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And With a Whirl, the Sky Exploded




And it did.

And it did.

And it did.



We ended up getting a good seven inches of snow yesterday, I'm thrilled. Of course, I've yet to try and leave my house yet; all of my pictures are from the doorway, out the window, etc. I am rather pleased at the ruler ones, though - they make the whole thing feel scien-ma-tific. *grins*


But yes, not tried to leave the house, and apparently, we don't even have a snow shovel. Seven inches means I'm safe (as long as my trousers are tucked into my boots), and I've all but volunteered to do the hard work of clearing us a path. Though I question that wisdom too, since there's probably already ice forming underneath. I quit doing my 'scientific' measurements, after all, because I could feel that it had started to compact itself. So yes, that'll be quite the workout for today.


We might also drag ourselves for a walk around the block, or to the park. It's not supposed to snow today, so it would be the ideal time to play around in it. Of course, it's still going to be bitterly cold, and we're not exactly young children, so that might just be idealistic in my head. It likely is - instead of thinking things like, "Yay, snow angel!", I'm thinking, "Yay, pneumonia!"... not conducive to play. :)



I've admitted to myself in the last few days just how dysfunctional I really am. I don't say that to bully on me; I seriously have done all I can to make myself as functional as possible. But as I sit here, scribbling this out, my husband has taken the tiny one to the other room. He knows that if her little voice hits a certain pitch of annoyance (which is likely mainly in my head, ha ha), I'll start tensing up and moving towards ridiculously, throwing things angry. Hell, I don't even deem that proper, and I'm the one that reaches points where she cannot stop herself from such actions... though I do do my absolutely best to keep it at a minimum. But he also knows that the only way I can keep myself going and happy is if I can do my set list of tasks in their specific order at the right time of day. Otherwise, I start to feel lost and confused, and drift off into zone-out land.


Still, I need to swot myself out of dwelling on things... just going to drive myself into a tizzy speculating too much while between appointments. And for now, I should find Husband and McTiny and go dole out smooches. :)





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