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Book snobs?

Rasheta Ardashir




Yay for Lilo and Stich. Lovely movie full of great amusing sequences. *ggls* Oh Disney I love you.


I don't think I understand book snobs. Yes book snobery will be the topic of my rantage today. For example i'm a big fan of Tolkien and his stories. I have most of them, I've read them more then once, however, if someone doesn't like them I don't go on a rampage about how they are terrible people who have no culture. I'm the same with the Japanese comics I read or don't. However, I got yelled at because I preferred the anime to the manga of something. I believe the words were "Shame on you" I was like ummmm first off get off your high horse and second its a book. I can like a book or not if I want too.


I'm not a fan of the Song of Fire and Ice series either, yet I've had two warders attempt to get me to read them. I gave them there 100 pages and didn't like them. So i'm done not going to like them suddenly because someone tells me too. I get attached to characters and if they die I tend to throw tantrums. *laughs* My mom is the same way, I must have gotten it from her. Probably why I wasn't a fan of the Fire and Ice books.


I'm also not a big fan of the Anita Blake Vampire hunter books. They turned into porn about ten books ago. Which isn't something I care about, sex in books isn't bad if it lends to the story, but cramming as many people into a book series the main chick can have sex with? So doesn't work with me. Anyway my rantage about that is when I disagree with people about either book I get jumped on like i'm a bad person. I don't really understand that. These books are about fictional characters they aren't real. Maybe that's my own problem I am not in touch with my fantasical side?





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I'm sure she likes YOU just fine, tinywench. *grins*


And yeah, I'm sure I've grumbled about that sort of thing before to you. I get that people like different things; differences make life more interesting and colourful. But I just don't understand why people are so lacking in understanding of respectful borders as to not be nasty about it, yanno? Anyways. :)

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People should like all kinds of things. Song of Ice and Fire is BRUTAL. Plain and simple. As much as I dug the first book, the second one I put down. Will I go back to it? I dunno.


It's not something to read if a character dying bothers you.


When discussing Westeros vs The WOTverse, my friend Mindas and I agreed that the WOT characters wouldn't make it 5 minutes in Westeros. Except maybe Rand and Lan.



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