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Mince(d) Pi(e)




Morning dearies.... morning. Can I go back to sleep now? No? Crap...


I'm feeling very torpid this morning, though I cannot think of any particular reasoning for this. The insomnia has stepped back far enough that I'm sleeping thoroughly, if not well enough to remember my dreams. Remembering dreams, supposedly, is the earmark of a good night's sleep. I don't know that this is specifically true, but I do like remembering what I can. I enjoy analyzing the random crap my subconscious spews up, to see if I can make sense of any of it... it's good times.



Apparently, the British Isles are set for a proper White Christmas; I'm beyond thrilled. I need to refrain from telling my mother-in-law though; she does not share my joy in precipitation. She's nervous of rain, she's terrified of snow, and don't even mention thunderstorms! So while I might wind her up a bit about rain, and a tiny bit about thunder, I try very hard to be kindly about snow - one I eventually figured out how to drive in, and the other, well... Still, I look forward to it; that sort of idyllic scene still holds a lot of charm for this little Texan chicka. :)


Otherwise, I'm thinking heavily on consumerism and how it turns people into sheeple. I know that a lot of my opinions set people off, because I'm not that good at moderating out my passion/vehemence into something more digestible. I try to avoid doing and being hateful, 'cause it's not nice, but I realize that I can come off as such because I'm passionately concerned for the welfare of people in general. Often, the very people I'm concerned for think that I'm out to get them, or can be manipulated into thinking it; I've seen that one too many damned times. My thoughts, they are too quick, and what samples I manage to drag out of the stream to my mouth are disjointed, half-formed; it comes off jagged and stabby. My train of thoughts just are so likely to crash and burn that I'm oftimes desperate to get something, anything out of my brain to build upon, hee hee.




Speaking of trains of thought, that one found a disused side track... sigh. I'mma gonna go get caffeine in me.





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Rae, you sound like me. My friend tells me that I don't have a one track mind I have multiple half tracks. You just have to wait for the train to come back around and i'll remember, whatever it was I was talking about. LOL That was kind of a random thought there...see what I mean half tracks.


I hate snow too! That has more to do with the fact that I don't like being cold by any stretch of the imagination. Rather then being afraid of it. Your mother in law should meet my sister. My sister is a weather witch she can change the weather when she wants too. I'm a little surprised to hear anyone is afraid of the weather. I've always loved it, I mean besides the rain I'm not such a fan because again don't like being cold but I run around in thunder storms. *laughs* My mom is always horrified. Yet another half track....hopefully you'll get your snow. :)

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See, my thing with the snow is thus - if I HAVE to be cold, I might as well have something pretty to look at. To that end, I'd much prefer snow than 33F and raining. ;)

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