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Christmas with my niece

Visar Falmaien


Hello All!

See the thing with blogs and diaries and such is that I'm positively awful at keeping up with them. But anywhoo, I suppose I should write something in here.

It's the morning of the 26th and my family and I are about to go to church. It's been an interesting holiday, to be sure!

My birthday on the 23rd went well, and the greatest present was meeting my 6 month old niece. She is absolutely adorable ^_^ And she liked my Christmas present for her yay!


Christmas eve was perhaps not the best of nights, as I got really sick (I think it might have been food poisoning from some shrimp? Memo to myself, don't eat seafood so far inland...) So Christmas day was me trying to recover from that. I slept, ate very little, and opened presents that was about all I accomplished that day lol.

But the day after Christmas, I'm feeling much better, like I can actually eat a full meal! Whoohoo!


I've been rather lax in DM stuff lately, but I did put up a holiday LoA so I hope I'm covered. I hope to be much more active when I get back in town. My goals are to help activity in rps on the Warder Side if possible, start up my Children of the Light NSW character (well, not technically mine but I did write his bio), and Maybe get to my novice in the WT who has been a novice forever. I need to change that don't I!


I hope everybody's holidays here are going well! Visar ramble end for now.

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*laughs* I love your memo to self. I don't think I'd eat seafood inland either, kind of risky. *laughs* Anyway hun i'm glad you had a good b-day and got to meet the niece. :) I'm sorry you got sick though. :(


Don't worry about DM Rl comes first, as Elgee is always telling me, but I am glad you are maybe going to get your Novice raised. *laughs*

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