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Running on Half Steam :'(




My beloved desktop bit the bullet last night. I'm fairly confident that it's something that is fixable one way or the other, but that doesn't make me particularly happy about the downtime, either.


See, Mr. Heatsink decided that he wanted to divorce Mrs. Motherboard. We suspect things haven't been square between them in some time; there's been a lot of racket and general loudness issuing from their home. So when, poof, the whole system crashed yesterday and wouldn't get past turning on, I had to drop in for a home visit and find out the truth of the matter.




I'm pretty confident that it's repairable one way or the other. If not putting in a new heatsink/casing, then it might have to go as far as putting in a new motherboard. I accept that whatever will happen will happen, and that I'll just have to limit myself to tender ministrations upon this, the laptop. It's not a bad machine - it's got 3 gigs of ram, dualcore processor, etc. The only 'bad' thing about it is that it only has 175 gigs of memory hard drive space (mornings + words = ???). When you're using a system as your transportable gaming machine... that's not so good, ha ha. Thankfully, I'd stripped Sims 2 off fairly recently (since I tend to play it more on the desktop anyways), so that gave me room to put on Dragon Age. I'm a bit annoyed to have to start a new game so soon, but I guess I'll survive. *poses dramatically*


Anyways, the half steam bit is that when I have to choose between being around to chat to people and gaming, I'll always opt for gaming. So if any of y'all were so inclined to poke me on a messenger... see you when I do, ha ha. As it were, one of those things keeps me sane, and the other tends to slowly pull me the other way (with few exceptions, and those are those people who don't expect me to hold up a constant conversation - wasn't happening pre-baby, and isn't happening now! :biggrin: )


Anyways, back to doing the rest of my morning puttering routine.





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*laughs* Enjoy Dragon Age and then tell me all about it. *laughs* I won't have time to play it after this next week as it will be back to the school grind. *big sigh* LOL


Anywho i'm sorry about the divorce in your desktop. Poor things well time to get a new model for one or the other. *ggls* But mostly enjoy the game. ;)

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So far so good, 'cept that my laptop has decided to go a bit crashy. I went ahead and did a reboot, so that should sort it out... if I play any more tonight. I probably won't - I suspect that I'll curl up with Methusalah's Children after getting caught up with a tinyfew net bits and bobs! :biggrin:

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It's tolerable for my basic needs, but still... like, there's no room for my music on it, for example - that inhabits over 100 gigs on an external drive by its lonesome. But I don't really have a port for it here on the laptop (not unless I want to submit to using the mouse pad instead of a mouse, and no), so...


And thank you - the game is most enjoyable thusfar. :)

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