus far to poke at a bit, and if she doesn't think it's mega-suck, then I'll probably try to polish it off tonight. Even if it is mega-suck, I'll probably try to finish it - everyone has to start somewhere. I'm just hesitant to put it up where it could invite critique, as I'm not sure I'm ready for that, but we shall see.


Also, who broke my right arm? Okay okay, it's not broken, but the mofo huuuuuurts. It's lovingly counter-balanced by my left knee being mega-pinchy - sigh.


At least I know the arm pain doesn't come from baking - bless my Kenwood mixer. I did two loaves of homestyle bread last night (the recipe worked for two, so nothing extra doing), and a loaf of banana nut bread. I was going to give both loaves of homestyle to my in-laws, as they devour through what I give them, but Neil pointed out that we're going to be there Monday - no reason to topload them. I can always do them another loaf or two over the weekend.


Yes Monday - Leah has her one year immunizations. And as I don't want Immy the Owl to peck our eyes out, we shall be in attendance. That, and for all my seething dislike of many sections of modern medicine, I think immunizations are great. I also sincerely hope that those irresponsibly avoiding them for falsified reasons get on the wagon too - your child is autistic 'cause the spectrum is a LOT wider than when we were kids, NOT because of the MMR jab. :rolleyes: I kind of suspect that I'll be diagnosed autistic over the course of this psych eval, and all I can say is meh - so what. It doesn't suddenly make me stupid or less - it just means I'm different. And really, we're all different, and differences should be celebrated alongside the likes.


But then, I'd be repeating myself and getting a bit treacly if I went further than that, so I'll stop there. *laughs*





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You have something that is major suck? Since when Rae? You's amazing! I don't think you give yourself much credit. *laughs* Give yourself more credit missy! ;)

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Oh, I have some ways to go before I'll call myself awesome, hee hee. Being self-congratulatory is a very defeatist attitude anyways; if you're too busy patting yourself on the back, then you're not seeing where you can make things better. So yes, perhaps my outer expression comes off rather unapproving, but inside, I know that I did decent. But I also know that I could've done better, too.


Make sense? :D

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Well if its not perfect the first time, you just need to revise a bit, but that doesn't mean its horrible. Everyone revises, *laughs* I'm sure it was good. That's my story and i'm stickin too it. ;)

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