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Batman's a Jinglebutt




In the fine tradition of naming books my Sims are writing in my Legacy game, so goes the selection of this subject line. As in, someone or something random was said in the house, and I record it for spite and notoriety.


I so nice.


In this case, my husband was referring to one of our cats, Batman. We've put multiple bells on his collar so he cannot sneak up on his sister, Poison. It doesn't really work, but it was worth a try in the scheme of things. But to get to him, I think the chain was Jingle Bells to butt to him, so... something something. Conversation tends to be highly random here.


As for today... we're at home, obviously. I need to draft my to-do list, since I'll still need to poke at some stuff over the next few days. As it's Christmas Eve, we'll all open a present; I've already gone one from my mother to Neil in mind, since he intends to actually sit down and play a game for once. Y'know, instead of jumping at every little sound our darling little daughter makes; over-reactionary much? I know, it's more 'cause of me than 'cause of her - I start tensing up and being really stressed out at noise, and he moves faster than I do, so his reactions are a response to my nature, blah blah fishcakes. At least this stuff is getting sorted out, right? *grins*


And yes, it IS getting sorted out - I got a card in the mail for my next appointment. I'm beyond irked they don't have anything after noon (you know, a time that is actually convenient and doesn't require juggling for me to make), but we did manage to agree on 11. That should be doable for all parties involved (since that requires getting Leah over to my in-laws early, etc), but it's still in the range of semi-mega-hassle. Hopefully, having a date (the 17th) arranged for this means that it'll be less on my mind, but really... *laughs* I might as well wish for wings while I'm at it.


I'll leave it at that - I've got some sinus-poking to do, and some gift-opening to encourage. And y'know, breakfast and baby snuggles and all the rest of that generic schtuffs. Hope everyone is having a more-than-tolerable day, whatever your religious bent.





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