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Thinking... Huh, What?




It's Sunday. It was even a bit of a Sun-Day at that, but now the standard-issue British cloudbank has reasserted its presence; the warmth goes out of the room behind the wall of gray. But that's alright enough - it's still light enough to not feel oppressed at this early juncture of the day, and the sun is trying to fight through with its brightness. I sort of need it right now; it's an excellent counterbalance to insomnia.


Yay insomnia.


I've had quite a bit of problems with it lately, I admit. Whether it be my mind not wanting to shut down, or just not being able to get comfortable, it's been taking a wee bit of a toll lately. I know that this too shall pass, but that doesn't make the period of any more tenable. I might have to take a night on the couch or the guest bed and see if it resets my back; when I was still in high school, I'd flip between couch and bed all the time. So maybe, maybe...


For now though, I need to contemplate the day's tasks before me. I need to sort my playlist for Tuesday (and probably Tuesday after, with all the excess I've stashed. *grins*). I need to exercise, to make sure chores are caught up. I probably could stand to suggest to the husband that he vacuums. That's one of his chores, since it hurts his back less than mine. Really, I'm sure there's a lot less on ye olde agenda than I think there is, but through this stubbornly persistent haze of brainsnot, everything looks a bit of a challenge. :) Which is why I'm going to back to punishing my brain into alertness with Free Rice; hooray for trying to wake the brain and participating in slacktivism that actually does make a difference!





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